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by Sharon Rondeau

Did anyone know Obama’s background when he was catapulted onto the national stage in 2004?

(Dec. 30, 2014) — On November 16, 2004, WND columnist Mychal Massie wrote about a little-known Illinois state senator named “Barack Hussein Obama,” the man who had given the stirring keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention earlier that year in Boston, MA.

Referring to his childhood as the son of a Kenyan goatherd and foreign student and a young woman from Kansas, Obama said in his DNC speech that “in no other country on earth is my story even possible.”  He praised freedom of speech in the United States and called America a “beacon of opportunity.”

In contrast to his words celebrating America’s uniqueness, Obama has, as de facto president, claimed that racism in America has tinged his life from the very beginning.  “Black folks and Latinos are not just making this up,” Obama told a television interviewer earlier this month.

In 2004, he told an exuberant audience that “In a tolerant America, your name is no barrier to success,” referring to his “African name.”  He referred to America as “generous” and praised the opportunities available in the United States.  Quoting from the Declaration of Independence, Obama said that its tenets represent “the true genius of America…a faith in simple dreams, an insistence on small miracles, that we can tuck in our children at night and know that they are fed and clothed and safe from harm…”

Last month, a five-year-old girl sitting on her grandfather’s lap inside her home was murdered by a gunshot to her head from outside.  In the same Midwestern city on Tuesday, a 13-month-old boy was killed when a barrage of bullets was fired into a home where he was visiting and playing with toys.

Children are victimized by criminals who roam our streets and neighborhoods, including illegal aliens.  “National security” no longer appears to be a concern of the Obama regime.

On December 20, two NYPD police officers were murdered by a member of the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) seeking apparent revenge for the killings of two black men by police over the summer.

In 2004, Obama spoke of votes “being counted, at least most of the time” to loud applause.

In October 2014, Judicial Watch revealed that enough illegal aliens voted in 2008 to propel Obama into the White House.  His regime has sued several states for enacting voter identification laws to ensure that ballots are cast only by U.S. citizens eligible to vote.

In his rousing address, Obama spoke of people who were “losing jobs” and their medical insurance and of those seeking to attend college without funds, appearing to empathize with them.

He referred to average Americans who “don’t expect government to solve all their problems.”  “They don’t want their tax money wasted…” Obama said.  He advocated that “a black youth with a book” should not be “slandered” by being told he is “acting white.”

Solyndra went bankrupt after receiving $535 million in taxpayer funding for “green” energy projects. A company investor was also an Obama bundler in 2008.

Millions of dollars in “Stimulus Bill” money went to “green energy” companies run by donors to Obama’s 2008 campaign which soon declared bankruptcy at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Since ascending to the White House, Obama has inserted himself in black-white controversies involving the Boston Police Department; the Sanford, FL Police Department in the case of Trayvon Martin; and the Ferguson, MO police response to protesters after a grand jury did not indict a white police officer in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was black.

Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, called blacks “my people.

Obama likened Martin to his hypothetical “son.” In February 2012, 17-year-old Martin was killed by George Zimmerman for which a jury acquitted Zimmerman of murder charges.  Obama’s Justice Department then sought to find Zimmerman guilty of “civil rights” violations, and members of the New Black Panthers put a price on Zimmerman’s head without consequences.

People continue to lose jobs in today’s America under Obama.

Al Sharpton, who has visited the White House dozens of times since Obama took office, was active in protests in Sanford and Ferguson following the respective jury and grand jury announcements.  A New York City protest held December 13 organized by Sharpton called for “dead cops,” which Sharpton later repudiated.

Violent protests were carried out after the Ferguson decision was announced, and Missouri’s lieutenant governor has accused the state’s governor of delaying the deployment of the National Guard, at the urging of the White House, into strategic places that evening, when damages in the millions of dollars were wrought by looters and vandals.

In 2004, State Sen. Obama said that Sen. John Kerry, who was challenging George W. Bush for the presidency, had served “heroically” in Viet Nam and “his values and his record affirm what is best in us.”

Kerry has lied about his heritage, his service in Viet Nam and his alleged presence in Cambodia in 1968.  He is currently serving as Obama’s Secretary of State while ISIS radicals have committed genocide across Syria, Iraq and beyond, including threats made against the West.

In his November 2004 column, Massie wrote of Obama, “He is eloquent, well spoken, with a membrane-thin veiled socialist agenda cloaked in flowery speech.”

Using the example of military members sent into “harm’s way” who are injured, killed or suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, Obama in 2004 stated convincingly that “we have a solemn obligation…to care for their families while they’re gone…to tend to the soldiers upon their return, and to never, ever go to war without enough troops to win the war, secure the peace, and earn the respect of the world.”

Obama was informed before taking office that the VA was plagued with service issues and backlogs for veterans waiting for medical appointments

Earlier this year, the Veterans Administration was exposed as having falsified appointment books which may have caused the deaths of dozens of veterans awaiting medical appointments, a problem about which Obama reportedly had been informed before taking office.

Obama told the enthusiastic crowd in Boston that America’s “enemies must be defeated” and assured the audience that a “President Kerry” would see that America would be kept safe.  He said that others’ financial challenges were his own, that an elderly person unable to pay for a prescription was his problem.  “If there’s an Arab-American family being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due process, that threatens my civil liberties,” he said to thunderous applause.

In April 2009, Obama falsely said that the United States was “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”  He gave a speech in Cairo, Egypt, titled “A New Beginning,” in which he claimed that “colonialism” had “denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims.”  He said that “America and Islam need not be in competition,” but rather, could coexist based on “dignity” and “tolerance.”

Sharia law and Islamic radicalism have brought brutal murders to the United States, with tens of thousands of Muslims being granted refugee status under Obama, while Christians have been turned away.

In 2011, the Obama regime supported the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his replacement with the Muslim Brotherhood-supported Mohamed Morsi.  In July 2013, Morsi was deposed as a result of popular uprisings spurred by Morsi’s seizure of unconstitutional powers and the perception that he was imposing an Islamic, rather than secular, government on the people.

Obama has now himself been accused of overstepping his constitutional authority.

In his 2004 column, Massie wrote that Obama was “just the kind of black man elite liberals can use.”  He referred to Obama’s “Muslim roots and education,” later confirmed by Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, when he described Obama as “steeped in Islam” when he began attending Trinity United Church in Chicago in the early 1990s.

Massie described Obama’s speaking skills as those of a “snake-charmer” with “an appealing mien that connects well with liberal voters.”

In 2004, Obama said that political opponents “embrace the politics of ‘anything goes.'”  In response, he said, “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America; there is the United States of America.”  “The pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states…but I got news for them, too:  we worship an awesome God in the blue states and we don’t like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the red states.”

Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been exposed as having collected virtually all phone and email data on American citizens not suspected of terrorist activity.  Rather than curbing NSA activity, Obama has expanded it.

“We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes,” Obama said at the DNC.  He asked if Americans would “participate in the politics of cynicism” or “the politics of hope.”  He then referred to himself as “a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too.”

“The audacity of hope…in the end, that is God’s greatest gift to us:  the bedrock of this nation, a belief in things not seen…”

Hope and change” was Obama’s 2008 slogan which lulled the masses into voting for him, including Jews and Catholics, who he has disfavored during his six years in the White House.

He mentioned John Edwards, Kerry’s vice-presidential candidate, who served as a U.S. senator from North Carolina and was later found to have had an extra-marital affair resulting in a child out of wedlock as his wife battled, and ultimately lost her fight with, cancer in 2010.

Edwards was indicted but exonerated in 2012 by a jury of having misused campaign donations to support the woman with whom he had become romantically involved, Rielle Hunter.

Massie predicted that “Lord Obama could very easily morph into ‘Darth Democrat,’” the title of his column.  “He has presidential ambitions stitched into the very fabric of his being.  America is more ready than ever before to elect a black president, but this is not the one we want to break that unprecedented historical ground.”  Classifying Obama as an “uber liberal” with the ability to “make it up as he goes along,” Massie invoked Obama’s U.S. Senate debate on October 26, 2004 with his opponent, former Ambassador Alan Keyes, in which Obama “claimed responsibility for Illinois’ successful welfare reform.”  Massie then clarified that Obama was not serving in the Illinois State Senate when welfare reform was passed in 1996.

Obama’s White House biography claims that he “passed the first major ethics reform in 25 years, cut taxes for working families, and expanded health care for children and their parents,” which no state legislator can do so alone.

When he first ran for the Illinois Senate, Obama was endorsed by the New Party, whose goals were to move the Democrat Party to the political left to embrace socialism.  Obama indicated support for “social justice” issues and affirmative action on his candidate application.

While Obama’s biography accompanying his Illinois Senate candidacy application states that he graduated from Columbia University, it does not provide the year.  During Obama’s first presidential campaign, The Wall Street Journal noted Obama’s alleged time at Columbia as “Obama’s lost years,” stating:

His personal story, as told by him, made possible his rise from obscurity four years ago to possibly the White House. He doesn’t have a long track record in government. We mainly have him in his own words. As any autobiographer, Mr. Obama played up certain chapters in his life — perhaps even exaggerating his drug use in adolescence to drive home his theme of youthful alienation — and ignored others. What’s more, as acknowledged in “Dreams From My Father,” Mr. Obama reconstructed conversations and gave some people pseudonyms or created “composite” characters.

In an interview with Rick Wiles of TruNews on June 3, 2011, Atty. Stephen Pidgeon, who drafted Articles of Impeachment against Obama last summer, claimed that Columbia University was paid by Rashid al-Khalidi to manufacture a degree for Obama.

Pidgeon also stated that Obama is a Muslim (35:47) and member of The Muslim Brotherhood, which Pidgeon said intends to “recreate the Ottoman Empire.”  “Believe me when I tell you that that is Obama’s objective:  to recreate the Ottoman Empire, and he sees himself as the future Caliph,” Pidgeon told Wiles.

At 23:07, Pidgeon noted that Obama’s alleged father was already married when he allegedly married Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s alleged mother.

Massie noted that Obama voted against a law which would have compelled medical personnel to save a child who was aborted but survived and that Obama strongly supported same-sex marriage.  Obama’s “signature” embattled health care law known as “Obamacare” enshrines the right to abortion and forces taxpayers to fund it through their medical plans.

Religious organizations claiming exemptions to the birth control mandate by the First Amendment, which Obama extolled in 2004, have had to spend vast sums of money suing the Obama regime in order to have those rights ultimately affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a series of actions over the last several months, federal judges have “overturned” state marriage amendments relegating marriage to one man with one woman passed by a majority of those states’ registered voters.

The Communist Party endorsed Barack Obama for his 2004 Illinois State Senate race and for both of his presidential elections

Wiles contended (25:17) that Obama had been chosen to be president in 1992 as a “communist.”  During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama said that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Massie, too, has called Obama a communist.

Pidgeon said at 25:48 that Obama “never attended Columbia.”  Instead, Pidgeon said that Obama attended Patrice Lamumba University in the Soviet Union, which he said was named after “the personal hero of Malcolm X.”  Pidgeon said that the university was “designed” to “train…in communist agitation” and how to overthrow one’s country.

Massie said that Obama’s “statements” referred to “an Afro-centrism and Pan Africanism.”  Indeed, Obama has shown a keen interest in the affairs of such African countries as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Guinea, the Congo, Ghana and Tanzania.

Pidgeon said that Obama used an Indonesian passport to travel, including to Pakistan in 1981, and that he was a British citizen because of his claimed father’s Kenyan citizenship.

Yet in 2004, Obama convinced millions that he loved America.

“Every man in this man’s life has been a communist Moslem,” Pidgeon said (19:04).

At 53:13, Pidgeon said that Obama’s 2008 Berlin speech contained the words, “‘This is my struggle,’ which is Mein Kampf.”

“Granted there are worse things than a black uber-liberal socialist Muslim, supposedly now Christian Democrat in the White House (unless your name happens to be Clinton). The question is: Who would want them visited upon this generation?” Massie asked in November 2004.
Obama’s long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website has been determined a “computer-generated forgery” by an investigation carried out by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse

Amidst pressure to release proof that he was born in Hawaii and presumably met the constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” to serve as president, the White House released what it said was a scan of Obama’s long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011.  Within 24 hours, however, the image was declared a forgery by graphics experts.

A criminal investigation launched in September of that year and continuing to this day declared the image a “computer-generated forgery” on March 1, 2012, along with Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form.

Regarding Obama’s “name,” Pidgeon claims that Obama changed his identity several times and has committed “criminal identity fraud” to attain the White House.

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan,” Obama had said before Obamacare was passed.

The “new standard of openness” promised by Obama has resulted in tapping phones and breaching email accounts of journalists and, in at least one case, the reporter’s parents; White House press secretaries who lie with impunity; the labeling of military veterans and others as “domestic terrorists;” and the targeting of political opponents by Obama’s IRS, FBI and Department of Justice.

Despite his praise for free speech in 2004, Obama reportedly plans to impose “net neutrality” next year to allegedly “safeguard competition and user choice” but with very different outcomes expected.

Environmental justice” and thousands of new EPA regulations have cost coal-industry workers in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio their jobs since Obama entered the White House.

After the IRS targeting scandal of “conservatives” was exposed last year, Obama said there was “not even a smidgeon of corruption” within the tax agency.  The White House refuses to release confidential tax returns now known to have been shared between the IRS and the executive branch.

Four people are dead because Obama’s State Department did not protect them adequately, most likely to appease Islamic radicals.  Contractors present in Benghazi at the time insist that a “stand-down order” was given when they attempted to assist the besieged compound on September 11, 2012.

Military commanders were replaced and disappeared, allegedly for attempting to rescue the trapped Americans in Benghazi.

Those who have broken federal law to enter the country and taken advantage of the many benefits of living in the United States which Obama extolled in 2004 have now been granted a reprieve from deportation, and likely citizenship and voting privileges in the future, by executive fiat.

“Hitler was elected democratically…Occasionally, even a democracy gets it wrong…” — Sen. Rand Paul

Massie ended his piece with “Obama embraces the darkest interests of the uber-liberal socialist. It can be argued there are worse things than a Clinton ticket in 2008 – and any ticket with Barack Obama on it is one of them.”


Mychal Massie is a syndicated columnistand hosts his own website at The Daily Rant. He is an ordained Christian minister, public speaker, published author, Second Amendment supporter and frequent guest on radio and television stations.

Donations to his work can be made here.

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