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by Neil Sankey, P.I., blogging at Sankey, P.I., ©2015

(Mar. 2, 2015) — OK, We must get this momentum going, get on HIS case, MAKE your Congress and Senate Listen to YOU.

I used some of other people’s letters to put this one together, USE it!, CHANGE it, whatever, but SAY SOMETHING.

SILENCE will NOT do.

Mr Knight,

You were not elected to be a “yes” man to anyone.  We HAVE to defeat the lawless efforts of the Fraudulent president.  Giving in to pressure will not work and we shall have a Tyrant forever. The man is not eligible to even BE there and you guys have done NOTHING to investigate or remove him.  I HAVE, YOU should HAVE.

But for now the House should:

1. pressure Senate Republicans to give McConnell 2 choices: either change the voting rule for appropriation bills from 60 to 51 the same way Harry Reid changed it for nominations, or Senate Republicans will vote to replace McConnell with someone who will stand for the rule of law and the Constitution, such as Senator Jeff Sessions. There has to be a joint meeting of the Republican conference with majority telling McConnell to change the voting rule to 51 or be kicked out from the leadership position.

2. House Republicans should follow the Hastert rule and not put to a vote anything that does not ban Obama amnesty.

3. you and other Republicans need to hit the airways and do interviews in explaining to the public that there is no threat to national security, it is a total lie. 90% of DHS employees are considered essential and will stay on the job. You can pass a bill funding salaries of essential employees, so they are paid while the issue is being resolved. The only ones who will be furloughed, are the employees who would be giving out work permits to millions of illegals. This nation would be better off with these 10% of employees staying home until Obama leaves the office than passing a “clean” bill which would legalize millions of illegal aliens and completely bankrupt the economy and dissipate wages of American citizens.

We all know that a court order may be reversed. When Obamacare passed, just as now, 27 states sued Obama. District Judge in FL and the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the states, but 5 globalists on the Supreme Court, including John Roberts, reversed this decision. For this reason we cannot rely on the courts only, we need you, the members of the Congress, to do your job and use the power of the purse to stop Obama’s lawless amnesty, aka grand theft of millions of American jobs and billions of our tax payer dollars which would go to pay Social Security, unemployment and other benefits to millions of illegals.

If you are not willing to stand up to Obama and use your power of the purse, than you all need to go home. Why do we even need to pay salaries of the members of Congress and all of their staff, if members of Congress do nothing of substance, do not provide any checks and balances to a lawless president.

Simi Valley, CA

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