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(Jan. 4, 2015) — Yes, it can be done – the people of Orange County, NY actually did it. The people protested a proposed “Asset Forfeiture Law” in UNITY and the law was vetoed. There was NO political posturing – NO election campaigns involved – just pure UNITY – angry protest against an unjust law. Congratulations to the people of Orange County – the few – the UNITED – the strong. Each one of you deserves a medal for doing your civic duty. THANK YOU.

If you would like to see two hours of angry protest video (thanks, Mert) that achieved this victory click here:  Note: Watch a little or watch it all – or a little at a time – many angry people were NOT going to take the injustice and strongly let it be known.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dain Pascocello
January 2, 2015
845.291.2700, 845.545.5225 c

Goshen, NY – County Executive Steve Neuhaus today issued a veto on proposed Local Law 14 of 2014, known as the “Orange County Asset Forfeiture Law.” A signed veto message was delivered to the clerk of the county legislature. On December 29 Orange County government held morning and evening public comments on the forfeiture law after County Executive Neuhaus called for additional opportunities for citizens to speak.
“As County Executive, I must look at the intent of an original legislative proposal, the public’s perception of it, the reality of it, and the practical effects of adopted legislation. The legislation’s concept to punish criminals who threaten public safety is something I am supportive of; still, the measure’s final result leaves open the possibility of affecting innocent individuals. Moreover, the fact that revenue would largely go toward growing the size of government, rather than exclusively preventing future criminal activity, is troubling to many,” Neuhaus said in his veto message.
Read the rest of the press release here.

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