by Tim Donnelly, former California Assemblyman

(Apr. 10, 2015) — Are you tired of the non-stop government assault on your freedoms?

Have you had enough of your hard-earned money ripped from your hands and given to people who don’t work, or shouldn’t be here at all?

Now, thanks to Sacramento’s gross mismanagement of our water supply, you can’t even enjoy your shower without risk of being fined!

If you’re sick of being blamed and penalized by a Gov’t and a Governor that has turned the Golden State brown, you can’t afford to miss a minute of the Tim Donnelly Show.

Tune in at 3pm PST April 15th on AM 960 if you’re in Southern California’s Inland Empire or just go to TimDonnellyShow.com to live stream it on your computer or phone.

Join the resistance!  Join Tim Donnelly for 3 hours a day of live talk: where we don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat or neither, as long as you’re a freedom-loving American; where it’s no one’s business whether you’re rich or poor as long as you pay your own way, and where the color of your skin is of no consequence, because the only colors that matter to us are the red, the white and the blue–the colors of freedom.

The Tim Donnelly Show:
A place for Americans who want to live free!

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