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by OPOVV, ©2014

As of August 2014, ISIS controls the area depicted in gray in Syria and Iraq. On or about August 8, the U.S. launched air strikes intended to weaken ISIS after its months-long campaign across Iraq in which it declared an Islamic caliphate while murdering Christians, Yazidis, other non-Muslims and Iraqi soldiers in a genocide unseen since World War II

(Aug. 16, 2014) — Thousands of crazed savages (that are recognized as Muslims) marauding down the streets wielding machetes, pulling people from their cars, going into homes and businesses, making sport of their victims: torturing, raping, cutting off limbs and heads, killing all before them, including animals, especially our canine friends. All, this, mind you, in a “Gun Free Zone.” Mosul, Iraq? No, New York City. Chicago. Detroit and everyplace else in the United States: the complete and utter takeover of the USA by Muslims who are better-armed, better-trained and better-motivated.

Simply put: Muslims hate Western Civilization more than we love Freedom, or a lot of us do; Obots, for example.

Let’s discuss the tried-and-true method of taking over a country by going back to the blueprint that works: the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930’s. What worked for the Nazi goons was to disarm the populace, which is what’s happening in America today: the assault on our 2nd Amendment. There is no doubt that those who want to “ban guns” are ignorant of how the world works. If the gun ban doesn’t include the police and the military, all you’re left with is groups who are armed and groups who are not. Now I’m not saying that those who want to ban guns are working directly with the Ayatollahs of Iran, but their results would be the same.

Forget the police; forget the government agencies that are supposed to protect the United States. They’ve failed and are failing today, and will continue to fail as long as our borders are open and we allow our enemies to be in our country. Muslims are everywhere, from Hawaii to Maine; from Alaska to Florida. They have terrorist training camps all over the place and every mosque is a full-fledged armory with more than enough firepower to decimate a police station.

And speaking of the police, and, by extension, the military, just figure on a very large percentage following illegal orders. And speaking of allies, it is not in the interest of Western Civilization to count on any Muslim country to be an ally. To expect the government of Egypt to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood or the government of Iraqi to deal with ISIS is not being realistic in the ways of the world.

Yes, atrocities being committed by ISIS are what we can expect here in the United States sometime in the future, perhaps sooner than even you and I can imagine. Of course our destruction can be prevented, but not by allowing Obama as our de facto president, allowing Muslims within our borders and, most importantly, disarming the citizens by abolishing the 2nd Amendment.

Interestingly, when I was running for president in 2012, my only requirement to be admitted into one of my (rare) public speeches was for you to show your (loaded) gun at the door. No gun, you weren’t allowed in. Gun but no bullets, sorry. When I got to the part of my speech when I said that every girl, when she receives her high school diploma, be also awarded a lightweight .357 Magnum revolver to conceal-carry, everyone would give a cheer and show his or her weapon.

This is exactly what all of our citizens need to do: be armed at all times. The only protection against pure evil is to kill it.  Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your country.

Semper Fi






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  1. It would be a great idea to reinstate shooting clubs in high school. But first, we’d have to un-instate every liberal thing they’ve been taught since pre-kindergarten.