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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(Dec. 31, 2014) — Surviving isn’t just a simple formula of identifying the good guys here and bad guys over there.  The enemy is inside our towns and homes hiding in plain sight.  The deception ruse is almost perfect as you and I rush to our parties convinced that the enemy is far away and stuck in Washington, D.C. somewhere.

Obama and the progressive agenda are really bad, but the most deadly enemy in America is in our mind.  It is what you believe about God, Obama, yourself and country.  What have Obama and the UN-American agenda injected, manipulated and soaked into your brain and way of thinking? Did the light turn off and the flow of blood stop in America? Did you start pursuing your dream, then stop?

Tragically, millions don’t realize that long ago they died and gave up their dreams and freedoms.  They are now Obama-zombies who are cold, reactive and have to eat each other’s flesh. They fulfill Obama’s plan of destruction just to keep living.  Their purpose and dreams now belong to him.

What has changed with your beliefs about yourself, America and opportunity?  Did you decide that living your dream and passion was just too much of a risk? Why risk your security and go out on a limb when you could lose it all?   No money, no connections, your body aches – any questions?

Find your passion and live.  It has to start again with each of us.  Don’t look to our Government and Obama for your cue.  Look to God, the dreams you have or gave up and your talents.  Once you ignite your passion and jet fuel, put your plan together, surround your steps with prayer and get going.

What does not have the power to control you?

Failures; rejections; Obama and his agenda;  Islam and Sharia Law; New world order and sustainability; lack of connections – money – looks and age.

Laurie Roth snapshot – now

I have always been a dreamer and believer in life.  I have learned the hard way how to flow around the harsh boulders stuck in my face and keep the force going.  This is in spite of nearly being killed and having nearly three years of hard-fought recovery nine years ago. This is after learning to live with challenging disabilities from my wreck – constant numbness in my face, mouth and double vision.  I have been a victim of crime, owed massive payroll taxes, been evicted from my home and gone bankrupt.  This is after being yesterday’s news and being crushed with my singing and songwriting dreams after my record was going up the charts. Too old, too poor and a big fat nothing with a bad eye.  Is this where the story is to end?

After 15 years of struggle in national radio, barely making enough money to survive and not having a radio network that did squat, it was finally bought by some fabulous and visionary people. They recently offered me a chance to go live starting the end of January 2015 and there is a bold plan based on passion, talent and belief that will be unfolding. No guarantees of greatness and success; only a real chance.  That is what made America great – the ‘chance’ combined with the talent and a dream.

More dreams to fulfill

After years of writing, and trying to find funding for my two TV show ideas, it appears that the first quarter of 2015 will finally allow me the chance to create these and get them placed. My plan and dream is to act, host, write, create and build these with the help of the right people and funding.

I intend to work my hardest on these shows, cross-promote my growing and recovering radio show, then put the cherry on top with a new album.  Now, I am the first to know how this all sounds…insane, brain-injured, impractical, not really acknowledging the extreme difficulties of making it in the TV, radio and music industries.  You are all right.  It is beyond hard, very impractical and completely impossible at my age.  Just the way I like it.  My favorite one —  “Laurie, you have been saying this stuff and trying to get your shows funded for over 10 years. Don’t you think it is time to wake up and smell the coffee?”  “Yes, I do.  I love the smell of coffee and will need it working on so many successful shows.”

America rose up as a world power because people like you and I didn’t give up when everyone said we should.  Don’t you give up now.  Don’t give up on your dreams, beliefs and hopes.  Don’t let anyone transform you except God Himself and be prepared for huge success in your life. When success and money comes, know it will not be racism and UN-American for you to enjoy it.  Happy New Year.  Let’s rock!

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