Out of Touch


by OPOVV, ©2014

Why wasn’t Obama engaged on the night of the terrorist attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya? If he was out of touch, who gave the “stand-down” order to the military to discourage a rescue mission?

(Jun. 13, 2014) — It was an occurrence so rare that I can count the times, but when it happened it gave hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak, and became the light at the end of the tunnel for the unbelievers. This is one of those “You had to be there” moments, so bear with me.

You’re out in the Gulf of Tonkin, sailing around in circles, being there to pick up a downed pilot hightailing it out of North Vietnam, when the scuttlebutt reported that the radio shack picked up WABC out of New York. ANY radio station out of “The World” would be equally welcomed, but the only other station that we picked up was WLS from Chicago, and that happened only once. This was the time before cell phones and laptops; as a matter of fact, the only computers on the ship, with tubes and wires, were for fire control and in the missile house: no internet, no emails. Snail mail took weeks, not two or three, but four to seven.

So here were the very words heard by – hold on – that stateside girls were listening to at the same time! WOW! Somehow we were making a physical connection to “The World!” It’s real; it’s still there; it’s not just a figment of our collective imaginations. These rare glimpses were savored, each short minute, for the atmospheric conditions were short, ten minutes, max. But it would fuel the talk-of-the-ship for weeks afterwards. A new song was heard for the first time by a group no one had ever heard of: Sherman Varmints? Herman’s Hermits what? No, not “hermits” you idiot. Who in the heck wants to be a hermit?

A sport score, a commercial, each second of the broadcast was deciphered, analyzed, discussed, argued, agreed upon. Looking back on those times, 50 years ago, reminds one of the advances of the communication abilities we have today or, more accurately, on the night of September 11, 2012: REAL TIME capabilities TELEVISED right into the Situation Room in the White House. Imagine that. No, really, let’s see the video ourselves, just as those in the White House did, with the clock ticking away at the bottom with the date.

So what say we have the same information Hillary and the de facto president (Obama) had on that night? Why not? It’s like not a secret, or maybe we don’t know that we can read a license plate; is that it? That our drones can’t target something and blow it to smithereens?

So we’re back to “Who knew what when.” Take away the VA murders; the five for nothing trade; the inability to deport children crossing our border, let alone illegal immigrant felons; and we’re STILL left with “Who gave the stand-down order not to save Ambassador Stevens?” and “Why was he left out in the cold in the first place?”

That’s it. This administration is doing everything humanly possible to distract Americans, with a lot of help from the mainstream media, from the Benghazi hearings. We’re back to square one, people. No doubt all of the other phony scandals are important and meaningful, but the most important piece of information that is indeed missing is: WHO GAVE THE STAND-DOWN ORDER AND WHY?

Let’s keep our eye on this administration’s law-breaking, but our military has a right to know whether their backs are covered or not and, if not, why not? Why didn’t we send help to Benghazi when the call for help came in? The families of those murdered deserve to know the truth and, if America is going to stand together, we need to know also. Just because Obama and his administration are out of touch with us doesn’t mean we have to take it.


Semper Fi


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