Connect the Dots


by OPOVV, ©2015

(Apr. 21, 2015) — [Thanks to TalkingMonkeyNOT for the idea of this editorial.]

Remember when you were a little kid and couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper? When you were really little you could study the drawings of Superman flying faster than a speeding bullet while Mom or Dad would read the captions: that’s how many of us learned to read. On the last page of the comic section you had your “Strange Facts, “Pick-out the differences,” “The Maze,” and “Connect the dots.”

Today we’re looking at the last page of the comic section of the Sunday newspaper. We’re going to play “Connect the Dots.”

Oh, look here at the bottom: an “Extra Credit” box of just two dots. One of the dots is labeled “Hillary,” while the other is labeled “Benghazi.” Gee, this is a really easy one, at least I think it is. What say we get Roving Reporter over here to interview the average man and woman on the street. Take it away, Roving Reporter.

“Thanks, OPOVV. Roving Reporter here, ladies and gentlemen, on the street playing ‘Connect the Dots’ with the ‘Average Joe.’ Here comes one now.

“Excuse me, Roving Reporter broadcasting live to our television audience.”

Average Joe: “That’s neat. Can I say ‘Hi’ to my mother? Hi, Mom, I’m on television, how about that?”

RR: “No, I’m sorry, the rules and regulations are such you can’t be wasting precious time between the even more important commercial time.

“Look, I got a question for you. See the dots on this paper?”

Average Joe: “You mean the dots with the names under them? I see an Obama dot, and a Valerie Jarrett, Muslim Brotherhood, and a Hillary dot.”

RR : “Do you see the ‘Israel under-the-bus’ dot? Do you see the ‘DOJ’ and the ‘DHS (We Find Homes for Muslims after We Immigrate Them)’ dots? What about the illegal immigration dot?”

Average Joe: “Yes, I see them. And I also see the ‘Let’s bring democracy to the savage heathens in Afghanistan’ dot alongside of ‘Keep-those-poppies producing’ dot. Yes, I see them, I see them all. And Bill and Hillary accepting millions of dollars from Muslim countries for special favors that Hillary could bestow on them while she was the Secretary of State, that one, too. What do you want me to do with them?”

RR: “Why, I want you to connect them, if you can.”

Average Joe: “What’s this little box on the bottom there? I see two dots, a ‘Hillary’ and a ‘Benghazi.’ What gives? Extra credit? Are you giving me money if I get it right?”

RR: “No, I’m not giving you anything but the chance to maybe save your life. Look, this is easy. Let’s do the extra credit one first, okay?  Now, can you or can you not connect the Hillary and the Benghazi dots?”

Average Joe: “But isn’t there supposed to be some sort of video dot, too?”

RR: “Look, there was no video the night of Benghazi. There never was a video. It was all made up. No video, okay?

“Now, can you draw a line from the Hillary dot to the Benghazi dot? Yes or no?”

Average Joe: “I don’t have a pen. You got a pen I can borrow?”

RR: “Look, this is an intellectual exercise. You don’t need a pen. Now, make your mother proud. Can you connect the dots between Hillary Clinton and Benghazi (Ambassador Stevens)? Yes or no?”

Average Joe: “ ‘Intellectual exercise,’ what’s that mean? Is it some sort of trick? My mother’s an Obot and I wouldn’t want to upset her. You trying to trick me or something?”

RR: “I used to like my job but I’m having second thoughts. Look, there’s no tricks here. Figure it out. Muslim Brotherhood in America. Muslims immigrating into America. Eric Holder not prosecuting people just because they are Muslim. Hillary and four dead in Benghazi.

“Hello? Are you paying attention? Hillary was the Secretary of State. The Americans over in Benghazi were sitting ducks. We think it was a setup. We think Ambassador Stevens was the quid pro quo for the killing of Osama bin Laden, that it was all set up, but those other Americans who got killed weren’t buying into sacrificing Americans to please Muslims.

“Benghazi is the key to Hillary, just as the Birth Certificate is the key to Obama. Don’t you get it yet?  Just connect the lousy dots, you flaming idiot!”

Average Joe: “You calling me an idiot?”

RR: “I need a break. Look, I’m sorry if I called you an idiot. So you can’t connect the dots. So I spelled it out for you in plain language. Just a few dots and you couldn’t do it. You just couldn’t do it. I don’t know why, and I suppose you don’t know why, either.

“Look, I’m sorry. I guess I’m just tired of interviewing complete idiots day after day.

“Thanks for watching. This is Roving Reporter singing off. Goodnight.”

Semper Fi


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