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by OPOVV, ©2015

U.S. demographics as of 2000; source: Wikipedia

(Feb. 3, 2015) — “Victor pergit ad spolia:” to the victor go the spoils. So it is written, regardless of the species. Who’s ahead, us humans or the common cold? When a virus invades the immune system, the body marshals every available means at its disposal to expel, defeat, kill and render harmless the enemy, completely, decisively, and permanently.

When one illegal alien sneaks in, it would behoove one to expel that person, to treat him as a deadly cell. When two sneak in, they can multiply, breed as gerbils, rabbits, rats.  Before you know it, there are hundreds, then thousands, and before you can say “Jack Robinson,millions of illegal immigrants are stealing resources, jobs (and lives), swarming across the border for a free ticket to feed at the trough of government entitlements, thanks to traitorous politicians who care not for Americans but bend over backwards for illegal immigrants. Today in the USA, an illegal immigrant has access to more resources and entitlements than a homeless Vietnam Veteran.

In many instances throughout history, human migration has changed the religious and political dynamics of countries. Perhaps the best-known is the exodus from Egypt, but let us not overlook the great migration from Europe to America in the 1800’s. During the 20th century millions of Central and South Americans migrated to the United States, and immigration from those areas has actually accelerated in the beginning of the 21st century.

But perhaps the most obvious and incompatible example of current human migration is that of Muslims coming to America, a country based on Christian values which has a Constitution that protects the rights of women, a country where “honor killings” are persecuted as premeditated murder. So Muslims, knowing this, come to America with ulterior motives.

These two diverse factions, those who trace their ancestry as Spanish or Arab, are here not to assimilate, but to gain control. The Spanish harbor such thoughts as the Southwest seceding from the US to be assimilated into Mexico, albeit with the same benefits uninterrupted, no doubt.

The Muslim intentions are much broader, diversified and ominous. The Muslims wish to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law and have plans to render the USA an Islamic State. Also, all unbelievers of Islam are to pay a tax to continue to live or will be slaughtered outright. The first to be killed will be their most ardent supporters: the gay and lesbian crowd, the supporters of same-sex marriage, and Obots.

The practice of all conquerors is to rewrite the glorious history of the land to which they lay claim. Nothing of importance existed prior to Mohammad; therefore such words as “Clovis” and the history of the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and the American Indian will fade away. Statues, portraits, even polychrome paintings will be destroyed by fire or blown up, as were the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.

The openness of our borders is our greatest threat, yet it is completely ignored by the politicians who we recently elected. One would have expected cries for closing the border, deportations, and court orders to arrest the usurper fraud, the Constitutionally-ineligible president. Instead it’s just more of the same: one political party masquerading as two.

As I write this editorial, and while you are reading it, the colonization of our country continues unabated. The solution? First, arm yourselves, then deport those who plainly and clearly do not belong.

Semper Fi


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