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by OPOVV, ©2014

What does the Republican Party stand for today?

(Jun. 1, 2014) — If you’ve a cold, you don’t go swimming. If you’ve a morning appointment at the eye clinic (where you know your eyes will be dilated), you don’t schedule a hunting party with your friends that afternoon. But if you’re the Republican Party, you continue to shoot yourself in the foot, and then turn around and say that you’re the “conservative” political party, pushing “values” that “we all share.” Here’s the news: the only things that the Republican Party shares with anything is shared values and goals with the National Democratic Party.

What was once the conservative philosophy of American politics has become indistinguishable from the far-left-looney-tune “Ain’t Socialism Great?” platform of the “Birther Deniers,” aka “Obots.” So how did “deport illegal immigrants” morph into “amnesty?” The creeping menace of Islam (and everything associated with that political philosophy) has been touted as a “misunderstood religion,” so Muslims (“moderates only”) have been allowed to immigrate into our country where they can spread their cancerous venom known as Sharia Law.

The takeover of America, the destruction of the Constitution, the killing of people by the police is a well-orchestrated invasion of our country by enemies of the State. Our present-day police force, from sea to shining sea, is a paramilitary organization that receives its marching orders directly from the Department of Homeland Security. The demarcation between Civil Rights and the “lawful” violation of the 4th Amendment has become invisible, figuratively and literally.

But our folly has indeed come home to roost: Affirmative Action is biting us daily.  Some philosophy:  hiring and promoting unqualified and undesirable applicants as our public servants. The joke’s on us: the servants have become the masters. We who were in charge of our police are now fearful of those who supposedly “serve and protect.” It used to be that all the police were veterans: not so today. It used to be that all the police upheld their Oath to the Constitution: nowadays they want to violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating (stealing) our guns.

Government employees are doing the bidding of the White House, with examples just too numerous to list: “Fast and Furious;” “My people;” Lois Lerner. Whole government departments are violating the Constitution and nobody says a word, except brave and courageous whistleblowers: LTC Terry Lakin, Snowden and Dr. Sam Foote, to name a few.

And the Republican Party STILL doesn’t embrace the Tea Party; doesn’t hammer away at the Phony-Cheap-Suit’s fake BIRTH CERTIFICATE and stolen Social Security number; doesn’t push the deportation of each and every illegal immigrant and Muslim from our shores; doesn’t end the trade deficit with China; doesn’t address the National Debt by abolishing the Federal Reserve: doesn’t take on ALL the issues, popular or not, that it used to stand for.

So they say that they want someone who will be “electable” on the flimsy platform that they’re running on. Oh, just great: a bunch of “Boehners” coming out of the woodwork. Just regular Republicans acting in the usual way (but for us: unusual), afraid to speak the truth, afraid of a platform that will actually be beneficial to our country rather than just being part of the problem.

Semper Fi


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  1. I’m afraid it is no longer “Politics as usual”.

    The axiom of “War is an extension of Politics” is far more apt in the State of the State in BOTH the Foreign and Domestic affairs of Our Constitutional Republic.

    At this point it is no longer the Foreign enemies that pose the greatest risk given that Our Domestic enemies share in the Foreign enemies goals and have positions within that allow for policies and actions under the color of law to advance FORWARD toward those goals.

    We’re screwed for the want of enforcement of a single Constitutional provision, made ambiguous by deceit and obfuscations,and of not recognizing that the Constitution of the United States and the Acts and Laws made in pursuance thereof IS the COMMON LAW of the general government throughout the United States.

    Representatives and Justices, whether in good faith or for ill, allowed foreign law to infect the record of U.S. Citizenship and created a legal-loop-hole that has allowed a foreign pretender to usurp the levers of the general governments power though the means that John Jay attempted to avoid.