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by OPOVV, ©2015

Logos of the five branches of the U.S. military (courtesy former presidential candidate OPOVV)

(Feb. 22, 2015) — It has been said that we should take something that isn’t broken and break it. That we should fundamentally transform America, meaning, of course, to abolish the Constitution. So we’ve been importing thousands of Muslims on a daily basis, but to what end? The point is that the laws we have aren’t being followed because the people (government employees) in charge have decided that’s the new direction America will go: straight down into Third World status.

Islam has been at war (to the death) with all other political models. The explosion of petrol dollars, coupled with the internet, has allowed the followers of Islam to become wealthy and have excellent communications, which is why, during the last 60 years, the expansion of Islam has been so dramatic. Allowing the enemy to reside within our borders is ludicrous.

For males who have little (or no) self-respect, to lord over women and all other living things, to turn their backs on the Golden Rule, Islam is a logical (to crazy people) choice to attach their star to.

What’s this I hear? ISIS needs jobs? WANTED: social misfits to behead people while they are alive and screaming; also someone who is so mentally unstable to light people on fire and watch them burn to death. I thought that Socialism didn’t push for jobs; that they wanted more people on Food Stamps; the unemployment rate to rise; and the National Debt to climb forever, without any desire to balance the budget, ever: a perpetual Ponzi scheme.  In the real world, crooks are sent to prison: in the politician’s world, it’s just business as usual.

The new Secretary of Defense has spent his life in academia, forever sequestered from the hurry and bustle of the real world, a sheltered existence: unreal. Ashton Carter never served a day in the military, and out of all the possible qualified candidates for the job as Secretary of Defense, this person was hired over all others. We have some pretty special and highly-qualified retired Generals who could’ve filled that slot. I want my house painted: do I hire a paint salesman or a contractor who has painted houses for 37 years?

So what’s happening? One hand says we need jobs while the other wants to extend unemployment and Food Stamps. You can’t be a proponent of Socialism while supporting Capitalism. You can’t expect to lie and have people take you seriously, which is why the Obama Administration is such a joke, and a poor joke at that.

ISIS is attracting all of the earth’s pathetic losers, the psychos, the slow learners, the social misfits, the bullies, nitwits and the believers in a warped satisfaction of torturing helpless living creatures to death. Such people pretend to acquire some sort of superiority through osmosis through the extinguishing of a life form. They like to behead worms, but they really get their kicks from murdering humans who believe in the Golden Rule, a belief so alien to their way of thinking that they’re afraid as little children are afraid of the dark, so out of an immature fear they lash out and kill everything in sight.

And so . . .  they wish to kill us, so we will do everything to wipe this insanity from the face of the earth, and we will let nothing stand in our way to accomplish our goal. We will follow no rules or regulations except whatever it takes to smite them all; to kill each and every one of our enemy. We will take the fight to the enemy and finish this 1,400-year war once and for all.  We will be victorious because there is no alternative. This is how a Commander-in-Chief addresses his troops.

Semper Fi


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  1. OPOVV, it’s all about DNC Entitlement Votes/Retirement/Benefits, etc. Just think of it, walking out the back door as you laugh and tell everyone how rough you have had it and how hard you worked to get this “retirement”. Benefits and medical that “commoners” can’t even touch. Laughing at all the corruption you participated in, while the country goes down that you helped to destroy that owes you so much knowing that no matter how bad it gets that your “retirement” checks keep coming in! Many people don’t know about the lucrative “retirement” that many “public trustees” are reaping today. Most are immune from world problems since the unions have secured massive benefits and guarantees that can’t be revoked in most cases. Many cities like old Detroit have been devastated and wiped out by having to pay out massive retirements to all the “turstees” while cities go under. California has around 23 cities now in or on the verge of filing bankruptcy with no end in sight. We have allowed this and many Police and Fire senior members retiring at over $200k yearly-better than any military benefits. Too many things are wrong and if not fixed-America will continue to be a third world country slipping into ghetto fashion and there will be no “middle class” which is crumbling rapidly. Skilled tradesmen and craftsmen are disappearing as costs go higher and higher. There is no shortage of “coat and tie” men but the ratio of skilled workers NOT in suit and ties is diminishing. I have been one for 45 years and don’t need to read books or reports on what someone else thinks. I hold a Federal and several other professional licenses and can say it has never been worse. Most of the skilled people I have known that have spent years learning and becoming masters of their trades are getting out or are fed up with years of talk and lies that have done nothing for trades and professional people in trades. There are exceptions and these are the people that they paint the industries with saying there are no problems and everything is great while the majority slowly go out of business or starve, hanging on by being skilled and barely making it. Also, I know many Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers that are not doing well and there are also exceptions on their side of town but many are being caught up in taxes, rules and Obama Care Monkey Business that is also costing them more than it’s worth. All the soothsayers can’t fix what’s wrong and no one wants to talk reality, all we see are the cowards, thieves and liars running out the back door while the others slowly suffer of die a slow death. There are many new smiles and waving hands in Washington, ready to step up to endless benefits and money gains for the next round. Working America is tired of the lies, promises, stories, success stories, positive thinking advice, phony fixes while they watch another election of all the above turn into another mud slinging train wreck with endless stories of new corruption, scandals, sex scandals and the usual “Well, we have to investigate these allegations.” over and over until the next chosen wonder steps in to repeat another scam while the people are helpless to remove or do anything to use the written law to prosecute them. One thing we can USUALLY count on is America’s Political Amnesia that never seems to be cured. Excuses and promises abound with hilarious excuses and reasons why no one was prosecuted. Job protection is number one at this time so don’t expect anything but more posturing and excuses. It’s one thing that current “government” is good at.

    1. Dear gigclick;
      Right on the money!
      When Larry Meyer and I ran for office, VP and president, respectively, we said that we’d work 24-7 for $1.00 a year, that you can keep the perks and that we wouldn’t be taking any vacations.
      We also said to keep the donations, that our platform would speak for itself: no IRS; no more Federal Reserve theft; deport the Muslims and the illegal immigrants; no “Most Favorite Trade Status” with China; get rid of the UN and NAFTA, but keep Canada as a favorite partner in all things; put the dollar on a SOLID FOOTING, and so on.
      What you think about me squaring-off with Putin? I’d bet on the USA. Me and ISIS? You want to see scorched earth, you aint’t seen nothing yet.
      Nobody, but nobody messes with an US citizen. Ever.
      An no Gays in the military; no same sex “marriage” (Civil Union is fine); no females aboard Navy ships, with exception: hospital ships.
      A strong military. Maybe we just walk-in and take any nuclear capability away from North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. Works for me, and I could’ve, would’ve, and still will do it, if given half a chance.
      You mess with me, or the USA, and just maybe a nuclear warhead cruise missile will fly through your breakfast window while you’re cutting the grapefruit. A 5 kiloton would work. Sounds good.
      [NOTE: I used to test the firing mechanisms on nuclear warheads, so if anyone wants to discuss Tactical Nuclear Capabilities, I’m game.]
      So, what do we do, wait for the end? For them to attack us?
      I don’t think so, and neither did Larry, RIP.
      As far as the over inflated government pensions? Cut them in half, to start.
      Are we talking turkey yet? Are we on the same page?
      Good comment, gig click. Actually, always enjoy your comments.