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by Sharon Rondeau

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is serving Maricopa County, AZ in his sixth consecutive term and is a former federal drug enforcement agent

(Aug. 1, 2014) — Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Rick Wiles of TruNews that the investigation into the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate could lead to a review of the evidence by a grand jury.

The interview is featured on TruNews’s home page as of this writing.

Arpaio became involved in the birth certificate investigation after approximately 250 members of a local Tea Party group requested an investigation into the image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 which was declared a forgery by graphics experts.

Arpaio told Wiles that he has not investigated Obama’s “identity,” but rather, the forgery of a government document.  When Wiles asked if he knows who the forger was, he said, “we have our ideas; we want to make sure we cross the ‘ts’ and prove it…We’ve come up with other sensitive situations that could be worse than the birth certificate.”

Despite the evidence his office has compiled about the forgery, Arpaio said that “nobody wants to talk about it.”

The question about a “referral to a grand jury for an indictment” was asked by Wiles, to which Arpaio responded, “We’re working on that; we’re trying to get some people interested in doing something…”

Wiles also asked Arpaio if a statement made by legendary entertainer Pat Boone on the Alan Colmes Show on Fox News Radio that an announcement of significant information would be made in September, Arpaio replied, “Always the possibility.”

The Post & Email has asked members of Congress why the evidence of the birth certificate forgery cannot be turned over to a grand jury but has received no answers.

The Fifth Amendment provides for a review by a grand jury comprising eligible and duly-sworn citizens of criminal evidence prior to the charging of an individual with a crime.  Should the grand jury issue a “No True Bill,” the individual in question is not charged.

In recent years, grand juries have been overtaken by the local prosecutor’s office and no longer perform independent investigations as they did prior to 1946, when Congress rewrote the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.  At that time, Congress decided that “presentments,” which are mentioned in the Fifth Amendment, were “obsolete.”

Presentments are issued when a grand jury concludes on its own that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.  “Indictments” are issued when the information is brought to the grand jury by a prosecutor asking them to review it.

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) is facing sentencing on August 19, 2014 for bringing evidence of crimes committed by judges and prosecutors to his local grand jury in McMinn County, TN on March 18

On numerous occasions, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) has attempted to present evidence of crimes committed on the part of Obama and his regime members to a grand jury since March 17, 2009, when he filed a criminal complaint of treason naming Obama as a “foreign born domestic enemy.”

As discussed in recent radio shows, Fitzpatrick filed the complaint with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, who instead of acting upon it, summoned the Secret Service to pay Fitzpatrick a visit.  In a private moment when one of the two agents went to retrieve his business card from the trunk of his car, he informed Fitzpatrick, “We can’t arrest him, you know,” referring to Obama.

Fitzpatrick hand-delivered his treason complaint to Judge Royce C. Lamberth at the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, who failed to act on it.  On his way back to Tennessee, Fitzpatrick conceived of taking the complaint to his local grand jury in Monroe County, where he had resided for approximately two years after relocating from the West Coast.

The Monroe County grand jury foreman at the time, Gary Pettway, obstructed Fitzpatrick’s petition and finally dismissed it after he and two others allegedly reviewed it.  Judge Carroll Lee Ross, who Fitzpatrick later identified as a criminal, issued a declaration stating that treason was a federal offense and could not be considered by the Monroe County grand jury.

In his dealings with the Monroe County grand jury, Fitzpatrick inadvertently discovered that Pettway had been serving as foreman for 28 consecutive years and was appointed by one of Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District judges.  Because records were not maintained, Chief Court Clerk Martha M. Cook was not able to produce an appointing order or any evidence that Pettway had ever been sworn in over the nearly-three decades in which he worked at the courthouse.

Fitzpatrick also learned that grand jury foremen are routinely hand-selected by the criminal court judges and wield “command” influence over the grand jurors who are allegedly chosen as the law mandates, “by automated means.”  The judicially-selected foreman is not vetted and could have a criminal history himself without anyone’s knowledge.  In Davidson County early last year, it was discovered that a hand-picked grand jury foreman was a convicted felon and had therefore served in violation of state law.  A review of all of the cases in which he had been involved had to be conducted at taxpayer expense.

Fitzpatrick has been jailed a total of seven times in Monroe and McMinn Counties, both within the Tenth District, for his exposure of the corruption in the courts which has been ongoing for decades.  Through open records requests, Fitzpatrick obtained appointing orders for grand jury foremen dating back to 1980, some of which state that the individual so appointed met the legal requirements to serve, and others which referred to the appointed foreman as “Hon.” (Honorable).

Two videos have been produced about Fitzpatrick’s exposure of corruption in the Tenth Judicial District, where judges can select the grand jury foreman “from wherever they choose.”

Criminal court rules state that while the judge can choose the foreman, he or she must “possess all the qualifications of a juror.”  State law says that no juror may serve consecutive terms.

After attempting to take further evidence of crimes on the part of judges and other public officials to the newly-empaneled McMinn County grand jury in January, the judicially-selected foreman, Jeff Cunningham, refused to have the grand jurors review it.  After returning in February to a different grand jury with similar information, Cunningham threatened Fitzpatrick in the presence of an armed sheriff’s deputy not to submit anything more to the grand jury.

On March 18, Fitzpatrick brought another packet of evidence, submitted it to the court clerk, swore to its veracity and sat down to wait on a bench outside of the clerk’s office.  Four and one-half hours later, he was arrested by sheriff’s deputies while reading “The Last Juror” by John Grisham.  Charged with four serious crimes by the McMinn County grand jury without evidence from the accuser, Jeffrey Cunningham, Fitzpatrick was convicted on two on June 24 and faces sentencing on August 19 by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who was compromised but presided over the “trial” anyway.

Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, was dumbfounded at the jury’s verdict, stating that the jurors had made it a crime for a citizen to petition his government for a redress of grievances as the First Amendment allows.

A national uproar has ensued, with coverage of the rigged trial having taken place on the Abel Danger radio show on three occasions; The Manning Report on two broadcasts; The Roth Show on two separate broadcasts, and more to follow.  On July 21, Irion told host Dr. Laurie Roth, “Now I’m afraid to go to the grand jury.”

According to Wikipedia, criticism of modern-day grand juries is “that jurors are not a representative sampling of the community, and are not qualified for jury service, in that they do not possess a satisfactory ability to ask pertinent questions, or sufficient understanding of local government and the concept of due process.[40] Unlike potential jurors in regular trials, grand jurors are not screened for bias or other improper factors. They are rarely read any instruction on the law, as this is not a requirement; their job is only to judge on what the prosecutor produced. The prosecutor drafts the charges and decides which witnesses to call.[2]

Manning has also interviewed Fitzpatrick directly in the past about the grand jury corruption in eastern Tennessee.  Manning has also faced intimidation at the hands of government, as he described to Fitzpatrick in the interview of May 12, 2011.

In his interview with Wiles, Arpaio confirmed that the U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office “100 days after Obama took office.”  “They’re still there, six years later,” Arpaio said.

The Obama regime has intimidated, harassed and violated the privacy rights of countless numbers of citizens who oppose his policies or have investigated his questionable background, which the mainstream media never allowed to be vetted prior to his election.  Zullo has revealed that members of the media were threatened with job or career loss and perhaps something more sinister if they were to investigate Obama’s background, report unfavorable news or the birth certificate findings.

A petition calling on Blackwood to vacate the verdicts against Fitzpatrick has 179 signatures as of this writing.

“It’s the grand jury that makes us a republic,” Fitzpatrick has said on numerous occasions.  However, Obama’s appointee for the U.S. Attorney for the District of Tennessee, William C. Killian, will not allow a citizen to submit evidence to a grand jury and specifically told Fitzpatrick in an intentionally-scathing letter that any additional submissions of evidence to his office requesting a grand jury review would be discarded without a response.

After Arpaio received the request for an investigation from his constituents in August 2011, he commissioned the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, a non-profit corporation affiliated with his office, to conduct a probe.  Posse members work as volunteers at no cost to county taxpayers.

On March 1, 2012, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and Arpaio gave a joint press conference during which they declared Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form “computer-generated forgeries.”  While the mainstream press reported the findings on the internet, nothing was said over radio or television airwaves to the American public.

A second press conference held on July 17, 2012 gleaned the same results, with reporters who attended the presser becoming openly hostile to the deliverers of the message.  “How do you expect any of us to believe any of this?” a CBS 5 reporter asked disdainfully.

As the posse quietly continued its investigation, Fitzpatrick filed additional treason complaints for Obama’s repeated violations of federal law and the U.S. Constitution, directing the submissions to the FBI, U.S. attorney, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).  None received a response.  Then-TBI director Kenneth Moore told Fitzpatrick that there was “not enough evidence” to act on his treason complaint against Obama.

Arpaio spoke at a protest against the admission of illegal aliens into the country by the tens of thousands on the part of the Obama regime while Capt. Neil Turner held a sign which read, “Free Commander Fitzpatrick.”

Fitzpatrick and Arpaio have never met in person.

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  1. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo need to subpoena Obama’s records from DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle and cut to the chase.

  2. Although the rule makers of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure asserted that the Presentment Juries were “Obsolete”, they have never been so. The authority still exists under the Fifth Amendment to hold NON judicial Citizen’s hearings. Indeed, several of these have already been held since 2008. I served on two such juries.We found MORE than sufficient evidence against Obama to justify his prosecution. I was apprised by U.S.District Court Magistrate, Leslie Foschio of the USDC-WDNY that Law enforcement should be contacted in the venue in which the alleged crimes occurred,namely the District of Columbia and that DC IS the proper venue to try Obama,in the DC US District Court. To date, the DC Police and US Attorney for DC have been stonewalling my efforts to bring Obama to Justice.