by Joseph DeMaio, ©2015

(Jan. 14, 2015) — Following the horrifically barbaric assassinations of the Charlie Hebdo people last week in Paris by radical Islamists – to use the most accurate descriptor of the now-neutralized perps – the Emperor at 1600, along with his administration apparatchiks and media sycophants, circled the wagons and declared that the murders had nothing… repeat, nothing to do with the Religion of Peace.  Really?

That lie persists even after video surfaced showing the killers celebrating in the street after the murders and repeatedly screaming (in Arabic…. what else…?): “We have avenged the prophet Muhammad!”

Curled up into an intellectually brain-dead fetal position, the Emperor decried (sort of) the assault on free speech, but reiterated that he would not even call the event the direct offspring of radical Islam.  Apparently preferring to watch football rather than appear, either personally or through a surrogate, at the Paris solidarity rally attended by some forty-odd leaders of nations worldwide… and approximately 3 million Parisians, he sends a message to other Islamic assassins waiting in the wings: “Fear not, O thugs of Islam, the United States will not interfere, at least not on my watch.”

Although the regime has apparently abandoned the use of the term “workplace violence” to describe the horror in Paris, it continues to cough up stupid and dangerous linguistic phlegm to gloss over the reality which everyone but a committed liberal can see: radical Islam is a cancer metastasizing over the civilized world, and turning a blind eye to its spread is not exactly helpful.  And the Emperor’s refusal to even face the reality of the malignancy merely underscores his cowardice.

Stated otherwise, the regime at 1600 is nuts, loonier than a bowl of pistachios, and far more dangerous.  Indeed, in some ways, they are as bad if not worse than the killers now dispatched to their respective 72 virgins, because their continuing refusal to call evil by its name merely incentivizes more evil.  Indeed, after the Paris atrocity, we have been treated to the most recent examples of the “tolerance” of the Religion of Peace: the public flogging of a free speech blogger in Saudi Arabia and the “purported” execution of two Russian “spies” by ISIS at the hands of a teenage boy.

Following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, thousands upon thousands, perhaps millions of signs began appearing around Paris; then around France; then in London, New York, Sydney, Rome; and now, all around the world: “Je Suis Charlie.”  “I Am Charlie.”  To its perpetual credit, the survivors at Charlie Hebdo have regrouped and doubled-down, publishing their first post-attack edition featuring on the cover, again, a caricature of the Islamic radicals’ prophet holding a sign declaring “Je Suis Charlie.”  The first 700,000 copies of the magazine sold out in minutes.

Accordingly, the Emperor should consider following suit by printing up a bunch of bumper stickers featuring the regime’s goofy striped “O” logo and declaring “Je suis un Animateur.”  “I am an Enabler.”  They, too, would likely sell out quickly.  In Mecca.

Moreover, a variation of the phrase might do well here, too: just omit the letters “ni” in the last French word, and go with that.

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