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(Oct. 31, 2014) — “Good evening. Roving Reporter here and, as you can see, we’re at the ‘Intuitive Center for Common Sense.’ We just got flagged down as we were driving in. Mind telling us your name and what’s up? We’ve an appointment with the Director.”

Bob: “Oh, I know. Name is Bob Lean, the janitor. I’m trying to warn you, is what. You know they’re all nuts in there; you know that, don’t you? They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Why, you drop any one of them off in the center of a Wal-Mart, it would take them a week to find their way out.”

Roving Reporter: “Really now. Why do you say that, Bob?”

Bob: “Because they believe in the hype that they distribute. Let me explain: railroads. There’s a direct correlation between the USA getting to be energy-independent and us wasting gas in our cars and trucks. We could’ve had the world’s best transportation system if we were serious, but all our politicians do is say we need to be energy-independent while taking Big Oil money under the table.”

Roving Reporter: “Eh, well, that’s nice. Look, we got to be going now.

“Let’s get going. Move it. Pull right up front, where that lady is standing.

“Hello, you must be the Director; what is it, Kathy Tefft?”

The Director: “Yes, that’s right, but please, address me by my title: ‘The Director.’”

Roving Reporter: “You got it, Director.”

The Director: “Excuse me. ‘The Director,’ you got it?”

Roving Reporter: “Right. So, how does this ‘intuitive’ business work, The Director?”

The Director: “It’s really very straightforward. A politician tells us his stance on mass transit, along with a check, and the amount of the check determines how much we’re on his side. And then we distribute our findings to the press and that’s how it works.

“Let’s take railroads, for example. Now anybody with a lick of common sense must realize that our railroads could be at least a hundred times better than they are; why, in the meridians of our Interstate Highways we could have high-speed monorails, and our nationwide transit service can be as good as the city of New York’s.  Our railroads could be better than Europe’s and Japan’s put together if we wanted them to be.

“We could’ve been energy independent 40 years ago, but then think of the billions of dollars that we would’ve not paid the Arabs and, consequently, some of that money not paid into our politicians’ reelection coffers and, eventually, not have been paid to the Intuitive Center. See what I mean?”

Roving Reporter: “Do you realize that this is a live broadcast?”

The Director: “So what? If the peons haven’t figured it out by now, they never will. Nothing but hot air, year after year. The 55 mph speed limit didn’t work because they stopped issuing tickets for speeding or, if they did, some slick ambulance-chaser got it thrown out of court, so the cops got tired of writing tickets for nothing, so they don’t. Get it? Nobody cares.

“The speed limit signs of today should read: suggested speed limit., because the people of America just don’t give a hoot about saving gas. They wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced, now would they?

“Year after year we hear about ‘pipelines’ and ‘drilling’ and ‘energy independence,’ but it all means nothing. But one of these days it’s going to turn around and it’ll bite us; by then I’ll have been retired and it’ll be someone else’s turn to lie for money. Heck, if I don’t do it, someone else will.

“They’re so dumb as to think the Keystone Pipeline is the panacea of all our woes, but saving energy has to start with the individual, and Americans just don’t have what it takes, because look at the caliber of people they elect to represent them in their state capitols and in Washington.

“Take the ‘Global Warming/Climate Change’ scam. We had that account at the beginning but it just got too big for us. We weren’t ready to go international. No, as the old saying goes, ‘There’s riches in niches,’ and our niche is to keep trains off the front burner. We’re satisfied with the way things have been going for us for the past six years.”

Roving Reporter: “Well, thank you, The Director, for your honesty and your time.  This is Roving Reporter saying thank you for watching, stay safe by being armed and continue to support our 2nd Amendment. Goodnight.”

Semper Fi





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