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by OPOVV, ©2015

Screenshot of blog post on military.com regarding terror training camps within the U.S. early in Obama’s faux presidency

(Jan. 11, 2015) — Here we go again, yet another spiel about “peaceful” and “radicalized.” “Moderate” Muslims flooding the airways with grandiose speeches about how “un-Islamic the terrorists are,” that they take passages from the Quran and distort them, such as “kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them” and act on it.

Murdering unbelievers. Period. No “ifs” and “maybes”: just do it and you’ve a ticket to Paradise, paid for by 1,400 years of unabated ignorance.

“Get along?” With whom and for what?

Oh, I see, we’re supposed to get along with them. We junk our beliefs, every one of them, from Genesis to what we were feeling when we watched the Twin Towers come tumbling down.

Fat chance.

So the “moderates” come out of the woodwork and explain what just went on in Paris, as if somehow we can’t remember Ft. Hood or any of the others throughout the world on a daily basis: how many Christians are tortured and crucified every day?! And we need moderate Muslims to explain away the Islamic war on Western Civilization?

Let me clue you all in: these “moderate” Muslims are pulling the wool over your ears, perhaps not deliberately, but enough to put you off your guard. Think it through. It’s not just us; it’s everybody, from the Eskimos to the Australians. Muslims born and raised on sand dunes immigrating to where glaciers are born?

Getting back to the “war,” it’s a real war, including plans and uniforms.  A black sheet with eye slits is a uniform. A mosque is a bunker. An Islamoville (20+) is Boot Camp.

Hello. Anybody listening? Well, here’s another one: “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Wrong! Try “Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform,” then. Doesn’t sound so inviting, now, does it?

Do the same with “Hope and Change” and “Keep Your Doctor.” Now try, just for kicks, “Birth Certificate.”

The whole country is being taken for a ride, and guess what? We’re ON IT!  You and I are in the amusement park and we’re trapped on this ride that’s going straight to hell and we have moderate Muslim pundits telling us “It’s okay. There’re just a few ‘self-radicalized,’ murdering, crazed, homicidal maniacs running around loose in the park.” And Obama, the HEAD MUSLIM, along with his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRIENDS, is in our White House planning our demise, our nation’s end, and the Attorney General, Eric Holder, is orchestrating CAIR’s involvement.”

Now isn’t that all just hunky-dory? Still want to listen to what the “moderates” have to say?

Semper Fi




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