by OPOVV, ©2015

(Mar. 13, 2015) — Ah so, very welcome, I’m sure. So sorry you late, yes? Never saw it coming, did you? So sorry. Me too.

We both so very sorry. Heck, all America so very sorry. So very too-damn-bad sorry.

People not like the look of our flag, Old Glory. Some people offended so we hide flag; put Old Glory in box; put box in storage. How do you say “Sorry” to a flag?

How do you say “Sorry” to a country? To your children’s future?

How to say “Sorry” to yourself when you know it’s a lie? Oh, sure, we’re all sorry for not seeing the danger, but then, when we think about it, we did see the danger.

We saw the similarities between Nazi Germany and Eric Holder/Napolitano’s Gestapo-like tactics. SWAT teams, nationwide, striking in the middle of the night. We live under the yoke of an administration telling us it’s okay to trade freedom for security but end up with neither.

We live in a country that has a state-of-the-art communication system; the only trouble is, garbage in, garbage out. “Hope and Change in,” unemployment and foreclosures out. “Fundamentally change” in, Muslim and illegal immigration population exploding, along with crime rising faster than can be tabulated out.

Supporting zero population growth and a balanced budget will bring the Evil Eye upon you. Mention following the Constitution will get you labeled as a “racist.” Bring up the “Birth Certificate” issue and you’re a “bigot” and a troublemaker.

Spouting the truth will get you called a “snitch,” as in “Stitches for snitches.” The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has deliberately hired Muslims as FBI agents and lawyers in the DOJ. Holder has ordered the law enforcement surveillance of Muslim armories (mosques) and the Islam Terrorist Training Camps (at least 37 Islamovilles scattered throughout America) to end.

Oh, you want to see Mt. Rushmore, really? Where you been? Sorry, but you must pay attention. Pay attention now, please.

No Mt. Rushmore for you. Maybe today. But not for your children, and forget about your grandchildren. No way, so sorry.

They blow up, sorry to say. You remember those larger than life Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? They blow up too.

Child take “Fine Art” in college? Sorry, no textbooks anymore. Not printed, and those that were printed have been burned. No picture of paintings, okay? Libraries will be “Muslim Community Culture Centers.”

Sorry, no can view the great movie “FITNA.” Maybe you can, but if they catch you they charge you with Islamophobia, that is to say, sorry, you no longer can ever think for yourself.

What you expect? You let them in knowing full well what they do. You no kick the unwanted and the undesirables out. So this I ask you: who is sorry now? You going to continue to take it? So then don’t be so damn sorry when they blow up Mt. Rushmore.

Semper Fi


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