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by Tom Pastore, ©2015

“Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?”

(Jan. 2, 2015) — As we welcome in the New Year, we hear news of more American soldiers returning to their homes from Afghanistan. This is good news for our returning troops, but unfortunately, nothing has changed to make their efforts and sacrifice worth all that dedicated energy.

Afghanistan has only one thing in common with Iraq, from which U.S. troops made their exit in 2011.  They, as countries, have no desire or internal strength for what is needed to grasp and hold on to freedom. The death and sacrifice of Americans for a pursuit that I believe neither nation really desires or understands was not worth our efforts.

The concept of real freedom is an illusion in countries that have always been ruled by a fanaticism, disguised as a religion. America’s involvement has given only a brief reprieve to those in lands where the word “foreign” has deeper and darker meanings. This is in part, perhaps, because America’s alleged leaders have forgotten a similar enemy we faced about one-half century ago and what was required to suppress their fanatical desire to conquer all.

America’s alleged leadership must learn from the ugly history of war and stop pretending that we are as “civilized” as we pretend to be. We have become too placid and lazy in government due to the gifts of freedom and individual independence that America’s past conflicts granted us, as we were molded into a victorious country of strength and respect. In other words, we no longer hunger to secure our fleeting freedoms and individual identity, so how can we dictate to others what is slipping out of our own grasp? We are weak, with diseases of “political correctness” and misguided attempts to “understand our enemies.” We suffer from leadership failures which not only affect our global identity, but also our once-proud American culture that demanded international respect but which have sadly left us an international embarrassment.

Today’s enemies, like those of past conflicts, have frightening similarities, similarities that bring fear and apprehension to those in U.S. government who know little or care even less about our survival.

There was a time when a concerned and wounded America and its allies were in awe of an enemy that lived by a code of conduct that demanded honor, loyalty, bravery, benevolence, and courage. This code, embraced almost as a national “religion,” gave them a strength and determination we had never confronted. The enemy of that era felt that any personal violation of the code amongst its own required that they even commit suicide to reach those goals of success. Such fanaticism made them a formidable enemy; they would stop at nothing to destroy those who did not think like them.

This enemy, who cared nothing about understanding others, had a chosen desire to live in isolation in an expanding world.  Its lack of concern for human life spread fear to all those who were to face them in combat. They openly killed their captured prisoners of war by the hundreds of thousands and either burned their bodies or cast them into the sea. There were no exceptions, and they had no regard for international rule or laws of combat.

This included our fellow captured Americans soldiers. They carried out thousands of public beheadings so as to show their strength and generate fear throughout their global enemies. They raped women by the untold thousands and then took these captured victims into sex slave camps for the selfish needs of their fellow soldiers. They created slave work-camps of prisoners to build their railways and other varied projects, only to murder them at the end of the task. They experimented with live prisoners, with injections of varied diseases, only to open them up while still alive to observe the results of those diseases on the living human organs. American prisoners were no exception. Their goal was to destroy all who didn’t do as they did or who would resist cooperating with them. Their path was clear, determined by the historical and traditional “Laws of Conduct” they taught religiously to each generation. Suicide was honorable, beheadings were “just,” and death to any or all was evident in the path of destruction they created to reach their goals. No one can really calculate how many millions were murdered and how many millions were scarred by this disregard for decency and humanity. This enemy didn’t care or understand the value of human life outside of their own existence.

Does this sound like any enemy we are now confronting?

We (America) eventually grew stronger, determined and united, as a nation, as war has a tendency to do.  We understood that there was a need to confront this determined enemy in a fashion that went well beyond conventional means. This enemy’s fanaticism and determination were feared weapons that could not be stopped by bullets alone. Many who never walk the pathways of combat will never understand the instinctive need to survive, and what makes “man” do what he has to do. These United States, and the decisions needed to be made to conquer evil, are not decisions to dwell on, but only to seek finality of the festering poison in a compelling enemy.

In the year 1945, in the month of August, we began the final and only just pursuit of securing our freedoms and individual independence, not only for ourselves, but for all involved nations:  we dropped the first atomic bombs on two cities in Japan. The need to reach beyond our conventional tools of combat was vital. The destruction of these two Japanese cities and the estimated 200,000 people killed were a tragic but necessary event so as to stop the senseless killing of millions by an “evil” empire that had no limits. A driven people, all of like mind and tradition, had no desire to cease killing until we brought death right to their doorstep. The cruel and heartless destruction of mankind by the Japanese violators of all rules of combat and humane compassion finally was coming to a halt. Initially, even this new form of devastation (atomic bombs) did not readily convince the Japanese to surrender, as their history shows they had never been invaded, nor have they ever lost a war until the fateful “Days-in-August.”

This inevitable conclusion to a horrible war came to fruition due only to a strong and determined need to survive by those in America, along with our allies, who truly understood and embraced the values of freedom and individual independence.  I have to ask if we still possess those instincts in today’s America? A questions deserving of serious thought.

Today’s enemies have the same crude, archaic, but determined code of conduct. Though the origins of their “fanaticism” are different, they are still as obsessed in what they believe to be necessary to conquer others. Many of the inhumane ingredients as mentioned in the World War II history of Japan are present in today’s enemy. They have invaded that which was ours and killed Americans. They have without care or concern for human life separated the heads of many without regard or compassion. Their fanatical drive for “victory” challenges that which the Japanese once held, where suicide is the ultimate weapon.

Females, some still children, are merely instruments for their personal sexual use which are then tossed aside, stoned, or killed should they refuse to do “their” bidding. The value of life is meaningless to them and considered only if you are of their belief. Their strong religious beliefs are also the rule of government which controls their peoples, in kind, as the “Bushido” code of conduct controlled the will of the nation of Japan.

The difference that concerns me is whether or not America in 2015 is as strong-willed and determined as it was in 1945.  Do we have the same necessary desire to remain true to ourselves as a country and the freedoms we hold so dear? Was the sacrifice of our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers enough to keep us hungry for FREEDOM?  I don’t see that same hunger and desire to remain free and proud as Americans, the basic ingredients needed to survive the Evils that still dwell on this planet.

Are we willing to reach beyond our conventional ways of warfare to vanquish an enemy so possessed that we, in our diseased political correctness, have displayed enough weakness to allow them to flourish here on our own American soil?

Does any of these familiar replays of human history, instill, incite, or invigorate the proper instincts of survival amongst Americans, or are we to allow the lessons of history to bypass us as we now march down a “politically-correct”-infected pathway of “understanding our enemy?” I, for one, refuse to die for a misguided philosophy embraced by the ignorant and the foolish who now operate within our government. Our American soldiers have been restrained and restricted to fight what I view as a “civilized war.” Any war practiced with a sense of “civility” against vile and possessed opponents will only become part of our own destruction. War made by aristocratic rules can bring only harm and death to our fellow Americans. The evidence is clear, as hundreds of thousands of American War Veterans have died and hundreds of thousands STILL walk through America scarred and wounded by the decisions of ignorant bureaucrats who never knew battle or war. From Korea to Afghanistan, we have allowed the incompetent to lead us, as their failed leadership has been tearing at the tapestry of America with their feeble attempts to appear globally sophisticated. Strange philosophies are used as sound bites to confuse Americans about the true depth of the enemies possessed by Evil.

Only an America filled with true Americans can withstand the enemies from without as well as the self-determined enemies from within.

We need to ask ourselves:  Are there any red, white, and blue-blooded Americans left in this country, as we enter the year 2015 and hear the announcements of potential candidates to run this country? Consider this:  There is one potential candidate who declared, “America should empathize and show respect for its enemies.”  Can you imagine saying those words in World War II, while people from all over the world, Americans included, were being butchered, burned, raped, murdered, experimented on, and beheaded? That person may have been charged with Treason during the strong-willed days of a real America! What has happened to America that we allow such idiotic statements by such delusional people to go unchallenged?

Why is anyone even allowed to be considered to LEAD this country with the philosophy of America’s eventual self-destruction as part of his or her plan?

What has happened to the America that in my youth, I saw flowering into a country with the potential to set an example of freedom, individual independence, and self-governance, unencumbered by the will of outsiders?”  Undoubtedly we have struggled, as many countries do, for the human is still a primitive creature, as is evidenced in our many failed gestures at misguided civility.

The architects of our Constitution were well aware of the failings and hunger for power that the human is capable of absorbing, but they left us,”We The People,” as a country and a people, the authority to control or remove those who are unable to lead or perform on America’s behalf. Only we, and no one else, are responsible for the many inadequate people we have placed in offices of power.  Do we rebound and bond once again as proud Americans and quell the evils, such as we did in World War II, or do we elect those who wish to respect the enemy while that enemy cuts off our heads, all in the name of “empathy?”  We will NOT survive if we cannot exercise our right and will to survive because we have no one who knows how to govern with strength. We have no one who can make those decisions such as were made when we needed to obliterate the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, to save the world.

There is no one who wishes that the human was as intellectually progressive in his civilities as we pretend to be, but the realities of life and death in encounters known as war show me that we have failed in remembering. Elected ones, especially, have ignored or so easily forgotten the “pained” lessons of humans at war. Fortunately, these United States still allow me to keep my natural instincts (granted to me by God, at birth), of survival and to be prepared to serve and protect my country from all enemies. I and all Americans will lay down our swords when and only when there is peace. That will require a serious price, and I see no one in attendance to lead us down that long road.

Should there be anyone left in government who has any honor, then acknowledge your failures and show you have enough decency as a leader to now step aside and follow your fellow citizens to a just end in securing our nation for those who still value this land for its destined purpose as a nation of free people!!…….Such is a New Year’s Resolution for consideration!!

I, for one, will never kneel in praise of anyone.  What say you, America?

Thomas Pastore, Veteran and American

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  1. I know this is off-subject to this excellent article but Lester Jackson’s piece in today’s American Thinker lays out a practically RISK-PROOF PLAN whereby 30 Conservative Representatives can both get rid of Boehner as Speaker and send the RINO Establishment a strong message they are no longer are in control by voting for a Speaker Pelosi instead. I know it sounds somewhat off the wall at first but you will see at the end of the article it is practically risk- proof. Please read this article and spread the word, as time is short.