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(Dec. 31, 2014) — With the cops now demoralized and neutered and The Safe Act in full effect – do YOU feel SAFE?

Here’s what the criminals have to say, Halleluiah! We are Safe!!! New York has the Safe Act. The Cops are now demoralized and neutered and the citizens have no weapons – this is a glorious state for criminals. After we cash our welfare checks and food stamps let’s riot, loot and burn. 911? – They won’t shoot…..ha, ha, ha!!!!

Assemblyman Katz says it is abundantly clear the Safe Act will NOT be repealed.

Assemblyman Nojay to share his ideas Tuesday, January 6, at 7:00 pm 6894 Yarnell Rd, Ovid, NY.  Will YOU be there? Come one come all – it is FREE for all.

Are you resolved that the Safe Act is going to stand as law?

What is YOUR New Year Resolution?

Safe Act, Lessons Learned and What Now

If you want “sugar coating” read no further.

If you want a realistic assessment and new suggestions this is a MUST READ:

Al’s 2 Cents:

Summation: FIGHT OR FLEE – Don’t Wait – Start Now

Aggressive Patriot Leaders; Needed Now – Please Step Forward.

About the Safe Act and Lessons Learned:
The Safe Act is one of the most LAWLESS actions ever performed by government. The vast majority of the citizenry are either opposed to the tyrannical gun control or opposed to the LAWLESS way the statute was enacted and the LAWLESS procedures of enforcement. The Safe Act caused the single largest political issue in recent history. It is abundantly clear that the Safe Act should be repealed. It is, also, abundantly clear the Safe Act will NOT be repealed using “standard methods.”
The NYS governments – local, county and state – lack the integrity, intelligence, and morals to properly and lawfully conduct the people’s business. Face the facts – across the board [not just regarding the Safe Act] – government self-interest prevails – Lawfulness has failed.
About the Safe Act Protests:
In the beginning the [Safe Act] protests were purely a civic movement and had great potential for success. In a short time the movement was hijacked [by political factions] and used for political purposes. The Safe Act protests were turned into a political campaign and, as we have learned they were a failure. The goal became elections and FULL repeal of the Safe Act became secondary. “They” conquered the movement by dividing it into two – political / patriotic. We were fools to buy into the theory that elections would result in FULL repeal of the Safe Act or any lawfulness from government. “Beware The Status-Quo – They Are The Masters Of Trickery.”
WE Were Fooled:
Most people really thought the politicians who spoke against the Safe Act were honest and sincere. We are now finding it was all BS – it was just a ploy for money and to get votes. It is standard practice for the political parties to hijack Civic [lawful] activism. They have learned, that by turning civic movements into political movements turns them into a controlled movement – to be strictly used for gaining political power and conning money [donations]. They conquer by dividing the movement into two – political / patriotic. The division always winds up with “them” winning and the patriots losing. “Beware The Status-Quo – They Are The Masters Of Trickery.”
What Have We Learned?
1-     We should have learned that those who speak and profess that elections are the answer are either dumb or interested only in gaining more political power and money – was that lessen learned?
2-     We should have learned that activism [protests] have 2 uses – patriotic [civic] and political and that the mixing of the 2 ends in failure, or at best, less productive then desired.
There are 2 types of activism: Both types of activism have a place for making change but both are separate. When the lines between the two are blurred all activism become meaningless.
There Are 2 Types Of Activism:
1-     Civic Activism; agitation by “We the People” – void of any political influence or decisions based on political election outcome.
2-     Political Activism; agitation performed from within the political parties [by committeemen].
What Is Civic Activism?
This is “The voice of the people” and is only successful when extreme pressure and force is applied [creating fear and uncertainty] to those in office and those who wish to be in office. All political factions must remain “targets” – never to be trusted or considered “friends”, alleys, “advisors”, organizers or leaders.
What Is Political Activism?
No political party can be changed by “outsiders”. I’m sure you have heard this, “we must work with the political party not be an opposition”. This is a fool’s game. Working together means – they win “We the People” lose. “Beware The Status-Quo – They Are The Masters Of Trickery”. Working from the inside means you must be a part of the party – and party decision making – to be a part of decision making you must be a committee member.
Are You a FREE Committeeman?
If you are NOT a FREE Committeeman you are not a true “political activist”. Your “so called” political activism “from the outside” is a waste of time and your money. If you think it has any bearing on politicians or political decisions you are wrong. The politicians just play you like a fiddle. Political change comes only from within the parties. Change within the parties comes from the committeeman structure. If you want to induce change and affect decision making, you must become a FREE Committeeman. A FREE Committeeman is one who petitions their way in – not “appointed” and does so without the aid of the political party– it is one that goes through the process entirely independently [FREE and not beholding]. (BTW; It is an easy process). When civic activists and/or patriots make up the majority of the local party committee(s) change will come as easy as 1,2,3.
What Now? [Suggestions]:
Fight or Flee – those are the choices. Our lives are consumed with bad news. Don’t kid yourself. There is no reason to think things will change for the better without major action by “We the People”. The Safe Act still stands – common core is still the teaching – Tax-free zones are still killing commerce – Public private partnerships continue to grow and kill real commerce – government is turning private property into government owned at breakneck speed – Cuomo just awarded another $703M in grants to “special interests” – Free Market fracking has now been banned – casino licensing is a scam – government budgets are still growing – tolls and fees increasing – our money is still being wasted and I’m sure you could name many more insane government intrusions into our freedom and prosperity. Can’t sit back and watch anymore – FIGHT….or FLEE this sinking state.
Fight by Political Activism:
Overwhelm the political parties with FREE Committeemen: Every spring all people have the opportunity to become a committeeman. The process is simple and free. Draw up a “Committeeman Designating Petition”, get the proper signatures from the neighborhood [never more than 50 required] and turn it in to the Board of Elections. That’s all there is to it to become a political decision maker. Note: The “committees” vote for or against ALL political procedures, leaders and candidates to be offered. The Committeeman structure is OUR foundation.
Fight by Civic Activism:
“Make All News About Our Views.” If we really want changes [like FULL Repeal of the Safe Act] we should maintain a constant vigil in Albany. Groups should Petition / Lobby / harass – every day – all day – do sit-ins – Make repeated appointments with ALL Assemblymen and Senators – be where the lawmakers have lunch – be in their face all day every single day. Disrupt everything in Albany. Be at all press conferences and heckle their every word – make all news about our views. Make their lives a living hell. Don’t let them pass the budget – etc……… Regular Protests in Albany – big or small – in the park – no permits – no asking for permission – no formal notice  – just do it as often as possible. Picket around the capitol. BOYCOTT ALL political fund raising – take away their money. Support activism with your money. (MORE)…. Don’t Quit – Don’t Back Down!
Fight by Fleeing:
If you don’t have the courage to aggressively protest and agitate – flee the state. If you think you can wait for a turnaround all you will do is lose more of your prosperity and sanity. Every day the real producers [working people] flee the state and more and more of the tax burden is put on the remaining producers. When enough producers flee, the welfare state will collapse. Wait NO MORE – Fight with Activism – or – Fight by Fleeing.
Admit it – life as we want to live it is crumbling. Freedom has all but disappeared. Our daily lives are dominated with bad news, astonishing incidents, fear and uncertainty. Can YOU see the insanity WE live with – then………
TODAY Is The Day YOU Must Do More Than Yesterday And Tomorrow YOU Must Do More Than Today.
The above is a short brief that is offered to stimulate your thoughts and ideas.
ALL Comments Welcomed.
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