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by OPOVV, ©2014

How can the Joint Chiefs of Staff justify what they have done under Obama?

(Jun. 7, 2014) — By this time, after spaceship earth has circled our nearest star five times since January 20, 2009, everyone on our planet knows, or at least should know, that the president of the United States is a de facto usurper fraud. Why, even the Taliban in the mountain caves of Afghanistan know that he’s a Muslim working on their behalf, meaning, of course, “Death to the Great Satan” and the same to Israel. But first, a little history.

When Obama’s name was put on the ballet in 2008, he wasn’t vetted. No proof was offered as to who he was except the fraudulent claim that he was “born in Hawaii” that the gullible and mentally-challenged government employees (is that an “oxymoron?) took as proof of some sort.  I mean, you can’t even get a driver’s license with what Obama used as proof of citizenship. But the people whose job it was to make sure he was Constitutionally eligible to be president couldn’t even understand the requirements, thanks, no doubt, to Affirmative Action, which allows the “not really smart enough” to be a Secretary of their respective State or an Election Board employee. They collect a paycheck for doing nothing other than showing up to pick up the check, while the rest of us Americans are thrown under the bus. So what do they care, these marginal employees of the government, who can’t grasp the meaning of Freedom and Sacrifice? They don’t give a hoot because, simply, they’re not smart enough to “give a hoot.”

Shortly after Obama usurped the presidency, LTC Terry Lakin questioned the fake proof that was offered by Obama. Lakin was brought before a Court Martial, and one would have thought, one would have bet, that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be in Lakin’s corner. After all, they also took the Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Not so. Lakin was railroaded in a kangaroo court with the caveat that he was forbidden to present a defense: Lakin was banned from defending himself while the Joint Chiefs of Staff stood by and DID NOTHING!

So much for Oaths, huh? So much for the Generals and Admirals of the Joint Chiefs having any semblance of honor and integrity. So much for defending the Constitution. So much for America.

And now we come to the business of Bowe Bergdahl, a despicable subject. But this editorial isn’t about Bergdahl’s being a traitor; it’s about our Joint Chiefs of Staff NOT STANDING UP AND DEFENDING THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

What happened to those Joint Chiefs we once respected, once held in high regard? What happened to thousands more in our military? How come they gave up their country? What made them discard their word of honor so that their words have no meaning today? How come they haven‘t stood up for Lady Liberty, for you and me and for their families? What happened to them? Did they lie down for 30 pieces of silver? Do they hate America so much that they are willing to sacrifice their very own spouses, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers? And if they’ll discard their own families, what do you think they’ll do to us?

Think about it: the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned their backs on the Constitution and are following orders from an usurper. It’s really disappointing. You’d think that the one group that would stand behind the Constitution would step up to the plate and do the right thing, instead of, when all is said and done, acting like cowards and traitors. No, let’s not focus our attention on Bowe Bergdahl, but let’s focus our attention on the group who’s responsible for the ridiculous Rules of Engagement which our troops have to die from in Afghanistan; abandoning our men to die in Benghazi; and letting the usurper continue to be the usurper.

So here’s the advice to the Joint Chiefs of Staff: earn your paycheck for once and lead your troops by cleansing our country of the traitors, starting with Obama. You’ve got the power; you’ve got the Constitution as your Guardian Angel: use it.

[NOTE:  Here’s an old saying: “Buy ammo cheap and stack it deep.”]

Semper Fi


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  1. As Always-A Great Blog OPOVV!

    What follows is my recent blog regarding this extremely disturbing issue-One of many as far I am concerned-Semper Fi:

    Letter to our NM U.S. Senator Tom Udall (re: Release of five key Taliban Guantanamo detainees in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl)!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up?-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  2. Sharon, we love you for all you are doing. The Military has it’s own “internal culture” and the recent bail out of over 200 high level Officers during Obama’s coup tells a lot about the cultural swing. Most of the people left now are still trying to build or keep a career to retirement if they intend to stay in to finish. They realize they will have to “play the game” that is currently on the table. If they want to keep those paychecks and advance in rank, you have to play the “current political cultural game”. Not all members of the Military will agree with that and the “others” will make life hard on those that won’t play along with that through various means, just like most corporations work. So, if you want to remain on the pay plan, you do what is culturally popular and if you have to bend the rules, you bend the rules or you get out in protest to the oath you took. There are “entitlement” types in the Military also, especially today, as the government has been trying to make Military life more and more like a “civilian” job and I have other Veteran friends that will agree that have 30 years service or more. We have opened America’s Military to Muslim culture, atheists, homosexuals and their lifestyles, criminals that joined to stay out of prisons, all types of people that years ago would never have been allowed to enter OR stay in service under the UCMJ. The Military has always been subject to low pay, poor housing for families, varying health care, paycheck problems, equipment shortages, funding misappropriating, recent left wing “Rules Of Engagement” causing out members to fight with one hand tied behind their backs and caused the deaths of thousands of our people to die or be injured for left wing causes, we now have an 87% divorce rate for SEALS and SPEC OP members, higher level enlisted or Officers trying to cover up mistakes or investigations from time to time which could cost you promotions, pay scale reductions if you open your mouth, etc. Been there, done that. Overall, the Military is the best experience of a lifetime and I would not have traded it for any other job or any amount of money, I have known the highest grade of men and women and had the honor to serve with them. I also realize that it is harder and harder to find quality and intelligent dedicated people and also to retain them to want to stay in Military life as you still have to run the gamut of corruption and threat to advance in the Military also. After years of hard work and dedication it becomes too much for too many to watch as left wing and internal corruption from lower grade people attempt to erode the UCMJ and years of work to build the Military to what it is today be torn apart in front of you and you realize it’s only getting worse and there is nothing you can do since you are under orders to do your job. Many good members leave service as new and more corrupted members enter and refuse to live by Military standards and they are the first to join in the corruption with others thinking they will get their way and it causes strife in the ranks. We have a divided society that half supports our Military and it wears on members and families that try to do things the right way and follow UCMJ. The loss rate is sometimes staggering. In the last 30 years because of job loss and thin pay plans in business many have joined the Military not just to serve but also for assumed “job security” but there are pitfalls in the Military and many realize it is not as easy as they thought it would be and leave service. Retaining quality people has always been a problem in the Military for various reasons. If you look at what Cdr. Fitzpatrick went through with the poor example of a One Star Admiral that tried to destroy Fitzpatrick’s career because of professional jealousy you can see that this not only goes on in civilian life but in Military life also, especially at upper levels where high Command can become very rocky as we also saw recently with Petraeus in high Officer levels, things can go wrong very fast and entire careers can be over quickly even for something small or large, it’s a sign or excuse to be blamed for something especially if someone is out to get you on the inside. Fitzpatrick was a leader and born Navy man, they were very jealous of him and the rest is history. Now Walt has to fight the civilian battle of corruption out here as a civilian dealing with a completely corrupted “justice system” that is nothing more than a joke and DNC Party corruption for simply trying to serve a Criminal Presentment to a Grand Jury as legally provided in the Constitution. The signs of Rome and its internal corruption and greed are written all over America AND its Military. This DNC coup has pushed America back over 30 years in every area of its existence and the adults and young people who supported this will be paying for a lifetime for what they have done and so will everyone that has opposed all of this. Many people are becoming “expatriots” and are sadly leaving this country as they see no end in sight. More talk and promise has always been the standard while more corruption builds and more stupid or greedy people line up to give the criminals more reins to fast forward. How many more Veterans will we find hidden in VA morgues around the country? How many care? At least we know SOMEONE got a bonus but it wasn’t us.

    1. Dear gigclick,
      You are 110% right-on-target. Good comment.
      I know what you say is true because, once upon a time, I did something extraordinary and, unintentionally, made a bunch of other guys look bad, but all I was thinking of was to save the day and didn’t give two-cents how anything “looked”.
      They were jealous and, in the end, got me.
      Whether that was the point of deciding not to reenlist or not, I don’t know, but it sure as heck didn’t help.
      Small-minded people with petty jealousies; a closed and private club; a clique that we can do without; just “little-people living their little lives” and, in the end, the United States military is worse for it and, consequently, we are left with the likes of the current philosophy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: cowards afraid to stand behind thier sacred Oath of office.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Semper Fi,

    2. Good luck collecting their pension from a Bankrupt Country.

      I wouldn’t “play ball” just to get a pension. How do I know that? Because I once worked for a large retailer in their corporate office. They made a decision that was going to hurt the people that worked for me. I was 1 1/2 years from retirement. “Good-bye” was my answer, and I don’t regret it to this day.

  3. According to Jim Garrow who “retired” (fired by Obama last winter after 45 years in the CIA), the fired/retired (in the last 2 years) military officers, like Gen. Paul Vallely, are working on various plans to remove Obama from the White House. The first one (planned by Col. Harry Riley) was the May 16th rally called Operation American Spring. About 10,000 people showed up — not the million Americans they hoped for.

    They are discussing various ideas, such as a “vote of no confidence” and nonviolent civil disturbances. It has been said that guerrilla warfare has been talked about, but it is known that too few Americans would be supportive.

    Apparently, most Americans believe all will be well as long as we sit quietly and wait for things to improve.

    Eventually, they will be in for a very big shock!

  4. On the margins the Military has a Duty to respect and obey the Chain of Command and leave the Political questions and concerns to the Civil Branches of the Government.

    HOWEVER, when it comes to circumstances known or questioned to be in direct violation of Constitutional qualification for the High Rank of Commander in Chief it would seem that the Military SHOULD be an EFFECTIVE last line of Defense against USURPATION of the Executive Offices.

    Perhaps the current experience of Constitutional Crisis could be used to get answers to certain Constitutional questions and to provide for a “vetting system” which would require each of the Branches, Military and certain Departments of the Government to certify to the National Electorate as to a persons Constitutional qualifications beyond the Political.

    If the Federal Government wants to be the General Government of the Nation as whole it MUST assure the National Electorate that it will not put that Government in the hands of individuals of law character and disdain for the Constitution.

    The first duty of Governments is to protect its Citizens against all enemies, both foreign and domestic and SECONDLY to insure that the Constitution and those Laws made in pursuance thereof are FAITHFULLY EXECUTED under the Rule of Law.

    1. From OPOVV:

      Well, all well and good as far as it goes.
      However, saying that “the Military has the Duty to respect and obey the Chain of Command” is a bit much: I’d have to say “over the edge”. If you would’ve inserted the phrase “legal orders” I’d agree with you.
      Let me say this about that: no one in uniform should, under any conceivable circumstances, obey an illegal order. The argument goes “Who is to say what is legal or illegal?” And the answer is whoever is pulling the trigger, or herding people into gas chambers, for instance.
      Secondly, the FIRST duty of our government is to uphold their individual Oaths to “defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies (Obama, for instance)”. There IS NO SECOND DUTY of our government.
      post-scriptum: “leave the Political questions and concerns to the Civil Branches of Government” is mighty “highfalutin” talk, but history has taught us that’s one sure dead-end road to despotism. An example would be the Nazi government’s confiscating the weapons of the German people in the 1930’s. Now we wouldn’t want that to happen to us, now would we?