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(Feb. 5, 2015) — Shepard Smith, anchor at Fox News, complained January 20th, 2015 that the White House had dropped the word ‘News’ from Fox News Placeholders at the State of the Union Lunch Obama held to map out all of their key talking points for his address, hoping, no doubt, to assure they got it right. Shepard pointed out as he sat next to Brian Williams he noticed his placeholder sign read ‘Brian Williams NBC News’. Then he looked over at David Muir’s from ABC and it read ‘David Muir ABC News’. Both his and fellow anchor from Fox News Bret Baier’s simple read their names with the word “Fox” under it. Remember in 2009 the Obama Administration’s attempt to shut Fox News completely out of the White House Press Corps?

Many of the comments over at the NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE story defended the sleight of hand story claiming Fox News didn’t report ‘news,’ and I quickly thought none of the other networks have, either, when it comes to the Appeal over at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals; the stories of history are being made, but no one is covering it. No one is writing stories about it. What story, you ask? Hummmmm.

Yet another first has happened in American political and judicial history and no one sees the story? ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX News have not called in their political and judicial experts to review the fact that two very experienced justices have just been laced with corruption charges for failing to recuse themselves, destroying a whole panel’s ORDER and JUDGEMENT and causing a shadow of embarrassment for the whole U.S. Court of Appeals 10th Circuit Court. That’s actually the biggest win in the nation yet for Birthers who have been protesting that the United States Constitution was in jeopardy!

Of course, if the United States Constitution is in jeopardy then so is every black robe in every Court, including those of the United States Supreme Court under it, as well as every U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator’s seat. I think and hope you get the point of how important the U.S. Constitution is for all of these positions. Without the U.S. Constitution they simply don’t exist. Ask George Washington how many times King George wiped out the Congress or elected spokesman for the people and called for new elections before our Revolution? That was one of the very angering ways decisions by the elected were subverted entirely by the King and what led to our Revolution. Minus that and it might not have ever happened.

What has happened in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is by all accounts fascinating for political junkies. Never in all of Birther history for sure has a Judgment and Order by a panel of Judges been wiped out so cleanly. OK, break it down:  why is this fascinating?

Well, when you consider how many Birther cases have gone up to the United States Supreme Court now and been denied. How many? I can think of more than six, maybe even more than a dozen, starting with Phil Berg’s case since 2008.  I’ll let NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX News work on that details of that one. (Do you feel vindicated now, Shepard Smith [smile?)] You will see that we never see which Justices are involved in the Conferences if a panel is used or who’s on the panel? All we have ever received is a “No” answer, meaning in conference the Justices refused to take it up.

As we take a step down on the decisions or opinions rendered to get to the U.S. Supreme Court, we are necessarily faced with two general Courts: those of a State Supreme Court’s often also deciding not to take it up with no opinion; just a denial or a affirmation of the lower Court’s decision, or a U.S. Court of Appeals Circuit Court decision.

So out of all the Courts in the United States rendered on Birther or the Article II Patriot Platform, we have essentially no word from whose decision was “No” on the U.S. Supreme Court cases and no opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court. Further, we have a few Courts of Appeals’ opinions and a few State Court decisions that basically upheld the lower Court’s Standing arguments against the plaintiffs or petitioners, smashing their cases into a billion pieces. That’s all we have. Probably the most significant of those was in fact the one from the 9th Circuit Court Orly Taitz argued with a candidate for office in tow, Alan Keyes, in Barnett v. Debra Bowen, but this made no claim for damages to a campaign and was leveled at the California Secretary of State for basically failing to vet Obama.

That case did not level a claim of damages against Obama for, say, the infraction of stating he was qualified under oath for the office he was seeking should he be elected. In defense of the Secretary of State, they are more or less either relying on what the candidate says or what the party’s nomination form states for the Candidate. Rep. Nancy Pelosi filed two forms for Obama in 2008, one for Hawaii and one for the other 49 states due to Hawaii’s assertion that it must be known that he was qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s demands and not for simply the party’s choice. To my knowledge there has never been damage assessment made from any campaign except mine against Obama’s campaign based on his not being qualified. This figures that a campaign against Obama has not suffered injury or loss due to the investment of the campaign including commercials, web pages, travel and on and on and on.

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