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Mt. Olympus is known in Greek mythology as the home of the “Twelve Olympians”

(Dec. 30, 2014) — Recently, in the Dead Letter Bin of the Chicago Post Office, this letter was discovered:

From: Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

To: The Good People of the USA

Greetings and Salutations:

Bet you thought we were ancient history, but just because people don’t pay attention to us anymore doesn’t mean we’re not still here. It’s like the American Indian’s love for Mother Earth that you so cavalierly trample and don’t give it a moment’s thought, as if your concern for “global warming” is, somehow, meaningful while you go on polluting the air and the streams, not to mention the lakes and aquifers.

It is true that we were meddlesome in human affairs: perhaps that’s what made mankind turn their backs on us. We meant well, which is, as I’m sure you know, the “Do-Gooder’s Creed”: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But we did mean well and have stayed out of your lives for around 2,500 years. It continuously amazes us how quickly you humans can forget important stuff like “The Rights of Man” (Thomas Paine)” and “The Republic” (Plato). You seem to not have learned much, especially in the Art of Warfare.

We thought we taught you well: as soon as an enemy is perceived, you deal with the problem as swiftly and thoroughly as possible. Sometimes, it is true that honey catches more flies than vinegar. And then sometimes other methods are required to solve the problem, but the problem gets solved.

Throughout the ages philosophers come and go. You had one that was bothered by “being as bad as the enemy” (Nietzsche). And then there was Thomas Aquinas, the one who asked the question, “How many angels can fit on a head of a pin?” Another example: “Socialism makes everything equal.” You see the commonality here? The fallacy is that words can be formed into meaningless questions that solicit (supposedly) meaningful answers.

Why, just last century your country devastated two of  your enemies’ cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) with atomic weapons in order to save hundreds of thousands of American lives (had they been required to invade the mainland). As it was, many thousands of your young men died in World War II. And just during the previous century, your country lost many of its young men in a civil war. I’m telling you, when a country keeps losing a high percentage of its gene pool, that country’s history in in the closing chapters of its existence. Trust us: we’ve seen it all.

Your country is falling apart at the seams. You have a race problem where none exists. The real problem you have is one of education. You have people running around still believing in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny or, to put it in the true vernacular, you have people running around chasing the “Almighty Dollar” and Socialism when they can’t even explain the difference between an ounce of gold and fiat money, between the Federal Reserve Bank and being had, and between having Free Will compared to having no opportunity.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead, take a stroll to South Side Chicago and ask away. Ask about polluting the water and air. Ask why China has been given a free pass to pollute the air that all of God’s creatures must breathe. Ask about the countries that border on the Mediterranean who flush their human and industrial waste into it, rendering it more of a cesspool daily. Ask why they’re being taken for a ride whenever they cash a government check. Ask why they don’t read The Post & Email, or any other political blog, that speaks WITHOUT FORKED TONGUE.

People whine about “economics,” but they’ll sit in front of the idiot box (TV) all day rather than take the time and make the effort to get a library card and read a book. They envy people who “made it,” little knowing that with effort one reaps reward. The kid’s car that was jacked, and him shot because he studied, went to night school, got a job, was always on time, worked hard, was diligent, did not steal, honest and he’s lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the street, and we hear cheers from the peanut gallery.

Your welfare system is keeping the slaves slaves and it’s going to bite you. You’ve turned your backs on the teachings of the Bible.

No, your country is in the last stages of existence. Won’t they be surprised when it all comes crashing down around their heads? Gays hung from the lampposts. Too lazy to work? Dig your grave. An Obot? If you demonstrated how stupid and easily-led you are, step off the roof of the building.

This letter is to convey how terribly disappointed we are in you. Here you’re living the greatest human experiment ever conceived and you’re turning your backs on the opportunity to save the rest of humanity. You’re just sticking your tails between your legs and giving up. Whatever happened to the winning spirit of World War II? Unconditional surrender? Winning at any cost? Being welcomed home as heroes because you KILLED the enemy. You won, and not some sort of meaningless “agreement.” Made the whole wide world a safer place for all? Where’s the drive? And, even more important, where’s your humanity? For to lose this war (The Human Race vs. Islam), you’ve lost it for countless generations, past and future.

By now you understand that the European Union was just a step in the direction of the “New World Order.” That passports will be replaced with identity papers. And you people are considering Hillary, Bush, Warren, Romney, and the rest of the sorry lot, to lead your country? You’ve turned away from the Bible and look where you are. You’ve had an ineligible president in the White House FOR SIX YEARS and the Joint Chiefs of Staff just go along with it.

Don’t assume for one New York minute that your next president will fix any of the mess that’s been created over the last six years. The chances are that your country will continue to slide into the realm of “has-beens” if you continue to ignore the facts that have been laid out for all to see.

Your military is made up of hypocrites: they all took the Oath to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, yet they continue to take orders from Obama. Will the new Congress abolish Obamacare? The chances that your country will survive are problematic, at best. Yet we’re on your side and won’t meddle in your affairs unless you continue to drive yourself to complete ruin.

The key, the monumental pivot point of Obama’s successful takeover of the US government and the destruction of the USA, rests with but one act that YOU MUST REVISIT AND OVERTURN. This action is the key element in saving the Republic. There is none other; there is no substitute; there is no second place; there is no circumventing; there is no ignoring; and there is no excuse. It is none other than justice being served by overturning the conviction of LTC Terry Lakin. The Joint Chiefs of Staff MUST require that all of Obama’s records and Birth Certificate be made public immediately. Failure to comply must result in a one-way ticket to Gitmo, where Obama deserves to rot the rest of his worthless life away with his fellow Muslim detainees. This you MUST DO!

“A whisper from the cloud-shrouded mountain of Olympus to a raging mob of citizens demanding justice is but a pen stroke away.”


The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

Semper Fi






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  1. Your article is so RIGHT ON, OPOVV! Why do other Americans not recognize that something is seriously wrong here and needs to be addressed? This question has been asked again and again; yet nothing changes — it continues to be ignored.

    What has to happen before all — or most — Americans stand up to be counted?

    Probably, Americans have to ask God for forgiveness — and then ask Him to heal America — and Americans. Our spiritual illness cannot be healed until we recognize that God alone can change it.

    Ask Him today.