by John Smaldone, ©2014

(Jul. 23, 2014) — This newsletter is going to cover a lot of territory and it will take some time to read it all! I am sure everyone reading this letter today has been following all that has been happening in the world and in our own country, I am sure you have also noticed that the USA through our President has done nothing about anything. In short, our President has NOT been a President or performed the duties of a President for a very, very long time; he has disengaged America completely! The American people have been without a leader and without anyone to make critical decisions for our great nation! What you have read thus far, my friends, is the foundation for this newsletter.

I am hoping that all those of you reading this newsletter will take the action I am going to propose. We have no way of regaining our freedom and values as a nation founded on a government by the people, of the people and for the people unless we start taking serious steps in showing our government leaders we mean business and let them know it is not their government, but ours!!

We have so many problems and they are so serious, how do we even prioritize them? We can’t; we must just take as many as we can and address them. The following are some of these major issues that we need to say either NO to or REPEAL or do as you will see in the bold captions below:

1. Obamacare, we must REPEAL!

2. The Dodd-Frank Bill, we must REPEAL

3. Benghazi, we must find out the TRUTH and bring those to justice who hid the real facts.

4. Amnesty for illegal immigrants, we must say NO to any consideration of passing anything even similar to it!

5. The VA scandal, we must get to the bottom of this mess quickly and let our legislators know they must TAKE ACTION and make our veterans an immediate priority on their list! As a veteran, I am sick, disgusted and embarrassed over the entire situation.   No excuse could ever be valid or acceptable!

6. Our border wars, we must SECURE OUR BORDERS with the national guard, and I mean all our borders; this is the only solution!

7. Illegal children immigrants, we must STOP this flood of children coming through our borders. As cruel as it may sound, we need to  STOP THEM AND SEND THEM BACK to where they came from.    We have no choice.  We must think of our own children in need, the homeless and families in need that are legal American citizens!

One other important item of serious concern is the amount of diseases that these children are bringing across the borders, and I say borders, plural! We have many border fronts to contend with.  The entire illegal immigration issue is a severe problem, and the children issue is the latest blow to America! I fear epidemics breaking out all over the country and you should as well; please heed my word!!!

8. The IRS scandal, we must bring this whole conspiracy to the surface. For one thing, Lois Lerner must be arrested and indicted!

The eight (8) items this newsletter is zoning in on are not the only issues that have come down on the American people, I am NOT discounting Iraq, Afghanistan, our neglect and treatment of Israel, General Motors and many more. I could go on and on but I felt the eight (8) issues above are issues that need to be addressed immediately!!

I am going to ask each and every one of you reading this newsletter to get behind a campaign; the God and Country government reform proposal petition program is organizing. Below is a link to the contact information of the entire membership of elected officials in the Congress. The link contains a map of the United States. When you click on a particular state, it will pull up the email address and phone number of each US senator and each US representative of the House for that state.

I am asking each of you to join me in calling and emailing each and every US congressman and each US senator in every state, NOT just your the legislators in your own state but all of them in every state. If I can get each of you to join in on this campaign and call as well as email the eight (8) issues above to all of our legislators, we will ring the phones off their hook and jam their computers up. If all of us don’t join in and think, “Lonely old me won’t make a difference,” then what I am asking of you will not work!

We are in a lot of trouble, my friends, we are digging a hole daily, faster than anyone ever thought could be done. This President and a select few by his side are out to destroy this great nation and we are allowing him and his cronies to do it; those are the plain old facts! Our President is a puppet for a major one-world order group that has only one thing in mind, “Having a one world order!” They chose the right man for the job and he is carrying out their orders at a fast and furious pace.

So, I ask you to go to the link below and start the calling and emailing with me, today; I will be beholden to all of you for joining the fight. Also, please don’t forget to continue to pass the word about the God and Country petition; we need new people to fill out the petition and you are my only hope in spreading the word. Below is the link to go to:


If all of you do as I am asking, it will work, big time!



John A. Smaldone
God and Country petition

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  1. John, I, as many here understand your plea and I hate to pour water on it. Maybe you can get the numbers needed to make a difference but I doubt it. There are so many out there that have tried this approach to no avail. If you could get them to become a part of a single effort or organization you may stand a chance.

    Something that has been rattling around in my brain is “a change in focus.” Everyone here knows the mainstream press and media are allies, even an integral part, in this war on America. Is it not time to demonize them, to discount everything they say and stand for? Time to expose those behind the talking heads, the producers, who are the ones telling/giving them the words/stories that are broadcast daily/hourly. Yes, the press is a protected class under the first amendment, but only from government intervention, not from We the People. Is it not past time to apply the Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven strategy to them as has been done to Conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalists, everyone who disagrees with the left???

    What about exposing the people who write the LAWS? I’m sure you agree that a single politician or group of politicians cannot produce a monstrous Bill like Obamacare. Who are these people behind the politicians, hired to spend their time writing the words that become law, who are not elected or answerable to the people? Is this why we get bills that are not read before being enacted into law? Maybe it is past time that ALL politicians read ALL bills, EVERY paragraph and attest to each and every one under penalty of perjury, as they do when they say, “I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE” in their campaign ads.

    This is our America and it doesn’t belong to a subversive press or politicians that aid and abet its destruction.

    Just my thought, Semper Fi

  2. The number ONE priority is to ARREST Obama for usurpation of the Presidency,by fraud, during time of war. This can be accomplished without need of Impeachment. Obama has never been in the office he is guilty of criminal impersonation of a public official,inter alia.