The Answer That “Daily KOS” Will Not Let Newspaper Editors See


by Tom Harris, Executive Director, ICSC, ©2015

(May 15, 2015) — Dear friends,

I just created to answer the Daily Kos attack against ICSC at

Our Web page takes readers to , which is a screen capture of my response in the seconds before Daily Kos deleted it (uploaded by a friend since Daily Kos blocked me from responding to the attack). is an easier-to-read version of my response.

I created this Web page so that newspaper editors who read Daily Kos (there are undoubtedly many since it gets 2.5 million hits a month and is the leading LW blog of its kind) and who check out ICSC’s site while considering our submissions (we have several under consideration right now) will see the answers Daily Kos blocked.

Feel free to use this information as you see fit and/or to post a link to or the other pages above and your own remarks in the comments section after the Daily Kos attack at

As you can see at,
these people can be pretty unpleasant.

It is interesting to see the angry attacks against ICSC increasing. For example, on the day before the Daily Kos attack, the following appeared in a Florida newspaper:
I have sent a letter to the editor to correct the mistakes in the piece but it has yet to appear.

Based on all the flack we are now getting from our media hits (93 hits in April, for example), I’d say we are flying right over the target when we criticize the shaky science propping up the climate scare!



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