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by Mike Parsons, ©2015

Tipton County Is located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee bordering the state of Arkansas.

(Mar. 17, 2015) — [Editor’s Note:  For approximately the last nine months, The Post & Email has reported on the story of former Tipton County resident Mike Parsons, who ran for County Executive in 2006 with the hope of expunging corruption from local government.

Tipton County is part of Tennessee’s 25th Judicial District, which also includes the counties of Lauderdale, McNairy, Hardeman, and Fayette.

Parsons believed that the election returns reflecting his loss after he had been significantly ahead in public reporting late on Election Night were fraudulent.  He then filed a lawsuit challenging those results which he said, if proved to be fraudulent, would have necessitated new elections for all of the positions on the county ballot, including that of a judge who ultimately presided over criminal charges lodged against Parsons following the unprovoked killing of one of his dogs on his property by a man named Barry Laxton.

Jeff Huffman, Parsons’s 2006 opponent in the race, is now County Executive.

Through a corrupt grand jury and trial jury process, Parsons was convicted of “aggravated assault” and “theft of property” after having attempted to carry out a citizen’s arrest on Laxton.  Parsons then served two and a half years in state prison.

Over nearly six years, The Post & Email has reported on systemic corruption within Tennessee’s judiciary which extends to federal courts as well as the legislative and executive branches of government.  Charges are created without evidence against anyone challenging the corrupt practices of a lawless judiciary which works in concert with sheriffs’ departments, court clerks, grand jurors and trial jurors, local police, and state-level officials to continue a racketeering operation using local citizens as chattel.

The FBI is aware of the widespread corruption in Tennessee’s criminal courts but has failed to take action, with one special agent having expressed surprise that anyone would expect a fair trial in the Volunteer State.

The cases of George Joseph Raudenbush III; Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III; Marvin William Young; Michael Ellington; Dennis Burnett; Arthur Jay Hirsch; Rocky Joe Houston; Heather Wilder; Karen Caldwell, Darren Wesley Huff and several cases yet to be disclosed by The Post & Email illustrate the lack of due process, constitutional protections, and honesty among judges in both criminal and civil courts.

On February 11, 2014, Parsons was unexpectedly arrested at his farm following a raid resulting from a complaint filed by PETA claiming that Parsons and his wife were mistreating their farm animals. The Parsonses were ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Parsons was arrested on an alleged violation of his parole from the government’s claim that, as a convicted felon, Parsons had access to his wife’s personal firearms.

The Post & Email has received a sworn affidavit from Parsons’s wife Pat stating that her firearms were kept in a locked safe to which her husband had no key.  Parsons himself has cited the law which he believes indicates that he was rearrested on a false premise.  During the most recent arrest, one of those involved in the raid asked Parsons, “Do you plan to run for County Executive again?”

Approximately four weeks ago, The Post & Email was able to speak with Mike Parsons on the phone for several minutes, during which he provided his view that the state of Tennessee is conducting a “prison industry” dependent upon human trafficking.

In mid-November, a parole board determined that the revocation of Parsons’s bond was appropriate.  In an immediate response. Parsons filed an appeal on three separate grounds and the claim that he had been denied due process.

Regardless of the outcome of his appeal, Parsons told us that he expects to be released from prison in May.  His recent letter follows in which he concludes in a discussion of the servitude vs. liberty:  “With freedom comes risk.”

Parsons can receive mail at P.O. Box 655, Arlington, TN 38002.]

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  1. Every freedom loving citizen needs to realize that they could be the next “Mike Parsons”. Having an attitude of “isn’t it terrible what happened to Mike Parsons” and going on with ones life will only help to increase such mistreatment by government criminals in office.

    While this happened in Tennessee, strong arming by politicians takes place in every state. How do I know? Because I had my own run in with a politician using the system against me. Do you really think that a politician will work so hard to get elected just to get a $125,000 job away from their home, or a $8,000 town Supervisors job. While at first they may run to make a positive change, they quickly are approached by corrupt people waving lots of cash in their face.

    The town I previously lived in had a corrupt town board and building and zoning board. They allowed an IBM plant to be built in the middle of a residential area. A doctor and I put up our own money to get the board replaced, and we were successful. The election was in November and on Christmas Day, after the election, I received a phone call from a developer saying “I have Christmas presents for you”, and the people elected to the board. I in no uncertain terms told him what to do with the presents. All was going well until the next election. That is when one of the new board members hooked up with another developer who wrote a whole bunch of $100 checks (this amount was used so that they didn’t need to be reported) in names they found in the phone book. The town councilman assured us the developer wanted nothing from them. Of course that was not what happened.

    We have a major problem in this country and it is not going to be solved by politicians or at the ballot box, where 125% of registered voters cast their vote. Placing ones trust in a political party is a sure recipe for disaster.