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by OPOVV, ©2014

The Quran teaches Muslims to “kill the infidels”

(Jun. 18, 2014) — Did I miss something or are thousands of our military coming home messed-up, missing limbs or in body bags? And do these “Rules-of-Engagement” put our troops in the sights of a Turkey-Shoot:  you know, the kind you see at the town carnival that goes through once a year? You put money down and shoot at the turkeys going by in front of you with a pellet gun. It’s really easy because the turkeys don’t shoot back, just like in real life. So our troops are the turkeys in the Middle East because the Rules of Engagement favor the Bad Guys 500:1, maybe more. I mean, what are the odds if the Muslims can fire from a house, mosque or graveyard and we can’t fire back? What’s the point of being there in the first place if all you do is drive -off base to get roadside-bombed (as in, “How’d you lose your leg?” “I got roadsided”)?  What’s the point?

There is a point, but half of America missed it, just as half of Europe did, and, like us, they still don’t “get it.” Oh, there’s a war going on, but which one is it? We have the war of disinformation which masks the Truth. We have the war on “Energy Independence” while our politicians accept contribution money from Big Oil. We have Islam touted as a religion and not a political philosophy of war. We have Muslims immigrating, not to assimilate, but to overthrow our Constitution in a war.

There are many wars on many fronts. All of these separate wars are connected, of course, and the end result is the same: Death to America. Got your attention now? Or do we have to go baby-step all the way back 1,500 years? Can we start on 9-11-2001 when the Twin Towers collapsed? Or, more recently, do you want to watch some of the videos coming out of Iraq that are posted by ISIS, if that’s what it’ll take? ISIS seems to take great pride in killing the helpless, so why are they hiding their faces from the cameras? Certainly they can’t be ashamed, or maybe they’re afraid of being identified and, someday, asked to stand up and answer why they murdered helpless individuals? There’s nothing brave or macho in slitting a prisoner’s throat while that helpless person is hog-tied. There’s no honor to be found there.

There is no “honor” in any of the “honor killings,” either. It’s pretty difficult to slight people who have nothing worth slighting in the first place. I mean, the whole concept/idea/execution of “honor killings” is repugnant in the first place. Take flying planes into buildings, for instance, killing hundreds, if not thousands. Or beheading a wife who wants a divorce, or killing a daughter because she was seen “looking at a boy.”

Now it’s just too bad that Islam is locked in the Dark Ages. The rest of the world has progressed. We have vaccinations; women doctors and physicians; schools open to women students; driver’s licenses for women; women as business owners who employ men; women who make more money than men; women who are richer than men. It’s just the way of the world, women as equals, but Islam can’t accept it.

It’s “kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them” and “two women to take the place of one male witness.” Give me a break. Get real. “No Jew between me and the sea.” Enough is enough. Enough of this wasteful mayhem: the human race better get its act together to fight off the next Mt. Everest-sized asteroid about to nail us, let alone the Ebola virus.

[NO CARROT:  Of course, all this bloodshed can be prevented if the followers of the “kill all the Jews and Christians” would see the advantages of joining the human race, but it’s been tried before with, sorry to say, disastrous results, so, really now, why bother? The age of reasoning has long passed them by, which leaves us no choice but to finish it off, for keeps.]

Western Civilization must declare total all-out unconditional surrender against the depravity that is Islam. We must win this war, and we can win this war, but, first, we MUST DECLARE WAR.

Semper Fi


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