by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret), ©2015

(Feb. 2, 2015) — The below-listed intelligence analysis is not intended to offend over a billion kind, considerate, peaceful, supportive, religious, and law-abiding Muslims, and especially the Islamic partners of the United States in the Middle East and worldwide who have been our allies and our trusted friends for over 60 years.  Our Muslim brothers-in-arms protected me and my men when we were engaged in military operations in the Middle East, Africa, the Philippines, and in the United States for over a 25-year period and are still protecting US military personnel in the Middle East.

Unless the US secures the support of our Muslim allies worldwide, the US will have no hope of ever defeating the radical Islamic terrorism that is spreading worldwide like wildfire and will never be able to properly deal with Iran.  Iran is the most dangerous sponsor of terrorists in the world and is bent on obtaining nuclear weapons to attack the US and Israel as well as to threaten our allies in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

This op-ed was written to alert all American patriots of the immediate threat posed by radical Islamic terrorist organizations such as ISIL, Al Qaeda, the Iranian Republican Guard, Al-Shabab, the NPA, the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat al-Fuqra, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Ansar Al Sharia, and so many others too numerous to list here.  Those organizations are using online tactics to instruct the hundreds of terrorist “sleeper cells” already in the US, who, for the past six years, have been entering the US through the southern border and setting up their networks in order to strike the United States. That is a result of Obama’s massive immigration of 6 million Muslim immigrants who didn’t have their backgrounds properly investigated as required by federal immigration laws previously passed by Congress and signed into law by over 20 past Democrat and Republican US presidents.

In 2008, there were an estimated 1,349,000 Muslims in the United States. In 2012, because of Obama’s radical immigration policies, their numbers increased to 2.6 million, and because of Obama’s very aggressive immigration policies in support of only Muslim immigrants since 2012, the US Immigration Service has processed massive new numbers of Muslims from throughout the world.  Their numbers have grown by 67% to what is now estimated to be 7 million residing in the United States.  The number of Muslim immigrants will continue to increase asymmetrically by many more millions over the next two years because Obama is driving this massive resettlement of “only” Muslim immigrants within the UN Resettlement Program.

Greek Catholic sources have said more than 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christians are among the refugees driven from their homes by ISIL and Al Qaeda terrorists, but neither the UN nor Obama have shown any willingness to resettle Christian refugees in the US.  Muslim immigrants who haven’t had their backgrounds properly investigated pose a much greater risk to the national security interests of the US than Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees who would pose very little or no risk.  The Christians have been crucified, beheaded, shot, and buried alive by radical Islamic terrorists in a genocide that has been under way for six years.  The UN is excluding Christians from their UN Resettlement Programs according to Greek Catholic sources; if that continues, all funding for the UN should be abruptly terminated by the US Congress.  Islam is now the fastest-growing religion in the United States.

Obama’s violation of federal immigration laws continues to pose a very serious national security threat to the Republic and has created a real and present danger to the lives of millions of American citizens.  One of the goals of the Republic’s immigration policies should be to protect the nation from the types of attacks that have occurred in Paris, Nigeria, India, Syria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Bahrain, England, the Philippines, Yemen, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The below-listed article further explains in detail the most recent UN program to resettle Muslim refugees throughout the United States.  Obama approved the entry of another 75,000 Muslims involved in the most recent UN’s Resettlement Program, and he is putting them on a fast track to obtain US citizenship.  Over the years, the Obama administration has accepted more Muslim immigrants from the UN Resettlement Program than all the other nations in the world combined.

The most recent UN Resettlement program of Muslim refugees will also cost American taxpayers $10 billion.  With over 90 million unemployed Americans looking for work, it doesn’t make any sense to spend $10 billion on foreigners who pose a security risk and will take jobs away from unemployed Americans.  Some of the Somalis who were previously admitted to the US and were put on a fast track for US citizenship by Obama and received their US citizenship have already departed the United States with their new US passports to fight for ISIL, Al Qaeda, or terrorists in Somalia.

Allowing Muslim refugees who became US Citizens on Obama’s fast-track program to go overseas to fight for ISIL, Al Qaeda, or other groups and return unimpeded sends a signal to members of the US Armed Forces that their sacrifice in defense of US allies in the Middle East is of little value.  Newly-indoctrinated terrorists with US citizenship and US Passports who return to the US will either join “sleeper cells” or become “lone wolves” who will eventually attack Americans.  The Obama administration has refused to place restrictions on any US citizens who have engaged in combat action in support of ISIL, Al Qaeda, or other terrorist organizations.  To demonstrate that they care for the safety of Americans citizens, the Obama administration should be collecting the US Passports of all Americans who traveled to the Middle East to fight with radical Islamic terrorists, arrest them, charge them, put them on trial, convict them of treason, imprison them, and cancel their US citizenship.

One of the Somali-Americans who came to the United States as a refugee, Liban Haji Mohamed, age 29, and became a naturalized US citizen, was placed on the newest FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorist” list after leaving for Somalia to join the ranks of Islamic Jihadist fighters in a Somalia-based terrorist organization, Al-Shabab.  Liban Mohamed has been charged by the FBI with providing material support and resources for both Al Qaeda and Al-Shabab.  A statement posted on the FBI’s website on January 19, 2015, the FBI said Mohamed is considered particularly dangerous because he worked to recruit other Somali-American refugees to train with Al Qaeda and Al-Shabab. The Somali community in the United States has increased by 110,000 members over the last six years, with large populations of Somalis in Minneapolis, MN; Lewiston, ME; and Columbus, OH.

The Obama administration’s “politically-correct” policy has effectively emasculated the National Security establishment’s ability to properly train their personnel to identify and label radical Islamic terrorists.  Obama has directed all military commands, intelligence agencies, the FBI, local police forces, and the CIA to sanitize their training manuals and all literature that previously accurately described Islamic terrorists as a serious national security threat to the Republic.

Radical Islamic terrorists who are executing jihad point to certain verses in the Quran as their justification for killing helpless Christian and Jewish men, women, and children.  On Tuesday of last week on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arabic website, there was a call for “long unrelenting jihad.”  The statement was first reported last Friday by The Washington Free Beacon in an article by Adam Kredo and quotes the terrorists as having cited a passage from the Quran:  “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of God and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know but whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of God will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.”

While millions of new Muslim immigrants with unknown backgrounds are still being brought into the United States by the Obama administration, Obama has been releasing very dangerous terrorists from Gitmo.  In 2014, Obama released 28 hard-core committed radical Islamic terrorists from Gitmo who are already recruiting terrorists or providing support for Al Qaeda, ISIL, or affiliated groups with the goal of killing patriotic US military personnel deployed to the Middle East by Obama.  The international and Afghan press has recently reported that a released Gitmo detainee, Mullah Abdul Rauf, has set up a base of operations in Helmut Province, is actively recruiting fighters for ISIL, and is offering good wages to anyone who is willing to fight for the Islamic State.


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

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San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8



Secret planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in U.S.

Leo Hohmann

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  1. Where can there be found “Kind, Considerate and Peaceful Muslims”? The writer does not want to “offend” these people? That is what is called “appeasement”. Obama acts are treasonous. Many of these so called “Kind…” Muslims who are being given American citizenship, as the writer concedes, are then waging war on the USA. Can you imagine what would have happened to Franklin Delano Roosevelt if he has allowed 6 million Germans to re-settle here in WWII or if Harry S. Truman let 6 million Japanese re-settle here? They both would have been tarred and feathered,quartered and hung. Obama is betraying America. He is America’s enemy.

    1. And when you say “God” please remember that Islam’s god is allah and is NOT “God” of the Bible. allah is pagan god of the moon.

  2. Capt. John;
    Good editorial. Glad you wrote it.
    I’m sorry, but the day of “political correctness” has passed. No longer do we have an idiom of compassion nor sympathy for those whom we offend, for we are not in the least bit concerned about the “feelings” of Muslims, be they the so-called “moderates” who still commit “honor killings” and other acts against humanity such as cruelty to women and animals.
    The erroneous belief that the West has of Islam being some kind of “religion” handicaps the West even before the fight starts. The news is that the fight has been going on for 1,400 years.
    Yes, the de facto-Cheap-Suit-Total-Fraud-Mack-Daddy-Muslim president Obama is fulfilling his job description very well: he was tasked to introduce Sharia Law in the USA by destroying the Constitution and to aid in wiping Israel off the map.
    You are 100% correct when you say that Department of State (Hilary and now the “Lucky he wasn’t fragged Kerry”) has given special refugee status to whole Muslim villages from Somalia and other locations, but your total number of Muslims within our country is off by a factor of at least 4.
    These Muslim terror training camps all across America are taking in more recruits daily, and not all are foreign born.
    Yes, we must get our act together.
    When I ran for president in 2012 I stated in my platform to support our 2nd Amendment by being armed AND to deport ALL Muslims.
    I still stand by it.

    1. Islam is not a religion at all. (See: “What Islam is NOT”). Islam’s precepts are repugnant to the U.S. Constitution. In 1803 the United States Supreme Court ruled that “ANY Law…”(Sharia Law included)”…which is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution is NULL and VOID”. In our founding Father’s time the U.S. was also “at war with Islam”. The muslims declared war on the U.S. (See: The Barbary Wars). Contrary to “Caliph” Obama’s assertions the U.S. IS at war with Islam. The Muslims long ago breached the “Treaty of Tripoli” in which they promised to live at peace with the U.S.A.