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by Sharon Rondeau

On April 27, 2011, the White House released what it claimed was a scanned version of Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health

(Sep. 16, 2014) — On Friday, Peter Boyles of KNUS radio conducted an interview of retired Army Colonel Dr. Lawrence Sellin to discuss unanswered questions regarding Obama’s childhood, background and documentation which were not investigated or disclosed by the media prior to his run for the presidency in 2008.

Boyles and Sellin spent the first half of the interview presenting the case for what they believe are likely connections between Obama and such figures as Malcolm X; Louis Farrakhan; former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn; and former PLO member Rashid al-Khalidi.  To illustrate his points, Boyles read parts of an essay written by Don Fredrick of The Obama Timeline entitled “Just Happened” and later renamed “Can It All Be a Coincidence?” which has been widely posted and lauded on the internet.

On Tuesday, Fredrick was Boyles’ guest on his early morning show based in Denver, CO to speak about his research into Obama’s past, which includes a book bearing the same name as his website.

Sellin speculated that Thomas Ayers, former CEO of Commonwealth Edison and father of Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers, played a part in Obama’s acceptance to Columbia University.  Boyles incorrectly stated that Obama had lived with the Ayerses but then mentioned a former mail carrier for the neighborhood who in 2012 attested that he had met a young man matching Obama’s description on the street one day outside of the Ayerses’ home who told him that “he was going to be president.”

Just before the 8:00 mark in the interview, the conversation turned to the now three-year-old criminal investigation conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse into the image posted on the White House website purported to be a scan of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.  More specifically, Sellin revealed an August 21, 2014 phone call he made to Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo from which Sellin concluded that a “whistleblower” had changed the course of the investigation by presenting new information last fall.

The Cold Case Posse is an adjunct to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio which Arpaio tasked with investigating the image in September 2011 after 250 Tea Party members approached him with concerns that their votes in the upcoming presidential election might be disenfranchised if reports that the birth certificate image was a forgery proved accurate.

When Boyles asked Sellin about his “new work” which allegedly touched on the Library of Congress and Zullo, Sellin responded that while he is not an investigator for the posse, he had been given information that Zullo had recently been probing the microfilm of the Obama “birth announcements” in Washington, DC and meeting with Republicans in Congress.

Sellin told Boyles that in his telephone conversation with Zullo last month, Zullo informed him that he had intended to “shut down” the investigation “last autumn” but that “a whistleblower” had “walked in to Arpaio’s office” with information “about how the birth certificate was produced, who might have done it, where it was done, and even pointed the finger towards CIA Director John Brennan (8:13).”

Brennan had headed a company whose employee reportedly examined the passport records of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sen. John McCain in 2008 “without proper authorization.”  After an Inspector General investigation was launched into the breaches, Obama commented that they represented “a problem not just for me but for how our government functions.”

McCain had said that America “values everyone’s privacy.”  More than six years later, it is now known that virtually no expectation of privacy exists given the extent of surveillance the National Security Agency (NSA) has carried out against Americans who are not behaving suspiciously.  Some, including an NSA employee, have argued that the agency’s activities have turned the United States into “a police state.”

Sellin added that he “understood” that the whistleblower was “reluctant to testify publicly or they’re afraid of the press smearing this whistleblower because it’s very likely that the whistleblower brought information that was taken perhaps from government computers…” (10:12).

Referencing the “universe-shattering” evidence which Zullo told “Freedom Friday” radio show host Carl Gallups on November 22 would be forthcoming in a formal press conference, Sellin expressed his disappointment to Boyles that the information has not yet been released.  On Gallups’ May 23 show, Zullo had stated that after an initial plan to hold the presser in March of this year which did not come to fruition, he “would not be setting any dates.”

Over the summer, entertainment legend Pat Boone had predicted that the press conference would take place in September.  During the Boyles interview, Sellin invoked Zullo’s September 5 appearance on “Freedom Friday” during which Gallups questioned Zullo as to whether or not the election was a consideration in the scheduling of the press conferences.  Zullo had responded that the investigation was not tied to the election or politics and that at that point, he viewed the release of the information before November 4 as “an impossibility.”

In a comment to the posting of the interview at BirtherReport.com, Sellin stated that “My telephone conversation with Mike Zullo took place on August 21, 2014 at 8:10pm, just after I received confirmation from an investigation ‘insider’ of my suspicion that the release of the ‘universe shattering’ evidence would be delayed because, as I stated on Peter Boyles’ program, it is radioactive before the election.”

On September 5, Zullo further explained to Gallups’ audience that the investigation had taken a new turn to “an area where we never thought it was going to go” (4:56), accounting for the delay of the announcements., reiterating that there was no “political motivation” or “fame and fortune” involved.  “If you listen to half the stuff out there, I should be in prison,” Zullo said, eliciting a laugh from Gallups.

Sellin did not state the source of his information.  He then speculated that Zullo “was probably told that, ‘Look, nothing’s going to happen before the election; we’re not going to buy into this right now because it’s just too risky; we want to win back the Senate, and we’ll see after that.'”

Over the course of the investigation, some have claimed to have performed their own investigations stemming from or tangential to the Cold Case Posse’s work, to which Zullo responded on Gallups’ show on March 30, 2014, “When the time is decided upon by Sheriff Arpaio to release our information, I personally will put out a public statement.  If you don’t hear it from me, it’s not true.”

To bolster his claim that the Cold Case Posse’s investigation is “political,” Sellin told Boyles that the term “law enforcement investigation” is inaccurate because he does not believe that arrests and prosecutions will result from it.  “I think that the Cold Case Posse should release their information.  Right now it’s a one-man show…why not get thousands of people not only doing additional investigation on whatever the ‘universe-shattering’ evidence is, but also get people like yourself and other radio personalities and perhaps TV personalities like the people in Canada to talk about this?” (14:22)

Following Sellin’s interview, The Post & Email spoke with Zullo, who told us that “there are going to be some findings that ‘birthers’ may find disturbing,” referring to those who specifically doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims.  The term “birthers” has also been applied to anyone raising doubts about Obama’s life story, which contains conflicting statements made by both Obama and his wife.

When we mentioned the numerous executive-branch “scandals” which have revealed dishonesty within the IRS, the U.S. Department of Justice, the EPA, and other departments, Zullo responded, “The [birth certificate] document is the foundational lie of this presidency.”

Of the anticipated press conference, Zullo told us that the information to be released is “completely new” and not based on anyone else’s work.  “It will be information that has been cultivated through this investigation independent of any other outside source,” he said.  Zullo reiterated that he will use “one outlet” to announce the date of the presser:  PPSimmons, which was co-founded by Gallups.

Zullo also observed that Fredrick has done “a tremendous amount of work.” He said he did not believe that Mr. Frederick receives recognition for the incredible amount of work that he has done and that Mr. Frederick’s work has been utilized in the investigation. Zullo said the one thing he really appreciated about Mr. Frederick’s work is that he provides sources that can be researched to validate his information and that he is quick to point out when he cannot verify something but is speculating.

Towards the end of the interview, Sellin said that he would like to see the Cold Case Posse release all of their information now so that others could do further investigation and thousands of people will know about it. Boyles quickly agreed.

Zullo, on the other hand, was quick to denounce this idea. He said that this method had been tried in the past without success.  “We provided two press conferences for the world to see. Nothing was accomplished by releasing that information publicly and having thousands of people look at it. As a result, zero progress was made. People conducting their own investigation could guarantee only one thing:  a crime scene that is completely destroyed and never able to be resurrected. Too many cooks spoil the broth,” he said.

“You have to remember that the first part of the assignment was to vet the information provided to us, which we did, and we found reason to believe that it rose to the level of probable cause that the document was tampered with. However, today we are galaxies apart from the information provided to us three years ago,” he added.

“For the last two years this investigation’s focus has changed. There is no information being fed to us.  The people who were involved in this three years ago are no longer involved. This information is being cultivated through my direct efforts and is not something that anyone out there is going to be able to investigate outside of a law enforcement circle. Trust me; no one walked in and handed it to us,” Zullo explained.

Zullo said that releasing the information prematurely to the public would satisfy only two agendas:  that of individuals frustrated and wanting to know, and for it to become fodder for talk show hosts.  “This time around, it is going to be handled completely differently,” he said.

When we asked Zullo why he has not appeared on Boyles’s show, he responded that he was Boyles’s guest “two or three years ago.”  He said that Gallups recently approached Boyles “twice” to request an interview to speak about the Cold Case Posse’s investigation but has been “shunned.”  “The guy closest to me, but not me, is Carl Gallups…that speaks volumes,” Zullo told us. “Everybody else on BirtherReport has appeared in Boyle’s interviews.  Those folks have not been involved with this investigation over the past two years and have no idea of what I am doing or what we have uncovered, but Gallups he shuns,” Zullo observed. “This raises some questions.  It amounts almost to media censorship.”

Zullo said that he can only speculate, but it appears to him that perhaps there are some alliances with those who did work early on, before the posse’s involvement. “Perhaps these people are just waiting to use the release of the new information as some kind of springboard to interject themselves back into this lengthy process after retreating from it for number of years. That would be a possible reason to suppress Gallups,” he added.

Zullo said that he is concerned that radio interviews which slide quickly into speculation, conjecture and personal opinion do a disservice to the topic at this point in time. “There is no room for this kind of rabid speculation. This is how wild rumors get started and then are repeated enough times that information-hungry audiences start to believe it to be factually correct.”

Zullo explained that that was the primary reason why he stopped giving radio interviews over recent months. “Every time I said anything, there were countless hours of speculation and misinterpretation of the information,” he told us. He said he understands the frustration level that is out there but also that the public has no idea of the painstaking work that is taking place regarding the legal levels of evidence that have to be cleared.

Zullo then further expounded:

The public doesn’t understand the type of evidence required in a law enforcement investigation. The word “evidence” is often used to describe information that cannot be supported by its own weight.  Evidence that cannot be supported or corroborated is in fact not evidence at all but often personal opinion or just mere speculation.   Real evidence is something that provides proof to ascertain the truth in a proceeding. It has to stand the test of scrutiny, cross-examination and ultimately be determined to be factual and relevant.

For example, there is the idea that Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s real father. There’s been a lot of information and speculation that points to that possibility; however, there is no real definitive evidence that proves that allegation. There is evidence that Frank Marshall Davis did, in fact, mentor Mr. Obama. But by inference and speculation, to jump to the conclusion that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s father cannot be supported by any evidentiary standard. Yet there are people out there, because they’ve heard this and read articles about it, believe it to be true and then proclaim it as truth without ever having one shred of evidence to support that claim.

Zullo believes that this is the type of activity which has diminished the credibility of the topic.

He concluded by reiterating that if there is any accurate information to be disseminated, it will come from him or Sheriff Arpaio and that he has chosen Carl Gallups and PPSimmons as the news outlet to release that information first.

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  1. Really a nice and will balanced article E.I.C Sharon Rondeau. Thank you for the stimulating and Frank report that served as a great witness to P&E Readers.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I hope everyone who reads it will thank Det. Zullo for everything he has done and has yet to do on the investigation. Perhaps someone will take the initiative to craft a letter of appreciation, obtain thousands of signatures, and send it to him.

  2. We may not know definitively who Obama’s father is or where he was born, but we do know that he was placed in the Office of POTUS by fraud, forgery, dissembling, deception, and deceit. That’s TREASON!

    We also know without equivocation that, based on the information presented to us by Obama/Soetoro/AKA???, that he is NOT, repeat NOT a Natural Born (U.S.) Citizen as required by Art. II, Section 1 of the Constitution that all public servants and all members of the military have taken an oath to support and defend.

    Since the ‘Powers That Be’ (PTB) in the Judiciary, the Legislature (Federal, State, and Local), and the Media all know that we all know that they themselves are complicit bystanders to this blatant ‘rape’ of that Constitution, then waiting for more ‘earth-shaking’ revelations, and expecting them to be acted on by those ‘bystanders’, is pure folly (and BS, IMHO).

    Instead of waiting for Arapio and Zullo and Gallups to finalize the incriminating evidence to be presented to the people who are supposed to act on it (they have already shown us that they will not, no matter how incriminating and obvious), they, Arpaio, Zullow, Gallups, and We the People should be:

    1. Appealing to all member of the military (Officers and Enlisted alike) to ‘LAKINIZE’ (refuse to obey illegal orders from an illegal Commander in Chief), and refuse to deploy;

    2. Telling all Americans that they are the key to stopping this treason and saving our Country – not the revelations of Arpaio and the Posse. They must begin forming 5th Amendment Citizens Common Law Grand Jurys and start bring Presentments/Indictments, and then following up with Citizens Common Law Trial Courts – to indict and convict the ‘bystanders’ and ‘traitors’ among us.

    There is no George Washington to step up to the plate; you and I must be the George Washingtons of 2014. It is now or never … and NOW is the TIME!