Question of the Ages: Mary Ann or Ginger?


by OPOVV, ©2014

Dawn Wells as “Mary Ann” on the 1960s TV show, “Gilligan’s Island”

(Jun. 22, 2014) — Ever since January 20, 2009, all I’ve been seeing is concern for our country, the world, veterans, what we teach our kids in school through “Common Core” (“Muslims are people, too”), and all kinds of reporting on the attacks on our Constitution, but not one word about the important ongoing debate: Mary Ann or Ginger?

We were outnumbered and trapped: they had us boxed in. Our only possible salvation was that night was approaching, so I said, “Okay, we need a password.” Someone said, “Ginger,” and then someone else said, “No, I like Mary Ann better,” and before you could say “Jack Robinson,” the men were fighting each other: punches thrown and rolling around on the ground while, get this, we were taking incoming small-caliber rounds. Our pilot was killed upon landing, the plane shot-up and nobody knew where we were, and that includes even the name of the country we were in.  Yet, there the “volunteer” squad was, fighting for the honor of “Mary Ann” or “Ginger” amongst themselves. I said, “Ginger it is and, if we survive, the next password will be Mary Ann,” and that pacified them. It was, indeed, a strange time.

Listen to a radio sports talk show, where they deal in minutia: “Jones was picked off because his right foot was pointed towards 2nd when it should’ve been pointing at the mound,” and that gets the ball rolling for four straight hours talking about the infinite nuances of “Proper Foot Placement to Steal Second Base.”

Just imagine, if you will, if the total concentration of the sports talk show listeners would address the political issues of the day; why, ALL the problems of the world would be solved by noon! But, alas, that is just wishful thinking. No, the attention deficit gap between reality and, sorry, sports fans, make-believe, is just too much.

Oh, well, we do our best, or at least some of us do. We’re still waiting for the Republican presidential front-runners to articulate such topics as “Birth Certificate, illegal Muslim de facto president immigrant, stolen Social Security number, and so on, including Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA abuse of the 4th Amendment, illegal immigration, and so on, again. They’re all mute on the fiscal common sense of the Tea Party; deporting illegal immigrants, and deporting people who (for real) believe that killing Jews and Christians and the execution of women via “honor killings” is a worthwhile goal.

Tina Louise as “Ginger Grant”

So Mary Ann or Ginger: at least that debate has merit, whereas supporting Obama and his corrupt Administration has none.

Abolish the IRS: support the Fair Tax.

Support, and live, the 2nd Amendment.

Semper Fi


One Response to "Question of the Ages: Mary Ann or Ginger?"

  1. The Obama Timeline author   Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 6:48 PM

    Don’t forget the debate over Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson) and Bailey Quarters (Jan Smithers) on WKRP in Cincinnati. (It’s Bailey in my book.)

    Then there’s Barack Obama, Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis (or even Malcolm X) as Barry Soetoro’s real father.

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