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by OPOVV, ©2014

Did the man who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama” deceive an entire nation?

(Sep. 14, 2015) — “Welcome. I’m Roving Reporter, and on this Special Edition of ‘The Other Side’ we’ll be interviewing a person who has just returned from a trip to the Far East and claims to have an amazing story to tell. Welcome to our show.”

“Thank you; the honor is mine, to be sure. I have decided to share with you an amazing story, as you said.  No one will believe it, but I’ll tell it to you anyway.”

“Sure, we’re all ears.”

“Thank you. At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, for I heard it before I saw it. I was visiting an obscure but highly-respected Buddhist Temple in Tibet, and as if that alone wasn’t off the beaten path, the only way into the small valley was to navigate a circuitous, precipitous and dangerous path and that’s when I heard it: the voices of a thousand of Elvis’s singing ‘I Got Lucky.’”

“Ah, excuse me, but did you just say that you heard a thousand Elvises? How can that be? What, multiple speakers?”

“No, real live Elvises. You see, Aliens are cloning Elvises.”

“Okay, hold it right there. When you said you had an amazing story to tell, you could’ve at least mentioned that you are, to put it politely, completely bananas.”

“Look, I told you that you weren’t going to believe me. I told you. Look, pay attention: these Elvises aren’t American. They’re sending them out, and have been, since 1976, to other out-of-the-way places so when people come back from vacations to exotic places they’ll tell people that ‘I had an Elvis sighting!’ You see? They’ll continue the myth that Elvis is still alive and well, and singing for them, to boot.”

“I’m not buying it. Sure, we’ve all heard about Elvis sightings; why, I had one myself but immediately dismissed it as an hallucination. What’s the point of having thousands of Elvises singing in remote places?”

“They’re making a point: they’re doing it because they can; therefore, they do. They’re working on an overwhelming majority of the people believing in Elvises.”

“Majority? What you talking about, majority?”

Now you listen? Okay, there are no Elvises and I never went to Tibet. That said, there is an Obama and he’s not who he says he is.  Heck, for all we know he’s some kind of Muslim robot clone. That’s the amazing story, and all your listeners are hearing it, right now on television, so those out there who say if they didn’t hear it on television it doesn’t count, well, you just heard it, so it counts: Obama is a fake. He was never vetted. The Birth Certificates that he’s tried to pawn off are all fakes, just like he is. Fraud. Felon. America-hater. Race divider, which makes him and his sidekick, Eric Holder, nothing but the very people they say they despise: racist Nazi bigots. The majority equates to votes, or at least the appearance of having a majority.”

“So, let me get this straight. You came on this show claiming you had an amazing story to tell, just so you can tell the TV audience something they’ll never hear on mainstream media? Is that about it?”

The former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was court-martialed and imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth for five months after questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief in 2010

“That’s it exactly. And if you don’t think that Obama’s fraud isn’t the biggest crime ever perpetrated on the American people, then you better think again. Obama must be fired by the American people, which will automatically render everything he signed voided. No more Obamacare, for starters. LTC Terry Lakin’s verdict would be overturned and everyone who had a hand in his Court Martial put in the same prison where Lakin served his time. It’s not only called ‘justice;’ it’s called ‘American Justice,’ something we see too little of.”

“I see. Well, it so happens that I agree with you, totally, in fact, and I want to thank you for getting Obama’s ineligibility out there on the television airwaves. My producer would’ve nixed the program if he knew of the content in advance, so I want to thank you for getting the message out there. I think the FCC will look the other way since it’s not the station’s fault for being fooled.  Heck, the whole country got fooled by Obama and his Muslim-loving Administration. That said, what to do about it?”

“Two things. The first, and, no doubt about it, be armed at all times, and this goes for the rest of your family. Second, get out there and vote these bums out of office; at least give our way of life a last-ditch effort. Look at these ‘no-account-do-nothings’ in Congress: not a word, not a peep about Obama’s ineligibility. Get rid of the career politician who spends 100% of his time getting reelected and ZERO amount of time acting on their constituents’ (that would be us) behalf.”

“So no Elvises?”

“Sorry, no Elvises, but I did hear of a sighting the other day down in Lake Worth, Florida.”

“And I’d just like to add that if somebody says they are at war with you, you best get with the program and be at war with them, because if you don’t, they will.”

“That does it. Okay, no Elvises, but we do have a fraud in the White House. Thank you for tuning in. This is Roving Reporter saying ‘Bye and God bless America.’”

Semper Fi


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