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by OPOVV, ©2014

How has the “fundamental change” worked for the U.S.?

(Jun. 30, 2014) — You want a better America? You want to insure that the playing field is equal for all citizens, that nobody can get away with theft and not pay the consequences? You want accountability? Easy as pie: abolish the wasteful and needless government entities that have been shown to be wasteful and needless. Let’s privatize wherever we can and get better service for less cost.

Where to start? Flip a coin: who goes first, the Department of Homeland Security or the IRS? Local school boards or the employees of Election Boards that allowed a non-vetted candidate to be on the 2008 and 2012 ballots? Obamacare is a given.

There are actually condominiums on the gold coast in Florida whose occupants of the million-dollar ocean views are made up of only people who come from two occupations: the court or the mob. “Good morning, Judge McMillan.” “And the top-of-the-morning to you, Vinny.”

“Hope and Change.” Hope for the price of gas doubling? Home heating oil? “We’re going to raise your electric bill!” Cheers. A tax here and a tax there, everywhere a tax, even when you’re dead: the Grim Reaper is for real in the guise of the IRS.

Failure to uphold the laws of the land has given us millions of Muslims and millions more of ILLEGAL immigrants. Nobody has a problem with existing immigration law; we do, however, balk at giving our money to those who blatantly and unconscionably break our laws. AND we have no respect for those who turn their backs on America. Might we suggest that ALL members of Congress spend a year on the USA-Mexican border without weapons and see if they change their tune?  That is, of course, if they’re still alive and hadn’t been tortured and/or murdered by a “guest worker?”

FUNDAMENTALLY change would be to nullify everything the Cheap Suit (that would be our de facto president Obama) has touched; all the ridiculous “directives” out the window; every appointment quashed; every bill signed trashed. Getting back to basics is the goal; getting back where the three branches of government operate as a check-and-balance system; abolish dictatorship; restore the Constitution.

Remember when Chicago lost its Olympic bid? When the Obots first learned that the rest of the world kept their sanity while they lost theirs? That all Americans weren’t taken in by outright lies? While many Americans still believed in the Constitution irrespective of “how old and outdated,” and that the belief in a “vetted” candidate still held merit?

Those Were The Days” we strive to get back to so we’re able to protect ourselves from a world that is becoming more violent by the day. A military who’ll drop whatever they’re doing to save fellow citizens who find themselves in harm’s way is what we want.

“Fundamentally” change to the rule of law by suspending the rule of bureaucratic emissaries who hide behind fortresses of concrete bunkers: nameless and faceless individuals who only emerge from their bunker mentality to face a congressional hearing. People such as Lois Lerner who think nothing of trampling on our Constitutional rights, doing the same to us as Hitler and Bin Laden would have done had they the chance: target, target, target those who dare disagree with a mindset that turned back the clock of progress to the Dark Ages and even before: women are second-class citizens, and only those who work directly for the government are the privileged class.

The order, therefore, of starvation starts with the very workers who grow and harvest the crops; those who are in transportation; those who inventory and store; those who distribute; and those who discard the garbage; and it ends with the fat cats who don’t dirty their hands but use the Constitution as rags. And when the farmers and truck drivers, the forklift operators and stock boys, the cashiers and deliverymen are piled up in the gutters, there will be nothing left except the army and the privileged class fighting over the scraps of rusted machinery and rotten food.

Yes, we need a fundamental change.

Semper Fi





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