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(May 6, 2015) — One medical co-op in the United States is about to become the purrfect talking point and a driving force for low cost healthcare in this country. But it isn’t just for humans, it’s also for animals and one well-known cat from Phoenix has already signed up. Yes, Icarus, Cat Galaxy’s station manager, became the first cat in the entire nation to join 100% Healthcare Now, a medical co-op that decided to think outside the box and not just offer humans a chance at low cost medical coverage. And right out of the gate they make a dare to be different decision to have a cat be the first member to join.

“It’s pretty much history in the making to have a cat be the first to sign for membership in a co-op, but then again we’ve always been unique. Ours was the first ever radio station for cats to ever be created so it makes sense that Icarus be the first cat to join something like this. His having healthcare is important to me because he’s not just the manager of this station but I consider him my child,” said Nohl Rosen, who owns and operates the station.

While there are healthcare plans for animals that exist that you can purchase through veterinarians and other individual avenues, there was never one that existed as part of a medical co-op, at least until now. 100% Healthcare Now was founded by former independent candidate for president Ruth Bryant White to provide medical coverage for humans.  But now it’ll first co-op in the country and possibly the world that has a plan for 4-legged family members.

“Household Pets are family too, so they need the same protections as their owner. We are expecting more animal lovers to sign on as a family to the CO-OP as well,” said White.

For those that are unfamiliar with co-ops (also known as cooperatives), it’s basically neighbor helping neighbor. Members that join and pay into the co-op pool their money and resources together in order for every member to get healthcare coverage. In fact, co-ops have existed in our country for years. However, there was never any that served the needs of animals. Rosen then approached White about the idea of having one for animals and she embraced the idea.

But there is one limitation, at least right now. There isn’t one for large animals, only household animals like cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, and other exotic animals.

Memberships for animals to join the co-op are $8 per animal per month or $96 per year per animal. According to the information it covers vet visits and surgeries and any basic medical needs for the animal. According to statistics by the ASPCA there’s an estimated 74 – 96 million cats and 70 – 80 million dogs in U.S. households.

To sign up for the co-op call 1-844-839-7150 or visit http://www.100percenthealthcarenow.com.

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