Stand with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, Not Obama


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

On whose side is Barack Hussein Obama?

(Jan. 30, 2015) — It is beyond shameful that our President has sent a group of folks over to Israel to back the leftist running against Prime Minister Netanyahu, but he has.   It has been vividly clear for the last six years that Obama hates Israel and the Jews.  He has treated Netanyahu like a disease and insulted him over and over. This is our only real ally in the Middle East, but apparently, who cares?

It is painfully clear that Obama is no Christian and if he isn’t a practicing Muslim, he is in bed with them and most supportive of them and their intentions to destroy and take over Israel and the West.  The Caliphate must go forward and Obama seems to be leading it.

Now, we see Obama going way past insulting Netanyahu and Israel to meddling in sovereign elections.  I have zero doubt now that Obama has taken an oath of office alright but it is only to Allah and Mohamed, not the United States of America and Holy Bible.  America is to be turned into widgets that he controls and redistributes, while Israel is to be completely destroyed.

There must be a strong and quick rebuke from the House and Senate regarding Obama’s meddling in the Israeli sovereign election cycle and his unbelievable insults to our best friend, Israel.

The need for our nation’s leaders to pull down the curtain and clear the stage of this UN-American, anti-Semitic, anti freedom nightmare in the White House is long past due.  It is way past time we impeach Obama.  House and Senate, wake up and smell the radical Islamic – UN-American – UN-Constitutional coffee.

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  1. Stephen Hiller   Friday, January 30, 2015 at 5:01 PM

    Obama is leading God’s judgement coming to America. And he’s proud of it. Voting for Obama once was a mistake – voting for him the second time was treason. And since ( not “if” ) Congress won’t do anything about this illegal in the White House, they are equally guilty of treason. The “Joint Chiefs of Staff” have the Constitutional authority to remove him and those traitors in Congress, but unfortunately, they seem equally guilty. What is America left to do?

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