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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Aerial map of El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where 200 members of the deadly Islamic terrorist group ISIS are said to be poised to carry out an attack on the U.S.

(Sep. 10, 2014) — The anniversary and horror memories of 9/11 are in our face again and so is ISIS.  They are boldly crafting ways with Mexican drug cartels to get across the border to the U.S. and attack us now.

This week Judicial Watch exposed that ISIS was hanging out in Ciudad Juarez and planning attacks on us.  This was confirmed on my show this week with Frank Salvato, the editor and publisher of www.newmediajournal.us.

Frank stated that unnamed high-up military sources confirmed that 200 ISIS members were working with drug cartels to get across at Ciudad Juarez and planning attacks on the U.S.  He said that the military knows exactly where they are and are watching them.

I asked Frank if this is confirmed and a major attack is in the works, and 9/11 is here; why haven’t we done a pre-emptive strike on them and gotten the Mexican Government to do the same before the big hit happens…again?

What is the real equation here, people?  Is it politically incorrect and rude to the Mexican Government or even an act of war if we do a pre-emptive strike and take out the 200 ISIS members before they take down a plane, attack a mall or blow up Houston?  Why wait anymore?  How is this not treasonous and criminal already to know where the 200 ISIS Islamic killers are and do nothing but watch as they plan?  Popcorn, anyone?

Obama has already shown us his policy with ISIS in Iraq and Syria…watch, wait, and remind the American people he doesn’t have a policy yet.  Only recently, when the heat from the Pentagon and media was too hot did Obama pull a three-year military plan out of his ‘golf ball’ pocket to actually look like he cared.  Before this, however, in the ‘no plan for ISIS stage,’  Obama knew and watched ISIS commit genocide against Christians, behead several American journalists, bury women and children alive, behead babies and post their heads on sticks – and for dessert, a five-year-old was sawed in half.  How can we forget Obama responding briefly to the last beheading, then quickly going back to his golf game?  If that doesn’t tick you royally off, you must be dead already.

As a US citizen, I demand action from our military and President to take out the confirmed 200 ISIS members we know are planning major attacks, and NOW.  Everyone spread the word far and wide on this and put pressure on your leaders, Representatives and Senators.

If our blood is intended to flow over the next few days because of more inaction or ‘way too late’ action…let it start with the blood of our leaders’ careers from the White House on down.  This is treason to know this, confirm this and do nothing.

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