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by OPOVV, ©2014

Was Obama’s mantra of “hope and change” a smokescreen for his real ambitions?

(Sep. 4, 2014) — Reporter: “Hello. ‘Man-on-the-Street’ interview here. Thank you for tuning in. How about this weather? The weather man called for a ‘slight chance’ of passing showers but it’s been raining cats and dogs for the last hour. Not many people out, of course, and who can blame them? Oh, look, here comes somebody now, walking his dog. The man has a rain poncho on and is holding an umbrella over his dog; ten-to-one he’s a Vietnam Vet. Ah, excuse me, sir, but you got a minute? Like to interview you, that is, if you don’t mind. Let’s go inside this café and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. What you say?”

Vet: “Nope. No can do. They don’t allow dogs. And before you ask, that’s right, I am a Vietnam Vet, so I guess you got your whole interview without having to ask a single question. Look, I’ll make it easy for you: my standard answer is ‘hang ’em;’ and my second standard answer is ‘a firing squad is too good for ’em.’ You okay with that?”

Reporter: “You don’t even know what the question is.”

Vet: “Sure I do, since there’s just so many questions you can ask me. There’s questions about the military, economy and the bozos in Washington. And women, of course, and my standard answer about women is that they’re the greatest mystery of all, and that’s the extent of what I ever say about the opposite sex. No doubt they say the same about us, and if that’s the case, so be it.”

Reporter: “Well, what about the mess in the Middle East, what about that one?”

Vet: “Firing squad. No, seriously, as long as you’ve got your ‘kill Jews and Christians, and Infidels’ in their “Book of Hate,” you’re going to have people running amuck killing Jews, Christians and Infidels; it goes to reason. It’s what they’re taught, what they believe in, and what they do. You can’t change it, so why try? Either they continue on, or they don’t, and the ones that stop are hounded until they’re killed. That about sums up the whole mess. In short, there’s no end to it, ever, unless, of course, you line them all up in front of the firing squad.”

Reporter: “Are you a member of the Tea Party? Are you a “Birther?”

Vet: “See, that’s one of the advantages of being married: your ears collect sound waves, and between the ear and the brain the sound waves get translated to what was really said. Here, I’ll give you an example: She says, ‘Did you take out the trash?’ but someone who is wise in the ways of women hears, ‘Please get off your behind and take out the garbage, like in now, and I don’t want to hear any feedback, thank you just the same.’ So the right thing to do is to just get up, without saying a word, mind you, and make the motions of taking out the trash, even if you did it five minutes ago. That’s the secret of a happy and peaceful marriage.”

Reporter: “Is that so?”

Vet: “Yes.  So, I heard you ask me if I supported responsible spending. You asked if I supported a work program for those who are on government assistance, something along the lines of the WPA. You asked if I support the draft for men and women: I do. Then, your 2nd question, I heard you ask if I support the United States Constitution; that I was satisfied with its content; and that I still believe in the Oath I took when I volunteered for military service. Yep, I do.”

Reporter: “Well now, that’s very interesting. What about China? What do you think of the Chinese?”

Vet:  “I admire the Chinese people but hate their government officials, just as I admire the patriotic American but despise 90% of government employees.”

Reporter:  “Do you have an opinion on the mainstream news media?”

Vet:  “Son, I’ve got an opinion on everything, but to answer your question, you’ve got to be a student of history to be able to view in the macro, meaning global chess isn’t quite the same as sneaking up on your enemy in the jungle and dealing with him in the most expeditious and silent manner that you can come up with in a half second. You learn real quick that action trumps reaction every time, which is why a sucker-punch is one heck of a battle strategy. Proactive is better than reactive. Attacking is better than defending. Winning is better than all the other alternatives combined.”

Reporter: “Where do you see America in 100 years?”

Vet: “You got me on that one, son, you surely do. I’d like to say that people would’ve gotten with the program by then but I’d be lying to you. I’d like to say that the USA, as the beacon of freedom for the world, would still be at the forefront as she used to be. But I’m not going to hold my breath. It’s not the enemies of America that we have to worry about as much as it’s our fellow citizens selling us all down the river, which they’ve done already for not vetting Obama, and the world is paying the price for that most grave error.”

Reporter: “A vet ran for president in 2012. What happened?”

Vet: “Didn’t play politics. Laid his platform on the table for all to see but there was no takers. People seem to want membership in the ‘Muslim Admiration Society,’ otherwise known as the UN; for some unknown reason, Americans don’t mind illegal immigrants thumbing their noses at our laws; Americans don’t seem to mind paying exorbitant taxes and high gas prices. I guess that’s it. Most Americans don’t get it. You’d think they would after 911 but I guess not.”

Reporter: “Do you see America becoming a police state?”

Vet: “Unfortunately, it already is. Here’s the thing: a police state has to feed, and if there’s nothing to feed on, that’s when it really gets bad. Let’s say that we get some brains and use them the way the Good Lord wanted us to. Let’s say that nobody in the USA breaks any law tomorrow, and people like not getting arrested and going to jail so much that they don’t break any law the next day, and so on. Do you think the police would pack up and go home? No, it doesn’t work that way. They’d pass laws retroactive. Maybe they’d arrest you for jaywalking ten years ago: they can manufacture any evidence they want. Call it Judicial Legislation, if you want. That’s the real test of a police state. Another test is to allow lawbreakers (illegal immigrants) to remain in our midst without fear of judicial reprisals. The police is telling us they can do whatever they want. Law enforced? What law? What enforcement? How to win? Well, don’t play their silly games, to start. Don’t steal or drive while drunk, and then see what they do. Personally, I wouldn’t trust them to do the right thing, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Ferguson, Missouri, could’ve been a good place to start: we don’t need any police because we’re not breaking any laws. I guess it’s just too complicated for some people. Don’t want to seem rude, but, as you can see, the dog sees those squirrels across the street and is straining on the leash to go and play with them. Nice talking to you.”

Reporter: “Thank you. Well, you heard it too. This is your ‘Man on the Street’ interviewer signing off.”

Semper Fi


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