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by OPOVV, ©2014

Does it all lead back to Obama’s forged credentials?

(Aug. 23, 2014) — Amnesty: a political maneuver to weaken local police enforcement of existing federal laws. The thinking is that the public school system will be able to “dumb-down” the students to a greater degree since the end of World War II. A term used by ignorant people, often substituted by the phrase “immigration reform.” A political handle to rile up the stupid as if the current immigration laws are somehow inadequate or do not work. On the contrary, existing immigration laws are written superbly and have worked admirably for over 100 years.

Barack: Reportedly the first name of a government employee holding the office of president and living in Public Housing Unit #1. Since Barack Hussein Obama has yet to be legally and successful vetted, he is referred to as a “de facto.” The White House released a Birth Certificate which was immediately proven to be a fake. It has been reported that Barack Hussein was born in Hawaii, although, to this date, it has yet to be proven with a shred of evidence.

Hussein: Reportedly the middle name of the de facto president, who is a Muslim. This person’s job is to destroy the United States by making it a Socialist country, a sure way to destruction. No country in the history of the world has ever survived Socialism: the greedy and the bullies rise to the top while the slaves toil to keep the ruling class in power. The most obvious distinction of a “ruling class” is the different rules, regulations and laws that govern them as opposed to the masses. An example would be comparing government employees, such as the police or members of Congress, to ordinary citizens.

China: An enemy of the USA. Balance of trade lopsided, thanks to Ppresident Bill Clinton campaigning against “favored trade status,” only to reverse his campaign promise and make China a “favored trading partner.” (Isn’t it ironic that the USA is funding the two groups that want to do us in: Islam and China. Coincidence?)

Congress: A group of people who believe that passing a law is more desirable than repealing an existing law. A distinct group which has access to televised interviews but somehow fails to mention “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and America’s de facto president Obama as being Constitutionally ineligible to hold the office. Perhaps there are exceptions, but on the whole they fail to articulate what their constituents would like to hear from them, words such as “deport” and “close the border.” People who won’t repeal NAFTA or Obamacare.

Dumb: An Obot. It was one dumb thing to vote for the Muslim the first time, in 2008, but to vote for Obama the second time, in 2012, is the epitome of the definition of “dumb.”

Joint Chiefs of Staff: The biggest disappointment in the history of the United States military. Since Obama, each member of the club has turned his back on the military Oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution. They have allowed the UCMJ to be molested; they have allowed the murders in Ft. Hood to be referred to as “workplace violence”; they have allowed the de facto Obama to remain as the president: they have allowed one of their own, LTC Terry Lakin, to be railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial when Lakin asked to see the proof (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) that his Commander-in-Chief (de facto president Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is) was even a citizen, let alone an American, rather than a Muslim plant put in place to destroy the USA.

Semper Fi


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