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August 6, 2014

Why did the Tennessee Highway Patrol deny a constituent the right to speak to his elected official about systemic judicial corruption in McMinn County?

Dear Governor Haslam:

Sir,  I attended your meet & greet with all the Republican bigwigs in McMinn County and was treated very poorly.
I arrived at 9:30 and took a seat by the door.  At that time there was no one else there.   About 9:45 I was approached by a suit and asked why I was there.   I responded that I was there to hear the Governor and to talk to him about Judicial corruption in McMinn County.  The suit demanded that I ID myself and I gave him my card which was not good enough and he demanded my driver’s license, at which time he ID’d himself as a state trooper.   However, with over 100 people there I was the only one that had to ID themselves.
He then stated that I may have to leave.  I told him that I would just sit and listen.  About 10:10 I got up and went into the crowd along with 2 suits.  Everyone was shaking hands with you, Governor, so I went toward you to shake your hand.
I got to within 10′ of you and was told to sit down behind two suits, which I did.  Everyone else was standing, but I was not allowed to stand. For the next twenty minutes they stood in front of me and would turn around and stare at me for 15 seconds before they turned back around.  I stared back until they would turn back around.
Judicial corruption is alive and well in McMinn County and if anyone wants to expose it they are treated as common criminals.
I now know that even on the state level I am treated as a common criminal without cause!
Eugene Whiting
A Christian Citizen

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