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by OPOVV, ©2014

(Dec. 23, 2014) — There’s no advantage in rehashing the Nazi blueprint for the complete takeover of our country that the Obama Administration has implemented; we’re all more than adequately aware of it. We all know what happened in Benghazi, but we still want the person who gave the stand-down order drawn and quartered. We know that Obamacare has nothing to do with “health” but everything to do with control, even to the point of death panels.

Remember when Obama wanted the military Oath to be changed from protecting and defending the Constitution to following any order from the de facto president? Do you remember that the wording of the UCMJ was changed? Do you recall when LTC Terry Lakin was railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial and NOT ALLOWED TO PRESENT A DEFENSE?

[Think about the ramifications. You can be arrested for any reason or no reason at any time and you’re not allowed to present a defense. That means you can be arrested for a murder in Alaska even though you’ve never even been to Alaska and, because you’re not allowed to present a defense of any kind, you get convicted and sent to prison, just as Dr. Terry Lakin was.]

For the last six years we’ve watched our country go downhill a little bit every day. We’ve watched the National Debt skyrocket. We’ve seen businesses go overseas because our government doesn’t charge tariffs to goods imported from, mainly, China. People out of work are forced to depend on government subsidies for existence. Food Stamp recipients are at record levels. The Federal Reserve Bank pumping, at first, millions, then billions into the economy, but it’s all digital money, decimal points on a computer screen.

And all the while, every day, minute by minute, our socialist government is devising stupid, ridiculous and farfetched schemes to abolish the 2nd Amendment. School shooting? They cry gun “control.” Policeman shot? Round up our guns. They are devising any and every excuse under the sun to get our guns, for when they get our guns, it’s all over; when they get our guns, all hope is lost; when they get our guns they’ll be able to rule us with even more impunity than they do now; and when they get our guns, we’re as good as dead.

Today’s definition of a PATRIOT: be armed. Be weaponized by supporting our 2nd Amendment. If you love your country, you have to take the responsibility to protect your loved ones, your neighbors, your home, town and country. Nobody is responsible for you except you, and there’s no better way under the sun than to protect yourself than to be holding a gun. Of course, going to the shooting range a least once a month is a requirement. Don’t slack on it. The more you shoot, the better you get, and the better you get, the more fun it is. Be competent. Practice.

The cause is just. Just keep that in mind.

Semper Fi


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