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by Sharon Rondeau

Front page of 2Lt. Scott Bennett’s report to Congress, the DOD Inspector General, and the media regarding his knowledge of terrorist funding flowing through Swiss banks

(Jan. 30, 2015) — On Wednesday, The Post & Email published the second of its now-three-part interview with 2Lt. Scott Bennett, who was imprisoned by the Obama Justice Department for more than two years after bringing to the attention of his superiors in the Army Reserve and at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) that thousands of Swiss bank accounts were being used to funnel money to terrorists whose actions are maiming and killing U.S. soldiers.

Part 1 of the interview is here.

Bennett has accused the parties he informed of the terror financing of treason for failing to take action to stop the terror funding, of which he identified Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as a major source.

In a 76-page report prepared on an electric typewriter from inside prison walls, Bennett doggedly wrote to members of Congress, U.S. Central Command, the Department of Defense Inspector General and major media about his discoveries while working as a Terrorism Finance Analyst at BAH between 2008 and 2010.

In 2009, at the invitation of the Army, Bennett entered officer training and became an active member of the U.S. Army Reserves in the 11th Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Battalion.  He was granted the highest-level security clearance, Top Secret/CSI, and served in the capacities of Commander’s Adjutant; Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Officer; Investigations Officer; and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEO).

In 1996, the 11th Psychological Operations Battalion was activated as an outgrowth of the 7th Psychological Operations Battalion, which had been part of the regular Army and was inactivated on September 17, 1990.  An explanation of the Coat of Arms (pictured left) of the 11th Battalion reads:

“White is used to represent the unit’s first and preferred type of propaganda, the truth. The upright sword symbolizes the ready defense against gray, the half-truth, and black, the untruth. The gold quill alludes to the unit’s ability to disseminate written propaganda, while the red border stands for continuous inspiration and rigor. The heptagon alludes to unit’s numerical origin as 7th Psychological Operations Battalion.”

While earning a Ph.D. (ABD) in Political Theory completed in 1999, Bennett wrote his dissertation on the topic of “Military-Intelligence Contractors, Swiss Banks, and Terrorist Threat Financing Networks and Operations.”

On April 23, 2010, Bennett was arrested and detained overnight by the Tampa police for allegedly possessing unregistered firearms at MacDill Air Force Base, to which he had been transferred to fulfill his obligations to the Army Reserve and his new assignment for Booz Allen.  Stunned, Bennett had first believed that his detention under harsh interrogation was a training exercise designed to test his training and mettle.  After a second arrest at gunpoint and hours of interrogation, Bennett left Booz Allen and returned to Washington, DC.

In July 2011, Bennett was tried and convicted of filing a false housing report, violating federal firearms laws concerning the transfer of weapons over state lines, and wearing his military uniform “without authorization,” then sentenced to 36 months in prison.

Former Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence.  In 2007, while Levin was chairman, whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld testified to the Permanent Subcommittee about his firsthand knowledge acquired while working for UBS in Switzerland concerning funding flowing from the bank to Middle Eastern terrorists, who were killing American soldiers.

Despite providing information which led to the IRS’s recovery of billions in tax dollars, Birkenfeld was prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice and sentenced to 40 months in prison.  Incarcerated in the same facility following a civilian trial engineered by the Justice Department instead of receiving a military hearing, Bennett met Birkenfeld, where the two whistleblowers exchanged notes, knowledge and combined their efforts to continue to notify federal officials and the media about the terrorist funding.

Bennett told The Post & Email that the information he disclosed from federal prison caused “a whole flurry of communication” among members of Congress, the CIA, and the military who were “desperately trying to put this fire out.”

Following his release his release from prison, Birkenfeld was paid a record $104 million for revealing UBS’s role in assisting U.S. account-holders to evade taxation.

Carl Levin retired from Congress early this month when his replacement, Gary Peters, was sworn in on January 6

In March 2013, Levin announced that he would not seek re-election in November 2014.  Bennett said that U.S. soldiers are “dead” or “deformed” because Levin and others chose not to act on the intelligence they were given by Birkenfeld and later, by Bennett himself.

“This goes across political lines,” Bennett told The Post & Email during the interview.  Directing himself to Speaker of the House John Boehner, Bennett said, “You’ve got a Swiss bank account.  You received Bennett’s information way back in 2010 when I was communicating issues predicting the Benghazi attack that later occurred.”

Bennett further explained of his role as a military whistleblower:

I was addressing a lot of the material that the Army and the Obama administration were trying to get into the military regarding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  They were trying to change the homosexuality laws, and from a psychological warfare perspective, you have to be very delicate with that, because the bad guys were used as recruits to increase their forces and their financing to wage war against the United States.  The report I sent up contained a lot of material from the Family Research Council (FRC), The Heritage Foundation, and universities which were addressing this.  It was not to condemn the policy but to be aware of the blowback that would occur if it weren’t handled properly.

It was within one month of filing that report that I was indicted.  So I think they jumped on me because I was the one who was making a lot of noise, and they didn’t realize it was going to continue to this level.

From prison, Bennett sent reports to members of the major media, none of whom has responded to this day.  He suggested to The Post & Email that to further his efforts, “People can write the media personalities who received the letters:  people at Fox News:  Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, Monica Crowley.  Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin; The Heritage Foundation [President] Jim DeMint and Ed Feulner; Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council…all of those guys got copies of my report.  I even sent it to Wayne LaPierre at the National Rifle Association (NRA).  I was sending it out to everyone who I thought was a ‘conservative,’ and because they were ‘conservative,’ they cared about military men and women.  That was the only thing that was driving me:  these kids are being hurt and killed, our national reputation is being jeopardized, our entire country is being bled, and we’re risking a major 100-year war that’s not going to end well.  We’re fighting in all the wrong ways.”  Bennett had said to the organizations he contacted,  “As a conservative, you need to help get this analyzed, because all this money is being put through Swiss banks and hurting our soldiers.”

Expounding on the lack of response he received, Bennett continued:

As a conservative, that struck me, and I thought that it would strike other conservatives.  Instead, I encountered nothing but cowardice and castrated courage.  No one in the “conservative” political establishment had any guts whatsoever, and they refused to even touch this. It was so offensive to me because the cowardice was just intolerable.  I feel such a shame looking back on these people and these institutions because they’re not “conservative.”  They don’t represent the best of America; they represent parasites living in Washington, DC who just piddle forth this nonsense to people in middle America and elsewhere:  “Give us your money, and we’ll represent family values for you in Washington.”  “We’ll have a big conference…” The Values Voter Summit, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)…I’ve been to a lot of those; I was in that mix.  That’s what makes it so ironic.  I’m a strong conservative, and all conservative people who should be championing this run like roaches from the sunlight.”

On April 27, 2011, the above image was published on the White House website purported to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate from Hawaii. However, within hours, it was denounced by experts as a poor forgery, and an ensuing criminal investigation confirmed the claim beyond the standard of probable cause. The White House has never responded to the reports of forgery and fraud.

The Post & Email then noted to Bennett that every “conservative” group and all members of Congress have also avoided the issue of the forgeries of Obama’s Selective Service registration form and long-form birth certificate as confirmed by a law enforcement investigation conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse beginning in September 2011.

Bennett responded:

“There is a case to be made that Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, who knew about this, and Sen. Bill Nelson, who knew about this, and allowed this artificial prosecution against me, this constitutional violation carried out against me by [Assistant U.S. Attorney] Sara Sweeney, and their lies saying I dressed up in a police uniform, and going onto a military base and getting a Wackenhut security guard, which is a CIA front, by the way, to write a false affidavit stating, “I was approached and I saw this guy try to sneak on base, and I think it was Scott Bennett.  I think he dressed in a police uniform,” and the prosecutor took that and introduced it to the judge, and then they pulled it back.  They were trapped with it.  I said, ‘That’s a complete lie.’  It was extremely serious, because they had overplayed their hand.

“By going on a military base as a military contractor, Wackenhut, even though it’s CIA, the military base commander at Ft. Myer and the military could be dragged in and accused of RICO.  “You are a racketeering, conspiratorial operator as part of this conspiracy to falsely defame and slander Bennett.  You as a military commander are part of this; Sara Sweeney is part of this; the CIA was part of this, because Wackenhut is connected with you; all of that material is hereby requested to be produced as evidence of a civil rights violation,” and it can be sued at that level.

“By the military allowing themselves to be used in this, they violated every military person’s rights, and they can now do it to anyone. If they don’t like your hair color or they don’t like the state you come from, the commander can have you charged with something and then ship you over to the civilian prosecution powers and say, ‘Well, we did it to Bennett, so that’s the precedent.  Now we can do it to this person.’  And that’s very disturbing.”

Of the convictions and injustices against him, Bennett told us, “I think it will be thrown out and rectified.”

The Post & Email raised the reports of computer, telephone and security system sabotage alleged by former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who testified as much to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings on Wednesday for Attorney-General nominee Loretta Lynch. Attkisson took no position on Lynch’s qualifications, but rather, reported her experiences under current Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Post & Email then related its own experience with website hacking, harassment and death threats earlier in the Obama regime, to which Bennett responded:

I know Michael Hastings was looking into this; he wrote letters and reports.  I never discussed what he knew in any conversations I ever had just so the bad guys were kept in the dark, but his material is still out there, and it intertwines the entire psychological operations community with this.  He began to look into that in his original Rolling Stone article about the psyop on senators.  Another journalist I’ve spoken with is still FOIA-ing a lot of the material which will be revelatory because it will reveal a lot of Hastings’ writing and notes and unpublished material that directly corroborates Brad Birkenfeld, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and me.  The whole Swiss banking/terrorist financing nexus was part of Hastings’s explorations into John Brennan, who is the CIA director.  John Brennan and Michael Hayden and [Leon] Panetta and all these guys were connected to the Snowden-Birkenfeld issue when Brad was in Geneva, Switzerland.

So the attack on journalists and people is there; you just have to be extremely aggressive.  In the Army, one of the things you’re trained in is whenever you’re attacked, whenever you’re ambushed, you fight your way out.  You don’t retreat; you don’t stay low; you attack the attacker.  Anytime something like that happens, you always need to document it and appropriately report it and demand action from the Criminal Investigation unit. Your best local defense is your local police department and making friends with them.  They’re no lovers of the federal Gestapo or of federal agents coming in and claiming jurisdiction over a rural town somewhere.  By making friends with them, you’re basically making friends with snipers who will keep an eye out for any funny stuff that happens your way.

It’s a sign of the times.  One of the things people need to do is outreach with their local community groups; their Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and their churches and any institutions in their community and begin to share this material and begin to have a conversation about it, because we can’t allow people to keep their heads stuck in the sand.  You have to say, “Are you aware of this?  This is very important and significant because it’s hurting all of us.  Unless we do something to counterbalance this, the police-state restrictions are just going to get more and more oppressive, and before you know it, the nightmare of 1984 is going to be upon us.”

I wrote to Romney in 2012.  When Brad and I were putting this together, we said, “We have to expose Carl Levin and the Obama administration because Obama had Robert Wolf, then-chairman of UBS Americas, join his fundraising team before his second election.  So we said, “We need to get this to Romney’s people or whoever the counterbalance is going to be to say, ‘You need to use this, not about winning the election, but about confronting them on the national stage for all Americans. Every American needs to know the answer to this question.’

I had a lot of people send it to RNC Chairman Reince Preibus and Romney’s core representatives and members of Congress who were teammates with Romney, and no one did anything.  So that’s an indictment of the political corruption, which was very revelatory to me, because it showed me that the “conservative” Republicans are just as bad as these scoundrels who have blood on their hands because of this whole issue.  By extension, Romney has blood on his hands.  They all have blood on their hands because they didn’t do anything; it’s an act of omission.  They failed to do the right thing, and kids are dead because of it.

I invite anyone on Planet Earth to challenge me or call me wrong on any of this material or any of my analysis, because I was there, and I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it directly from the whistleblower, and I’ve come to the same conclusion that two plus two equals four, and Swiss bank accounts and terrorists equal dead soldiers.  That’s the simplicity of it, and they haven’t done anything.

One thing people can do is contact the CPAC conference coming up February 25-28 and be super-aggressive.  Call [Chairman] Matt Schlapp, who’s in charge of the CPAC conference and everyone else, and say, “I want this material analyzed at CPAC; I want Bennett and the story presented; I want to know what’s being done about it.  You say you’re conservative and you love the military; you say you have family values.  This is what you should be dealing with, not the same old story of ‘American power needs to dominate the world’ or that we’re in danger of being overrun by Muslims.  Not this ‘Whatever Israel does at any time, anywhere, we’re going to support.’  That’s dangerous.  ‘Let’s take this material, which is extremely relevant because it involves terrorist financing, the national security state, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and a military officer being imprisoned by Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, who worked for a law firm, Covington & Burling, that represented Union Bank of Switzerland, and the military officer’s judge is a woman named Virginia Hernandez Covington, related to Covington & Burling, the law firm that represented UBS.’

Lanny Breuer served as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division within the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder from 2009 to 2013. He is now a partner at the law firm Covington & Burling.

All of these things have slowly begun to astrologically come into alignment so that you see things that you never saw before, but then you see the depth of the cover-up.  You see that Booz Allen Hamilton and the military and the prosecutor under Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, who were connected with Covington & Burling, suddenly assign a judge related to Covington & Burling to oversee my trial.  None of that was known at the time.  It was so obscene that it’s ridiculous.

I had no idea of these connections until recently, because when you’re in prison you have no computer; you have no access to anything except pen and paper, and lucky for me, a typewriter.  I was blessed because being a tutor – I was teaching Spanish and GED, which I enjoyed – the rest of my day I was sitting typing all of this up: typing letters, typing reports, demanding a debriefing, demanding the military come and represent me and explore this, because again, two plus two equals four.  Terrorist bank accounts plus Islamic terrorists equal dead soldiers.  “Come and debrief me on this material that comes straight from Switzerland, 24,000 bank accounts.”  Not one response ever, and not one request ever for a Swiss bank account.

That’s something that every American should really contemplate:  is it time for a Boston Tea Party all over again?  Is it time to mix the tar and break the feathers out of the pillow and go to Washington and tar and feather these bastards for what they’ve done to the American soldiers?  And that would be gracious; I’d say hang them by piano wire or something more suitable for treason, of which they are obviously guilty.”

The Post & Email asked Bennett if he believes there are any members of Congress who might have the ethics, courage and sense of duty to take up the issue of terrorist funding through Swiss bank accounts, to which he responded:

The thing that has struck me recently is the new class of congressmen.  Let’s give everyone a blank, clean slate.  Everyone’s entitled to that, and as Americans, it’s part of our normal makeup to give people that.  “Mr. Senator or Congressman, you’ve just been elected to 2015; there is an issue you may not be aware of, and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but it involves Swiss bank accounts that have been funding terrorism and the cover-up of whistleblowing reports that demanded congressional and military action on this subject at the highest levels of Congress, in the Senate Intelligence Committee – Dianne Feinstein; in the House Armed Services Committee – Howard Buck McKeon; in the Senate Judiciary Committee – Sen. Patrick Leahy; all of these are contained in this body of letters and reports.

“I want you, congressman or senator, since you’ve been elected to Congress in 2015, to take this issue and make it your issue.  I know you’re from Seattle; I know you’re from Tennessee; I know you’re from Alaska, and you care about ducks and environmental this and that; that’s fine; however, you also have to care about the blood of innocent young kids in uniform who are being killed by terrorists who get this money from Swiss bank accounts that the American Congress has refused or failed to shut down and in fact, covered up.  You care about these kids in uniform, don’t you?  So, obviously, you want to take this, don’t you, and do something with it and demand an investigation, demand a hearing and demand that these people who know this – Bennett, Birkenfeld, Snowden, Julian Assange, Susan Lindauer – bring them to a congressional hearing to evaluate and analyze this.  And all of the people contained in the report: a lot of people like Panetta and Gen. Petraeus and Brennan and Michael Hayden – all of those guys were mentioned back in 2012.

“So congressman, senator, I want you to take this.  Do I have your agreement?”

The person who does that in writing should copy it, send it by certified mail and call a staff member to say, “I’m going to send this to you.  I’m writing communicating a whistleblowing issue regarding national security information about a military matter from a military officer who is talking about terrorist activity and terrorist financing.  I want the senator to review this; do not share it with anybody; don’t just pass it off to the FBI because they’re implicated; Obama’s implicated the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA, so do not share this material with them.  You, senator or congressman, have a duty to analyze this as the congressional branch of government which represents the people to investigate whether the president committed treason.  Have his cronies in intelligence, the Secret Service, FBI, CIA and executive departments committed treason?  Remember:  the executive branch runs all of the government departments.

“That is why the American people need to understand that elections have consequences,” The Post & Email commented.

People need to do two things:  they need to contact and demand action and a decision by the new members of Congress.  Say, “Where do you stand?”  Get an answer:  yes or no.  There is no waffling in the middle.  “What are you going to do, senator or congressman?”  Then they need to go to CPAC and ask, “Where do you stand?  What are you going to do?  You need to share this at your conference.  You need to discuss this, because every single American citizen in this country, if they knew about this, they would be as outraged as you are and as I am.  Anybody who is not living and breathing off of the war will be outraged.”

Then go to your local community groups, your local Republican, Democrat and Tea Party groups:  stand up and make your voice heard.  That’s what Paul Revere did; he ran around saying, “The British are coming!”  He was loud, he woke people up at night, banged on drums, shone lights in the windows…but if he hadn’t done that, we might not exist as a country.

If people won’t do that after reading this and begin to aggressively engage…I know it’s work; I know it’s frustrating; I know it’s intimidating, but unless they break out of that mold and start charging forward on this, the country isn’t worth saving.  But if they do it, they could generate a groundswell of energy and attention…we could go to high schools and give lectures on this.  We could go to the local library, the women’s groups.  The great thing about America is its small institutions.

It’s documented.  There’s a military officer who knows that Swiss bank accounts going to Islamic terrorist killing American soldiers.  Ask your elected leaders, “What are you doing about it?”

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  1. Lt. Cdr. Walter Fitzpatrick tried to expose Obama and his criminal assistants in 2008 for treason, perjury and election fraud and has also been thrown in prison illegally with no legal trial. I believe that Valerie Jarrett is one of the ringleaders running the show and giving orders. She is a Syrian Muslim Operative who is working with Ayers and other DNC Operatives tied with SERCO using Redswitch to engage operations and co-ordinate activity to damage U.S. and Military actions and to use secured communication links for their advantage and gains in backdoor terrorism, pedophile tagging and money laundering they stole from various sources. As more and more pieces of the “puzzle” come together, we see more and more of the same faces being exposed for who and what they are while we also watch the destruction they create. Holder was a gun felon in college and we cannot know the full extent of criminal activity yet from RNC and DNC sources including Congress and Senate leaders. We see what they aren’t doing but have yet to discover what they have done in it’s finality and they are doing a good job of hiding it but eventually as in most things, the truth will be revealed. Some things we haven’t seen as in the death of Kennedy and the real story of what was done, many versions but not the real thing. It is sad to see the majority of people everywhere don’t know anything about what most people who read this media source know and don’t have a clue since they rely on common news outlets that have filtered or eliminated the important facts to protect Obama and DNC leaders for whatever purpose is hiding in the wings. Without The Post Email there would be a much higher clueless number of people wondering what is going on. We must all thank Sharon Rondeau for all the never ending work she does to keep us informed and to help others get their voice and reports on the net to everyone who is connected to the truth and want to fix what is wrong and going on and hold the administrators accountable for misprision and obfuscation for their own personal gains while the U.S. suffers miserably under their iron fisted ruling. Our Constitutional right to serve Criminal Presentments to the Judicial have been illegally blocked for years now and no prosecution or Discovery has been issued by any courts during this entire coup/usurpation and obviously has been allowed to pass by both parties who are guilty of treason, perjury, election fraud, POTUS identity fraud, murder, misprision of felony and crimes against the American people and Military. We hope that 2nd Lt. Scott Bennett will see the satisfaction of being able to expose these political and civilian criminals and also to to witness the prosecution of them. Bennett is a dedicated Veteran as are Butler, Fitzpatrick, Huff, Wood, Lakin and others not well known in the media for standing up for Constitutional violations and criminal activity in the government. Where will it end? With Romney dropping out, there are less Constitutionally eligible Art. 2 qualified candidates, NOT RUBIO OR CRUZ who DO NOT QUALIFY UNDER ART.2 as Constitutionally Eligible as “natural born”. We have an illegal POTUS “dual citizen” who was falsified by Pelosi and Biden in 2008 on the DNC Vetting papers-we don’t need more upstart wanna’ be climbers “qualified or not-here I come!” which is the garbage we have now and the backdoor bank robbers stealing as they go.