by Nohl Rosen, ©2015

(Apr. 10, 2015) — The leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. says that when it comes to the shooting of Walter Scott who was shot in the back and killed by former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, that race shouldn’t be playing a role here.

“This was no doubt a terrible ending to what was a simple traffic stop, but why is race continuously being made an issue here? In almost every news story that’s being posted regarding this case, the issue of race is continually being brought up. Why does it matter? The police officer made a bad decision in shooting a suspect that was running away. He also has been arrested and will face justice in a court of law. I think it’s more important than ever that it be mentioned that less than 1% of all police officers in the United States dishonor the badge. The majority of police officers in this country are good, decent, honest, and solid servants of our community. They are the ones we need to be supporting and backing,” said Rally For L.E. leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen stated that Rally For L.E. will continue to stand by the side of law enforcement and rally in support of them. Their next nationwide Link In The Chain rally to support law enforcement will take place on May 30th. For more information about the movement visit them on Facebook at or on Twitter at The Rally For L.E. website will be online soon.

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