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August 10, 2014

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) shortly before his December 3, 2011 release from the Monroe County jail, where conditions are unsanitary and medical attention is in short supply.  Fitzpatrick was jailed after exposing the grand jury foreman as serving 28 consecutive years, contrary to state law


Commander Fitzpatrick, pictured below, is set to be sentenced to jail for 2 felonies; namely: “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” on 8/19/14 for merely exposing evil w/in his own county of TN judicial system involving grand juries.  I’m not sure if you got the other e-mail I just sent with the Sharon Rondeau video interview with all the background info. that surrounds Commander Fitzpatrick’s current case, but I hope others did & it makes not only the Monday Night National NLA Conference call (see link below for cc patriots invited, but not sure what NLA is about), but also the “Breaking News” section of the NLA webpage.  NLA, IMHO, should assist CDR Fitzpatrick now AMAP.  He is innocent.

Every American active military, veteran, reservist, & family member or friend of an American service man/woman/vet ought to be livid over Obama’s abuse of & attack on our American military (active) via purge of hundreds of our best brass & oath keepers in uniform, Vietnam-like R.O.E., 1st amendment violations targeting Christian service members, VA Scandal, Extortion 17, & all-out legal assaults on veterans like CDR Fitzpatrick via the FBI & corrupt federal agents, law enforcement, etc. as mentioned by Sharon Rondeau in her video I sent you in the previous e-mail about CDR Fitzpatrick.

Obama has been waging war on U.S., particularly our most loyal leaders in our military like CDR Fitzpatrick, because Obama is a self-avowed Marxist Muslim whose animus for America & Americans who love America becomes more evident daily with every one of his execrable orders as the Criminal in Chief as precursor to an outright coup against our country & constitution on behalf of the U.N., which he unconstitutionally served as security council chair in direct violation of Art. 1 Sec. 9 Cl. 8, which says, “”No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States; and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall without consent of Congress accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

My dad fought in WWII as part of the ‘greatest generation’ in the U.S. of A. to protect all of U.S. from the nihilism of the Nazis led by Hitler & the fascism of the brown shirts fed by Mussolini.  Tyranny is liberty’s most vile enemy.  Treason from w/in is the most treacherous form of tyranny, because it is done surreptitiously & secretly at first.  We the people must not allow any further encroachment by our enemies, foreign/domestic, against our liberties.

Fitzpatrick in good health while out of jail

Obama’s contempt for our country & constitution is most apparent now in his undermining of our national security at the border in violation of Art. 4  Sec. 4 using LaRaza to illegally & secretly transport the ILLEGALS who have INVADED U.S. to different states w/o their consent or prior knowledge, aiding & abetting of our sworn enemies (i.e. Hamas & Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.), which is TREASON & MISPRISION of FELONY as codified in USC Title 18, & purging of our military’s constitutional oath keepers at all levels of leadership so as to weaken U.S. militarily while amassing & arming his own unconstitutional “private army” of alphabet soup agents answerable only to a paycheck (i.e. DHS, FBI, CIA, BATF, FEMA, BLM, IRS, etc.) & U.N. foreign forces on our soil already to seal the deal declaration of Martial Law, which will indefinitely suspend (i.e. do away with forever) our constitution & in effect make him king.

Please share & tune in Monday night @ 6 PM PST to the NLA national conference call (see link below).



An American for Sovereignty,



Editor’s Note:  Additional information on the Obama’ regime’s treatment of veterans can be found here, here, here and here.

Tennessee’s governor has failed to act on judicial corruption within his state targeting Fitzpatrick and others:  http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/08/who-will-tell-gov-haslam-about-local.html

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  1. Dear an American for Sovereignty,
    Good editorial. Thanks for writing it.
    And I believe you are right on target when you mention the Federal government having a hand in railroading the CDR. My take is that the White House has been directly involved with the Fitzpatrick case since DAY-ONE. Personally and directly involved, because it all started by the CDR questioning the eligibility of our de facto joke of a president.
    “Time served”; reimbursement for ALL of the CDR’s expenses; everyone who had a hand in railroading the CDR be fired and denial of pension (FBI, DHS,DOJ included); and Obama shackled and paraded through the airport (a la LTC Terry Lakin) on his way to spend the rest of his miserable existence in a wire cage down in Gitmo would be a first step at true and just justice.
    Got to start somewhere. Sounds good to me.