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by Harry Accornero, former New Hampshire State Representative

Former New Hampshire state representative Harry Accornero is leaving the Republican Party effective on Wednesday

(Jan. 7, 2015) — If you are a Constitutional Conservative, love America, believe in God and the Bible, and believe in the values that our Founding Fathers wanted for America, then the Republican Party is not where you should be!!

Last November 0ver 60% of Republicans and Conservatives handed the Republican Party a clear message. We are sick of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party selling out America and we want our Country back!! The first thing they did was to pass over a trillion-dollar budget, giving Obama and the Democrats everything they asked for. They sold out the American people again……

It should be clear to any Conservative that the Republican Party does not want you!! It’s time for all Conservatives to take a stand and say GOODBYE to the Republican Party. They sold out their values and have joined the Democratic Party.

I will be Joining the Libertarian Party as of today. I do not agree with everything they stand for, but at least they are for liberty, the Constitution and America. If you agree with me, please take a stand that will send a message to the Republican Party that we are fed up and join the Libertarian Party……It’s time to take a stand and, so if you are going to TALK THE TALK, it’s time you WALK THE WALK!!

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  1. The Libertarian Party, which I once supported, has proven over time to just be shills to draw off Republican votes to allow Democrats to win in areas where they would otherwise lose. Complete shill effort.

  2. Harry is a good man and concerned, it’s too bad we can’t fill DC with men like him. We have to many hogs at the trough. Term limits, reduction of all entitlements, zero security after leaving office and dozens of other changes are needed to send a message to DC. Then, they will hear our voicd

  3. This is so true and it is time we take a stand to let the rhinos know we mean business or we lose any hope of getting a constitutional government back…..say Amen!