The Last Republican


by OPOVV, ©2014

Should the Republican Party die, and is it already occurring?

(Dec. 18, 2014) — The Republican Party died a couple of years ago, maybe six, but no one scheduled the wake. One would’ve thought that something could’ve been said, like a prayer something along the lines of “The Tea Party was your last hope but you blew it.” Or maybe “The good of America used to trump petty party politics.” No, nothing was said. Not even a mention of its passing on the Obit page. But we knew; we all knew.

The same could’ve been said for the Democratic Party, by the way. The party of JFK morphed into the party of Chairman Mao; to Hitler’s “National Socialist Party”; to Castro’s “Party of the People”; to Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. Enough said.

But our focus is on the snake in the grass: the Republican Party. We all know that the Democratic Party no longer represents any part of the Constitution; that much has been blatantly obvious prior to the presidential election of 2008, when a non-vetted nobody (Obama) became their candidate.

It’s been quite amazing (amusing?) to watch the Republican Party sink. Life-saving devices have been offered, from vests to boats, and each one kicked in the chin: LTC Terry Lakin should’ve been the focal point on sending Obama to Gitmo; Fast and Furious the same for Attorney General Eric Holder; Janet Napolitano to follow with her remarks about how our military veterans are, in the Administration’s warped viewpoint, “domestic terrorists.”  And so on: NSA, IRS, FBI, and all the others caught with egg on their faces.

Let’s not skip “Immigration Reform,” the politically-correct way of saying that illegal immigrants somehow, in some way, for some asinine reason, have an iota of legal status within our borders. I’m sorry, but this writer has never bought into the hype that breaking the law can be somehow twisted into “an act of love.”

No, the Republican Party, along with the “in your face anti-Constitutionalists” (Obots), are nothing more than a diversion for the party that’s really in charge: the Federal Reserve Party.

There can be no hope of salvation for our country as long as the Fed controls our money; it’s that simple.

And so I say unto you, not only is the Republican Party sinking, being pulled under by the Obots, but what will replace both of them will be a country that once was but is no more.

Look at ALL the sorry candidates vying for the privilege to live at public housing unit #1 (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) and answer, truthfully, to yourself this one question: will our country be a better place with any of them collecting a government paycheck? Leading the fight for the Bill of Rights? Deporting Muslims and illegal immigrants? Abolishing the Federal Reserve (a private corporation), Department of Homeland Security (Muslim relocation services), and the IRS? Telling China to take a flying leap? Being PROACTIVE in the fight to the death against Islam?

Don Quixote and his squire, Sancho Panza

Not yet, if ever, do we see a Don Quixote astride a horse called Rocinante. Nor do we see a potential candidate, proud and strong, saying the words that need to be heard. Nor do we see anyone on the horizon who will save our country. We instead hear nothing but defeatism in the guise of conciliatory motions of appeasement.

And yet, hope springs eternal.

Semper Fi


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  1. Stephen Hiller   Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    This patriotic American says, “pull the sheet over my face, nurse … I just passed away”.

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