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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is the harm done to the United States by Obama and his ilk repairable?

(Oct. 22, 2014) — In 2011, when my VP and I were running for the two highest government employees’ slots in the land, we laid out our basic platform that, we thought, reflected the values and aspirations of our fellow Patriots. Boy, were we ever wrong.

We advocated a strong America by first protecting the borders, and that includes all airports and shipping terminals. We stated that China’s “most-favored-nation trade status” would be trashed immediately. We figure we didn’t owe China one red cent since we’ve allowed them to dump their goods on our shores for free ever since Clinton went back on his word.

Larry Meyer, my VP, would’ve been in charge of rebuilding our military, and that includes the VA, where Larry would’ve been given the power to jail the liars and thieves.

We said we were going to deport every illegal immigrant and every Muslim from our land, and this we would’ve accomplished in one year. We would’ve fined and jailed every employer who employed an illegal immigrant and/or a Muslim past the deadline. No doubt the fines would’ve been exorbitant and the prison terms lengthy.

We would’ve ended the contract with the Federal Reserve Board and, no doubt, managed to put their Board of Directors in prison on the charge of “stealing from the people.” We would’ve made our currency equal to a tangible asset and not some worthless promissory note.

We would’ve brought back the draft with NO deferments. Also, we would’ve instituted a program where weapon proficiency and safety were taught at the high school level and every girl, at the time of her earning her diploma, would be awarded a lightweight .357 Magnum that she could conceal-carry in her purse. Furthermore, we were going to push for the States to require that all women prove that they are armed in order to receive or renew their drivers’ licenses.

We were to aggressively go after voter fraud and those who practiced identity theft. We suggested that our prison system be modeled after Japan’s, and that includes the elimination of Parole Boards.

We were to make the Constitution the Law of the Land, just as it was meant to be.

We would’ve told the “Muslim Admiration Society,” otherwise known as the United Nations, to take a hike. But before they left, we would’ve tracked down and jailed all of those in the UN who stole billions on the Iraq “Oil-for-food” scandal.

We would’ve ended Iran’s nuclear quest, and we would’ve confiscated Pakistan’s nukes, and done the same to any other Islamic country.

We would’ve ended the State Department’s paying any money to foreign countries. We’d help Third World counties drill for fresh water and assist them in building their infrastructure: in other words, we’d teach them how to fish rather than give them fish.

Obamacare, the IRS and the “Muslim Relocating Service,” otherwise known as the Department of Homeland Security, would’ve been abolished.

We’d bring back the WPA and end generations of Welfare reliance that has killed the family structure by making it more profitable to raise a child without a father than not. We’d put America to work.

We’d have worked for nothing: keep your perks and vacations; all we wanted to do was save our country.

Make no mistake about it:  we would have pursued anyone who harmed an American overseas until they were caught and hung by the neck until dead. Threats, or perceived threats, would’ve been a green light to attack and end the potential problem: we were to be PROACTIVE like you wouldn’t believe.

No more kangaroo Courts-Martial that railroaded LTC Terry Lakin.

Our military’s Rules of Engagement would’ve been out of World War II, and the chances are that our four guys who were murdered in Benghazi would still be alive.

But America picked Obama, and now look at the mess we’re in.

Semper Fi


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