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by OPOVV, ©2014

Nico Rosberg faces for Formula One and is a dual citizen of Finland and Germany

(Aug. 25, 2014) — Jumping to conclusions without all of the facts: you’re running on empty. Deciding what is justice (without giving the defense an opportunity to defend) is a sure way to make a fool of oneself (Judge Col. Denise Lind in the LTC Terry Lakin Court Martial). Allowing wishful thinking to rule the outcome is a sure way to end up holding the short end of the stick. Allowing mob actions to influence personal behavior is a one-way ticket to giving up independent thought.

Examples of the above can be found often, sad to say. Why, just today I witnessed an embarrassing lesson of how thoughtless and mindless mobs can be. At the Formula One race in Spa, Belgium, the driver, who came in second, was booed as he took his place on the podium. The mob’s perception was that he damaged his teammate’s left-rear tire deliberately, yet on replay and closer examination one can see that the accident wasn’t his fault. Some may describe it as “a racing incident” and “just one of those things.” On the contrary: viewing the mishap in slow motion you can see Nico Rosberg attempting to steer away from his teammate’s tire. So, in conclusion, it was Hamilton’s tire that hit Rosberg’s front-right wing, and NOT Rosberg hitting Hamilton.

Another example of stupid mob behavior was seen during last week’s wasteful expenditure of protesting against the wrong animal in Ferguson, Missouri. A cop, or anyone else, does not fracture facial bones by sitting in an automobile or truck (that is also not moving) unless (just maybe) a 300-pound bully slams the head into the steering wheel.

It would’ve been right for this senseless mob in Ferguson to protest against Obamacare, or against the DOJ for not prosecuting the New Black Panther Party, or the Welfare State, or any of the one-thousand-and-one things that are actually wrong with our country that need fixing rather than just wasting their time to push the racial agenda of this Administration. That these people in Missouri were used as pawns for nefarious ends by the DOJ is the crime committed and should be protested against.

“Hope and Change,” as the mob chants, while you and I have the common sense to cover our ears and run the other way. “Gang way! We want out of here!’

Although I don’t know the Formula One racing driver, Nico Rosberg, personally, by all reports he is a quiet, kind and personable young man. He certainly is one heck of a race driver, and I’ve watched his career for years and have always been impressed with his composure, on and off the track. I must say that I was really embarrassed to hear him getting booed, and I ask for those who acted so immaturely, so childishly, so “mob-like,” to apologize to Niko via snail mail or email. Disgusting behavior as we’ve never seen before.

And as far as to the hoodwinked citizens in Ferguson: treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated. To say you’re Christian and not act as a Christian doesn’t cut it. Treat the facts as facts, and not something to discard if it doesn’t just happen to fit your own personal world-view.

Semper Fi


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