Fall of Ramadi and Muslims in Our Military pb


by OPOVV, ©2015

Ramadi, Iraq mosque

(May 18, 2015) — Everywhere you look, correlations abound. The Great Meteor Crater in Arizona is an example of “cause and effect.”  No doubt the deniers of the Holocaust are also the ones who believe that the earth was once inhabited by giants, and it was the Extra-Colossal-sized humans who actually dug the hole in the ground. A few years ago we had ringside seats watching Jupiter being struck by the same type of catastrophe that beset Arizona 50,000 years ago. Cause and effect.

Mothers making money for having babies out of wedlock, no fathers in the rearing of the children, and people wonder why there are those among us who lack the ability to get to work on time. Every day. Year after year. No Sunday School for the young. No learning the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, especially the one that reads: “Thou shall not steal.”

Where I grew up we had the carnival pass by once a year. Calliope music and cotton candy; tickets and rides. A summer diversion. Now let’s fast-track to today’s inner city: the summer carnival has been replaced by riots.

Getting off-track for a bit, here’s a rhetorical question (for this question only, you are allowed to go back in time 100 million years): in the whole history of the human race, name one, just ONE farmer who was an advocate of Socialism.

If one wanted, one could make a case that ISIS is one big colossal riot and, instead of spreading from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood; it’s spreading from town to town, city to city, province to province, country to country. Truly a riot on a mass scale, where the rule of law has been replaced by anarchy: thugs rule the day and night; where time suddenly reverses direction back to the year 1600. Ignorance Rules.

A Christian delivering polio and other vaccines to Muslim children was detained. 16th century ignorant solution (current ISIS response)? Destroy the cargo and behead the driver.

It’s becoming too mind-numbing to comprehend, the inability of many of our fellow citizens to make the obvious connections between cause and effect. Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and Obama. Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. CAIR, the Constitution and Sharia Law.

And last, but certainly not least: the Islamic flag, the White House and Muslims in our military.

Not one presidential candidate has addressed the Muslim takeover issue, or the so-desperately-needed-deporting-illegal-immigrants issue. One has to ask the question: “Why haven’t any presidential candidates spoken about Sharia Law and the systematic attacks on the Constitution?” Are they, by remaining mute, the vanguard of the Muslim Army, or are they just ignoring what’s really important (your neck) just to get your vote so they can collect the fat paychecks in the guise of kickbacks and perks, such as healthcare and retirement? Do they care about America, any of them? Do they even have a clue? Do we?

Semper Fi


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