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by OPOVV, ©2014

Was the “Common Core” educational curriculum designed to further “dumb-down” the American population?

(Aug. 26, 2014) — The song is sung, the drinks drunk, the laughter subsides: time to pay the bill, charges, the damages, for, in the end, the Piper must be paid; there’s just no way around it. Call it a deferred tax, if you like. Nobody cheats the Grim Reaper; nobody gets out of here alive. Taking the “Easy Street” may not, after all, be the shortcut that we’re all looking for. The brain lies, you know: you can’t even trust your own thoughts.

Smoking, drinking, sugar, and a thousand-and-one other things are pollutants to the human body. “All things in moderation,” as if a shot of heroin a month is okay, or calling any drug some sort of recreation is like calling “jumping off a cliff” flying.

“Man can fly.” Well, sure, but at what cost? Thirty seconds of euphoria and then…SPLAT! No, don’t misunderstand this. We’re talking volunteering under normal conditions: no burning buildings here.

Which brings us to the concept of “progress.” What, in the final analysis, is this “progress?” Certainly we see progress in the land of medicine: we have vaccines against Smallpox, for instance. Too bad my ancestors in the 1800’s weren’t immune to the nasty deadly disease. On the one hand, people are living longer, but we can’t drink the water. We have heart attack awareness but the level of stress that the human race is under is increasing and there’s no end in sight, which is why it’s the young who fight battles: old people would just die of heart attacks. Call it a draw.

We have Chicken Little warning us of  “Global Warming,” but to mention the word “pollution” in the same breath is a sure way to be “not politically correct” and end up ostracized, never to be heard from again. We have solar and wind generators decimating bird and bat populations, but we, somehow, can’t use what brainpower we have to good use. We’ve had the ability to be energy-independent since the first gusher in Pennsylvania, yet we still buy oil at exorbitant prices from people who want to kill us.

We would rather lower standards (to fit arbitrary and meaningless social acceptance) than actually educate those who we wish to “progress.” We’ve manufactured strange “quotas,” as if the world is a level playing field and everyone and everything can fit into our concept of “equal” just by saying it is. So many “minorities” must be hired, for example.

You want a real level playing field? Try World War II-style Boot Camp, for starters. You either do what is expected, or you’re given “special training.” In the Navy it was called “Mickey Mouse Company,” and if you didn’t learn it there, if you didn’t get your act together, you were kicked out. “Sorry, kid, we just can’t use you. Why, you’d get somebody killed, and we’re not talking the enemy here.”

So goodbye, Draft. Scouting used to be a way of life. Okay, not everyone was a Scout, but a lot were. Those of us who were Scouts always wore our uniform proudly to school the days we had our meetings, boys and girls. The draft was the same way. Or used to be. Talk of the town was so-and-so is home from Boot Camp, ready to go off to protect us, and we were all proud that one of our neighbors was so honored.

Times have changed: progress? Johnny can’t read and the teacher unions are fighting tooth and nail against “Charter Schools ” and support “Common Core.” The government is doing everything possible, from every conceivable angle, to weaken the country by purposefully dumbing-down the population.

The faster you drive, the less gas mileage one gets. At some point the vehicle is the most efficient in traveling from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. A 5-mpg gain may not sound like much, but multiply your vehicle times all the others on the road and soon we’re talking of saving millions of imported oil.

Designing structures that take advantage of the direction of the sun and prevailing winds is a wise choice, and so are solar water heaters and cisterns. Teaching Johnny to pass the Civil Service test is more advantageous than lowering standards for unsafe and shoddy workmanship. Expecting our young people to serve their country, in some capacity, is a reasonable expectation for all concerned.

We’ve elected politicians who are more concerned with getting reelected than serving the country to the best of their ability, and we call those people career politicians, otherwise known as “welfare parasites.”

Doing the right thing may not be easy; serving may be inconvenient; striving to pass acceptable standards may take extra effort, but that’s how it should be and can be. So you ask why is the police force in Ferguson, Missouri, overwhelmingly white? Maybe because some people just can’t pass the test. Accepting the lowest common denominator isn’t acceptable anymore.

Semper Fi


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