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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Stephen Pidgeon is the lead counsel for the North American Law Center, which on Friday published Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama claiming “criminal identity fraud,” abuse of the office of the presidency, and providing aid to U.S. enemies

(Jul. 29, 2014) — On Monday, the lead attorney for Articles of Impeachment issued by the North American Law Center (NALC), Stephen Pidgeon, spoke with The Post & Email at length about how and why the Articles were written and how they might be moved into the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.

The NALC’s impeachment document contains three Articles:

  1. Usurpation of the Oval Office via Criminal Identity Fraud
  2. Malfeasance, misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office, and
  3. Aiding and abetting known enemies of the United States.

In Part 1, Pidgeon told The Post & Email that Obama has “trained, financed, funded and armed ISIS,” a barbaric terrorist group which is attempting to take over Iraq and participate in ethnic cleansing of Shia Muslims, Christians, and anyone else who fails to submit to their rule.  In recent weeks, ISIS has murdered at least 1,000 people as its members have stormed across Iraq and parts of Syria in its goal to re-establish an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East.

Continuing from the discussion in Part 1, Pidgeon told us:

Doug [Vogt] put together a phenomenal affidavit that was filed in federal court here in Washington.  Doug is a great guy; he’s very smart and very acute is what he does.  As a consequence, his move into the federal court was not something frivolous; it was really quite substantive.  What he put across, I thought, was ultimately very, very good because his sealed file ended up before the United States Supreme Court.  The fact that that happened is extremely significant because his file is, in my view, really dispositive evidence.  He knows who did the forgery, and the identification of the forger appears directly in the document.  That kind of information becomes extremely important to an investigator. With that being said, I did speak with [Cold Case Posse lead investigator] Mike Zullo for a while when he was in the early stages of the investigation.  But my documentation was already set out in “The Obama Error.” A lot of people didn’t read that, but if they had, they would have seen that the book is an affidavit of probable cause against Obama.  It goes through the litany of offenses that had been committed.  It’s a little old now, but I can tell you that back then, I was able to establish that the initial COLB, the Certification of Live Birth that Obama proffered which was a self-admitted forgery, also qualified as an impeachable offense.  Impersonation under the federal statute is a serious felony.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Is there something to substantiate that he is someone other than who he says he is?

ATTY. PIDGEON:  Yes, I believe that he is “Barry Soetoro” at some level.  I’ve spoken with a fellow who was in Project Pegasus under the CIA with Obama in 1981. He’s given me personal, eyewitness testimony as to when Obama elected to use the name “Obama.”  He knows exactly when it happened:  what year it happened, who suggested that it would be a good idea for him to use it; the whole of the story is there at present.  Is he engaged in intentional identity fraud?  Yes.

THE POST & EMAIL:  So you believe that his real name is “Barry Soetoro,” it looks as if at some point, probably when he was a young adult, he “slid” into using the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”

ATTY. PIDGEON:  That’s correct, and then thereafter, of course, the files were cleansed to reflect that that’s what his name was.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I’ve heard this from other people, too.  Martha Trowbridge has a theory that Malcolm X is the father and that his background was cleansed when he began using the identity “Obama Hussein Obama.”

ATTY. PIDGEON:  That is certainly one theory, but we can’t get that confirmed until somebody does a DNA test, which is not going to happen any time soon.  You do know that he was detained in Russia in 2007?

THE POST & EMAIL:  Yes, I read that report online.

ATTY. PIDGEON:  It was on the suspicion of his being an MI-6 agent.  I do talk about that in “The Obama Error.”  Under the citizenship laws of the United Kingdom, which are a factor in American jurisprudence, believe it or not, he did, in fact, become a citizen of the United Kingdom automatically because of his age.  We don’t know if he was operating under a British passport; all I know is that he was detained in Russia under suspicion of being a British agent.  In order for them to do that, they probably – I’m not going to say they did – but there is a chance that they actually reviewed and saw a British passport.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Which makes sense, because his alleged father was a British citizen at one time.

ATTY. PIDGEON:  That’s where the connection would be made, yes.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Why do you think he changed his identity, using government agencies to cover it up?  Was he some kind of foreign agent gathering information for another government?

ATTY. PIDGEON:  No, I don’t think so.  I think what the record would substantiate was that he was groomed for the presidency by a group that expected him to advance; the grooming was accomplished on Saudi money.  So as a result, they had a candidate in the wings who could be put forward and converted into a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Without anyone knowing.

ATTY. PIDGEON:  That’s right.  Every candidate has a little bit to hide or a lot to hide, depending on the candidate.  I remember that George W. Bush was fearful that his DUI was going to come out.  There are lots of things – “dirt” – that follow a candidate that can affect whether or not that candidate can advance.  At some level, there is a “scrubbing” that goes on.  There’s a lot more scrubbing with Democrats than there is with Republicans – not to give the Democrats grief, but that really is the case.  So as a consequence, it wasn’t new for the Democrats to have to scrub a background.  But where Obama is concerned, it was an extraordinary level of scrubbing that was required because they had a lot of background to hide.  But if the money is there, then you can move ahead with that kind of a scrub, too, and there was a willingness to do it, I believe, on the part of those people who were willing to advance a Muslim candidate into the office in order to satisfy the demands of some of the creditors that we had as a result of Desert Storm and some of the other Gulf battles.


In the last part of our interview with Pidgeon, The Post & Email will reveal his description of what he believes are the circumstances under which Obama attended Harvard Law School and the part he believes Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has played in keeping Obama’s true identity from the American people, among other claims relating to the impeachable offenses enumerated in the Articles of Impeachment.

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