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by OPOVV, ©2014

Originating in Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi Islam practices public executions and amputations as punishment for certain crimes and denies women the right to worship where they wish

(Dec. 28, 2014) — If the English don’t get it, what makes you think we’re any different? What about the Swedes? Muslims killing anyone in every country around the world, and since Obama came on the scene, the occurrences of Muslims’ murders have increased at an exponential rate. Since Obama came on the scene, any semblance of a status quo in the Middle East has been thrown out the window. And since Obama came on the scene, the isolation of Israel has grown more tenuous daily.

You say “It can’t be, that America elected a Muslim president who is anti-Jew and anti-Constitution.” But the facts speak otherwise, and to ignore the truth is not a defense; to not arrive at the only possible conclusion possible, that Obama is a Muslim plant to lead the eradication of Israel and to introduce Sharia Law in the USA, is a sure road to getting your family killed.

This onslaught of Western Civilization is like a tsunami: a force unstoppable. First one Muslim arrives, then hoards. Concessions inevitably follow, for most perceive Islam as a religion instead of what it REALLY is: a draconian political system that is, by design, administered by totalitarian administrators who demand complete and everlasting fidelity: to question and/or to leave results in a sentence of death.

Every day, somewhere in the world, a Muslim, a follower of the Quran, is murdering a fellow human being. As you read these very words, a Christian is being tortured to death. As you read these very words, a Christian is being murdered. There: two down that quick.

Meanwhile, our State Department continues to give money and arms to Islamic States. Muslims are arriving in Europe, Canada and the US every hour. Every flight from Europe brings additional Muslims within our borders. Day by day, week by week, year by year, ever since we became dependent on the oil that we discovered in the Middle East, Muslims have been trickling in, and it wasn’t until after 9-11-2001 that the floodgates began to open when thousands upon thousands of Muslims invaded America. And then Obama arrived on the scene and the floodgates burst, and now we have millions of people who have no intention of ever assimilating and every intention of replacing the Constitution with Sharia Law. Atheists and Christians alike: all are equal targets for Jihad, the requirement of every Muslim to fulfill his earthly duty. So why do Muslims come to America? “Kill Jews and Christians wherever and whenever Ye may find them.”

And yet the Administration strives to have terrorist groups removed from the State Department’s terrorist list. The Administration approves of CAIR operating with impunity within our borders. The Administration solicits participation by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, there’s a world war on, if anyone’s been paying attention. All over the world, from a chocolate shop in Sydney, to the streets of London, to a school in Pakistan, Muslims are killing and will go on killing.

It’s what they do. Deporting them from our country is the least that we must do.

Satan is known by many names, and one of them is Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Semper Fi



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  1. This is the fulfillment of the Scripture that states that many will “call me Christ” but that “I shall know them not.”

    Obama says he is a Christian. Only a NON Christian would believe that.

  2. Also see “What Islam is NOT” and “FITNA”. Obama is a Muslim supremacist who has usurped the Presidency of the United States, by fraud, during time of war. How much more of a serious threat must be before us before we take appropriate and immediate action to curtail Islamic immigration into this country? ALL vestiges of Islam MUST be eradicated. It is a moral imperative and would be an act of societal self defense. Sharia Law is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution. “ANY LAW that is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution is null and void”- Marbury v Madison, U.S. Supreme Court (1803).

    1. Touche’!!

      He is an agent of Islamic Triumphalism under the guise (phony) of being a “Christian” and follows it up with the cherry on the cake stating recently that there is a (paraphrased) tender spot for Judaism in his heart.

      This sounds like a theological statement by an imam that all three faiths are “people of the book.” However, the radicals who await Imam Mahdi have an addendum telling us that “Jews are immediately gone” when the Mahdi arrives, while Christians have an option: Allah or heads cut off by a sword.

      Until non-radicalized Muslims are on the street denouncing such notions there will be no peace in the Middle East or within our borders.

      The FBI had no problems during WWII going into German Catholic and Lutheran churches in the USA to see if there were BUND members among them or pro-Hitler sermons.

      Highers-up have called off such tactics with Islam, because those same highers-up have a Triumphalist agenda. They are infiltrated among all strati of American government. Sound too McCarthy-esque to be true? It is good camouflage which is, however, too easily seen with bright fluorescent DANGER written all over it.

  3. When I was a kid of about 5 or 6 my mom threw my sister and I in a Bible study class in the basement of an old stone Church. It was there that I picked up on Christian values and basic teachings.

    Obama was immersed in a muslim school as a child, fed islam and liked it. That is why he is a muslim and there is no doubt about it. No normal American would say in the UN general assembly “the world does not belong to those who would slander the prophet of islam”.