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by Sharon Rondeau

Eye on Tennessee illustrates judicial and law enforcement corruption in The Volunteer State, particularly in southeastern TN

(Aug. 10, 2014) — Marvin William Young has been wrongly accused of “especially aggravated kidnapping” and “aggravated burglary” in a criminal racket involving the Monroe County, TN grand jury, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and Judge Carroll Lee Ross.

Several weeks ago, The Post & Email attempted to speak with Ross by phone about the case, but Ross abruptly hung up on us.

In 2012, Young discovered that his father’s last will and testament had been forged, filed with the General Sessions Court as authentic, then approved by Judge J. Reed Dixon.  The Post & Email attempted to speak with Dixon last month but was told, “This estate was settled more than two years ago” after we related that we have evidence that the settlement was based on fraudulent documents.

Young presented his evidence to then-Tenth Judicial District chief prosecutor R. Steven Bebb, who admitted that it appeared crimes had been committed but took no action.  Detective Calvin Rockholdt interviewed Young in person but also did nothing.  Young also approached Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens, who took no action.

After exhausting all other options, last summer, Young approached the person now in possession of his father’s sizable estate, Larry David Godwin, with the documentation proving that the will was fraudulent.  Within an hour, Young found himself arrested and charged with two felonies by Godwin’s relatives, which could put him in prison for the rest of his life.

Godwin has sold off many items from Charles William Young’s estate and is currently attempting to sell two retail stores, according to Young.  Godwin was arrested in Polk County, FL in 1998 for “Battery-Serious Injury” and “possession of stolen property.”  Godwin was reportedly not convicted of charges in 2001 from Polk County, FL.

As a result of the false charges, Young had to close his business in Florida and was plunged $50,000 into debt to post bond and attempt to defend himself.  In June, he fired his attorney, who he believed had worked against his best interests.

In June in nearby McMinn County, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) was convicted of two felonies after a show trial in which the accuser denied filing a police report and the prosecutor denigrated Fitzpatrick’s character in closing arguments, a technique used by the People’s Court of Nazi Germany.

Both Fitzpatrick and Young have reported judicial corruption to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and FBI to no avail.

Young’s next “status hearing” is on August 25 with Ross, who is reportedly retiring at the end of the month but warned Young to bring an attorney with him on that day despite Young’s current indigent condition.

A case in which Ross denied George Joseph Raudenbush, III his constitutional right to an attorney was reversed in December and will reportedly be tried again in Monroe County. Raudenbush spent more than two years in state prisons before he was released just after Christmas last year.

The Post & Email notified the FBI in Washington, DC about the Young and Fitzpatrick cases, which are two of hundreds of cases which have seen defendants railroaded through a corrupt judicial system with a predetermined outcome in order to garner profits for the local jails.

Bivens was not re-elected in local elections last Wednesday, although the Monroe County Democrat Party and Bivens have filed a lawsuit against his elected successor, Republican Randy White, contesting his eligibility for office.  The Post & Email has contacted White about the Young case and asked for comment on the challenge to his eligibility to serve as sheriff.

Young told The Post & Email that his father was acquainted with Bivens.  In the fall of 2011, Godwin married Young’s father’s widow, who died seven months later under mysterious circumstances.  Young said that instead of calling the coroner upon her death, Godwin summoned Bivens to identify the body.

After learning from an eyewitness that Godwin threatened his life recently, Young filed for an order of protection in Monroe County.  Like Fitzpatrick’s request for the same against former McMinn County grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham, Young’s request was denied by Judge J. Michael Sharpe.  While Young’s petition was heard in court, the Tenth Judicial District retaliated against him by issuing a letter stating that as a result of his frivolous request, the revocation of his bond will be discussed on August 25.

In August 2011, Fitzpatrick had attempted to observe the trial of George Joseph Raudenbush, III, who was falsely accused of seven vehicular violations and convicted of eight during a trial which lasted nearly 16 hours over one day.  Ross, the presiding judge, ordered Fitzpatrick, who was there to observe, out of the courtroom because he had a “recording device” which was actually a fountain pen.

Raudenbush appealed his convictions, and the case was reversed and remanded back to Monroe County.  Shortly before the reversal was made public, Ross announced his retirement for August 2014.

A posting in the forum Topix on Ross’s ejection of Fitzpatrick from the courtroom to observe Raudenbush’s trial includes a comment from a Johnson City, TN resident who stated:

Thank you for your input on this subject. I am also from California (L.A.), and we moved here several years ago. Oh how I wished we were as wise as you to do our research before moving here. We thought this would be a great place to be as we approached our retirement years. Wrong!!It is the most corrupt place I have ever seen in my entire life. And no, the corruption is not reserved just for the indigent. You are a target, even if you have money. And in some cases, especially if you have money and not one of the good-ole-boys!

Now I could go into a lot of detail about our own experience of the rampant fraud and corruption committed upon the people in this state that is done with no fear of accountability because the state regulatory boards, politicians, and other good-ole-boys appear to do nothing about any of it. They all seem to be in bed together, and in many cases, profiting from a lot of the corruption, including drug trafficking while they pretend to be doing something about it, when the really are not! Instead they arrest petty drug users and accuse them of being major drug traffickers to make it look as if they are doing their job, while they allow the major drug traffickers to remain on the street. Copy and paste the following link into your browser and see a very shocking video of how little the cops care about the drugs coming into this state but how much time they spend trying to profit from it. I suspect some of this money is getting spread around so no one is ever held accountable, if you get my meaning.

Here is the headlines and the link:

Middle Tennessee Police Profiting Off Drug Trade?- NewsChannel5 …
www.newschannel5.com/story/14643085/police-pr… 18, 2011 – A major NewsChannel 5 investigation raises serious questions about whether some Middle Tennessee police agencies are more concerned ..


You are right about trying to get some help form the government agencies you mentioned. They just blow everybody off that ask for the corruption to be dealt with. I am not surprised to hear that your letters were ignored as well. It was smart of you to take that as a good indication not to move here. You are very wise indeed!

We feel so hopeless (and scared) about living here, that we are now packing up and and getting out of this corrupt state. Many people, however, are not able to do this.

Please, my fellow California…. help the good people of the State of Tennessee, and there are many good people here. Please join us in contacting the National media about the rampant corruption in Tennessee. Maybe then the state government here will do something. I don’t care how much money they are making off the corruption at the county level or who their croonies are, once the national media really gets on this, the state government will have to clean up these counties to avoid further embarrassment of the obvious….they appear to be profiting from the corruption. If the government officials don’t want the citizens believing that.. than they need to do something.

As it stands right now, if you speak out against the corruption, you risks being targeted of having false charges filed on you to teach you a lesson on “how things are done around here”, or you get harmed. You hear that phrase a lot here. It is hard for people to stand up for a number or reasons. Some are too scared to stand up to the corrupt good-ole-boys. Some just turn a blind eye to it all because to acknowledge it all would haunt their conscience to “do something”, and they are either too lazy or too busy to do anything.

Another comment from a reader in New York State reads:

Dear concerned California Resident and all Citizens of Tennessee,

I also have become grossly aware of the corruption in Tennessee, in particular the most recent atrocity perpetrated by Judge (I cringe using that title for this piece of scum) Carroll Ross. This “good ole boy” must be a generational redneck and feels absolutely invincible to inflict his terrorism on the very citizens who pump money into his fat mouth.

Locking up a man whenever and for whatever he feels like? I feel as though I have been put into a time warp and relocated to Communist Russia. Judge Ross, if a country the size of Russia, who maintained “iron clad” control on its people for hundreds of years, could be brought to its knees, then don’t you think the corrupt state of Tennessee, particularly Monroe county, is a bit more fragile than you care to admit? I think so!

It is on that note that I hereby shift this blog to address the residents of Monroe County, and all other counties in Tennessee as well. Please take note citizens of Monroe, Roane and other surrounding counties: the Sheriff’s Department, Judicial System, TBI and State FBI are victimizing you because the community is not standing together to become a force to be reckoned with. It is easy for the corrupt Sheriff’s Dept. and courts to throw an innocent person in jail. You know why? Because it is one person standing alone, not 500 or 1000 or 3000. Strength comes in numbers. Get your community organized, ban together. That is how things will change, that is how these officials will be destroyed and disgraced out of the public offices they abuse so viciously. I am from New York, you have a previous blog written by someone in California, and I read another blog written from a gentleman in Australia. You are not alone! There are people working on your behalf in other states and around the world. Now to accomplish serious change in this region, we need the citizens to band together with an organized and well coordinated strategic plan, similar to other movements that brought about major change in this country. Take for example the Civil Rights movement. The government cannot ignore hundreds to thousands of people standing together outside of every unconstitutional court proceeding or outside the police station where an innocent man is illegally detained. What if 500 people protest against the Mynatt family (Kris, his brother Josh and the ringleader of family corruption, their Daddy Ken- who raised these morally depraved mongers). What would happen if 500 people show up at the People’s courthouse, which Judge Ross has hi-jacked, every time one of his illegal proceedings commences, such as the case of Mr. Rodenbusch. He threw Mr. Rodenbusch in jail on a bogus charge this past Monday- the whole proceeding was a complete lie. Please read the full story on the Post and Email online newspaper. If a large number of people had been at that court proceeding, I surmise there may have been a different outcome. The court cannot manipulate, lie about, and arrest a mob of people the way they could if it was just one or two people. Once again, strength comes in numbers! Citizens of Monroe and Roane counties, take this advice and act! This holocaust of the United States Constitution needs to stop now. Every person in these counties-make a commitment to do the following:

Once a day, call Carole, whom is Sheriff Bivens secretary, and give her hell on behalf of what her boss is doing. Email her. Call the courthouse and leave a message for Caroll Ross. Call the TBI and demand they clean up these corrupt counties. Call the national FBI in Washington and ask them to get down to Tennessee and clean this trash up! If everyone does this once a day these agencies will be flooded with thousands of calls/emails/messages a day. This will be hard to ignore! Most importantly, flood every media outlet will calls. This is the most important piece to the puzzle. And an easy way to get media attention without having to solicit it is to show up as I stated above, at various venues in large numbers!

I will post all the contact information for these various people and agencies in a message to follow.

Last month, The Post & Email contacted the FBI in Washington, DC and Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. but has not received a response.  The new District Attorney General, Stephen Crump, did not return two phone calls made to his office about the illegitimacy of the charges against both Fitzpatrick and Young.

The FBI has told Fitzpatrick, Young and this writer that the judicial corruption preying on the communities of the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee is a state matter.  However, the FBI has performed sting operations netting arrests in at least two operations in the state entitled “Tennessee Waltz” and “Tradin’ Paint.”

In Mingo County, WV in June, public officials including judges and a county sheriff were sentenced to federal prison in a corruption sting emanating from federal grand jury indictments.  U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin described a circuit judge’s conduct as “shocking and appalling,” adding, “I’d like to see this whole episode be a call to action for all of us to make sure that this ‘Boss Hogg’ style of politics is a thing of the past—because it simply can’t be a part of our future.”

Fitzpatrick, who is facing sentencing on August 19 as an innocent man by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, has often said that “It’s going to take large numbers of people” to stop the rampant corruption in eastern Tennessee.

Tennessee was recently ranked third in the nation for public corruption.

Judge Ross can be reached at 423-744-2835.

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