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(Jun. 17, 2014) — In a civilized country, people whose mental development stagnate at the age of 3-5 years are usually placed in an environment where they can’t harm anyone other than themselves. In the Middle East, specifically people in ISIS Al-Qaeda, the whole group comprises people who deserve to be cared for, either spoon-fed or made to ingest all of their food by the use of their hands or straws, because eating utensils — knife, spoon, fork — would be lethal weapons in the hands of these, these, I’m sorry, there’s just no other word available: savages.

At this stage of the game we can list numerous possible reasons why these savages are savages, but it wouldn’t do us any good. The “blame game” could be played all the way back to the crusades, for all the good that’ll do us now. We, really now, don’t care that much anyway.

I was watching some of the videos coming out of Iraq, and one of them was taken from a car just driving around, indiscriminately gunning down people driving cars or walking, just regular folks getting murdered by ISIS savages. Just murder for the sake of murder: whole families, men, women, children getting multiple wounds from bullets: just for being the target of opportunity by savages.

It’s called, well, I was going to say “anarchy,” but it’s not that at all, is it? I mean, if our society collapsed, we wouldn’t hop in our cars and drive around and kill people, so what makes them think it’s okay?   

And this “going to Paradise thing”: shouldn’t that be left up to the individual instead of having one’s fate decided by a savage imbecile? Just wondering. Maybe someone was doing an errand: “No, can’t be gunned-down at this precise moment, I’ve bread and milk to bring home, but thanks for asking.”

The trouble is, these savages aren’t going around asking permission. No, they take it upon themselves to be the Grim Reaper. Bad news from Iraq to New Zealand and everywhere in between. These “left-behinds,” “arrested development types,” “never-heard-of-The-Golden-Rule-idiots,” and the “Ain’t never going to reason with them: why, they don’t think like us humans, and it ain’t likely they’re ever going to learn” deserve exactly what they wrought.

“Beware of the savages!” and forget treaties/ceasefires. Let them reap the whirlwind of their own destruction. Start with carpet-bombing and napalm and proceed from there.

No “help” from Iran, but thanks anyway.

Finish it. No trial. No incarceration. Just finish it. Do them a favor: bad children trying to act like responsible adults, hiding their faces, and committing atrocities deserve a one-way trip to the Inferno.

Semper Fi


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